What Nerd’s Writing Help Taught Me

Writing help is for those who want to overcome their challenges in an efficient way. Here is a story of our customer who learned a lot.

Writing isn’t my strong side. At least, I hadn’t been very good at it before I wrote a couple of papers with the Nerd’s help. In half a year of thorough studies, I have my scores improved significantly. And it’s a pleasure to realize you can achieve what you really want. Writing help was a turning point for me, and here is what I learned with my Nerd.

A Depressive Beginning of Writing Help Story

But let me start from the very beginning. Six months ago, I was a confused freshman who had to write a paper after paper and who received C after C. Turning into a loser wasn’t in my plans, so I started looking for some way out.

Firstly, I consulted Quora, where people seem to have an answer to any question (with and without sarcasm). There, I learned about Nerdify, the collaboration platform connecting freelance experts with students seeking homework assistance.

I didn’t expect much because I had already heard about homework help sites and most of them were a scam. However, I left the request and my Personal Nerd contacted me shortly.

I consider my cooperation with the Personal Nerd to be a valuable experience. It taught me several important lessons that I’ll eagerly share with you!

I Write My Paper with Fun Now!

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” Anais Nin

On Quora, I came across an opinion that writing was a crucial skill. Some experts even claimed that writing would save one’s life! Writing help

To my surprise, I could name several instances where persuasive writing was a turning point in one’s life.

  1. My friend Tom is a talented constructor, but he could not get the dream job because his resume wasn’t selling.
  2. Andrew, another friend of mine, wrote the love letter to Jessica. But the girl did not reciprocate because Andrew’s confesses were pretty clumsy.
  3. Stephen wasn’t recruited as a volunteer to Africa because he couldn’t convince the committee he was the guy they were looking for.

Writing does matter! So, do yourself a favor and master the skill!

Below, I have summarized the lessons I learned from the Personal Nerd. And, hopefully, they will save your life, or at least your grade:)

Outline Helps to Write My Paper for Me and My Goals

I remember arguing with my Nerd about the importance of an outline. I didn’t want to waste my time doing “unnecessary” work. Eventually, the Nerd persuaded me to compose a brief outline to see the difference.

To my surprise, the effect was immense! As all the ideas were in one place, I didn’t waste my time searching for evidence, details, etc. With an outline at hand, writing an essay turned into a pleasant, and rather quick, process.

Starting writing with an outline is a good practice that will save you time and your grade!

Now I can confidently say that an outline to a writer is like a map to a traveler. You won’t start your journey until you know the road.

Composing an outline isn’t difficult and takes little time. But if you struggle with arranging your ideas in a coherent plan, make sure to ask for your Nerd’s assistance.

Best Writing Help iS Freewriting

Writing like a boss starts with freewriting. The idea is so simple that I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard about it for the first time.

My Nerd advised me:

Set yourself a certain period (10 minutes is enough) and write continuously. Don’t pay attention to grammar, punctuation etc. Just put all your ideas on paper.

Adopting of freewriting style wasn’t easy at first. But after some trials, I could see the advantages of the approach. Freewriting is like brainstorming, which is fun!

After I Wrote My Paper, I Read & Reread

The Nerd advised me to read the composed paper twice: silently and out loud. This is a pretty effective method to detect spelling and grammatical errors, typos, etc. Also, reading out loud identifies logical flaws, problems with structure and other issues that can spoil the impression.

Reading, editing, and polishing an essay is like a diamond cut. You need to put some efforts to make your ideas shine!

Nerdify collaborates with Grammarly to ensure the quality you deserve! Also, Nerds are not masters of words, but also experts in their subjects. This way, they gain complete control over the text quality.

Writing Help Is Sometimes as Simple as Asking a Pro to Read It

When your essay is ready, ask someone to read it. Feedback provides you with at least some understanding of how your professor will treat the paper. Also, a “fresh look” is required to fix the issues before submitting your writing for the review.

One time, the Nerd told me that my paper was out of scope, which was because I misunderstood the initial instructions. Fortunately, the Nerd offered me a couple of strategies to fix the paper and to ensure it answered the required questions.

I Write My Paper 40% of Time — Editing Takes 60% More

Once your essay is ready, and you’re quite satisfied with the result, have some break and then… edit it!

My Nerd taught me five editing life hacks that work all the time:

  • Hook the audience: I always start my essays with a “hook”: a famous quote, a surprising detail, an eye-opening fact, etc. The hook makes an impression you’re proficient in the topic. Hence, your essay is worth reading.
  • Saint simplicity: Every time I open a thesaurus, I remember the Personal Nerd’s statement about simple words working the best. Fancy words don’t create the WOW effect. They rather distract a reader’s attention.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should give up using the thesaurus. This instrument is helpful to avoid repetitions that make your audience bored.

So, when you write about some important achievement, you can also mention that it was critical, essential, or far-reaching.

  • Be specific: Being specific means using short sentences and paragraphs. In my writing, I try to stick to the 30/4 rule: no more than 30 words in a sentence and 4 sentences in a paragraph.
  • Kill passivity. Also, being specific is about avoiding Passive Voice whenever possible. In his book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, Stephen King suggests that timid writers tend to use Passive Voice because it is safe. But safe writing is commonly predictable and…boring.

So, instead of writing “This house was constructed by John” I’d write “John constructed the house.”

  • Brevity is the rule: I always kill my darlings. No, it doesn’t mean I’m a serial killer! I simply do tight editing to remove unnecessary words.
  • No boring bits: Quotations add quality to your writing, but do not overuse them.

To overcome the hurdle, quote economically. Make sure that the amount of direct quotes does not exceed 10% of the essay.

When I reread my first essays, I notice a heavy reliance on quoting someone else. In these essays, my own “voice” is quiet or absent altogether. Meantime, a reader wants to know your opinion.


It seems I learned a lot during my stay on Nerdify. However, learning should never stop. It’s a pity that college education appears to be not enough for students to get what they really deserve — brilliant skills and due recognition.

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