My TOP 5 Ugliest Writing Assignments & How I Nailed It

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At times we face some ugly writing assignments that take all the time and put you at risk of a big failure. When I have to write my assignment, it happens that I cannot do the formatting right or do not have enough academic sources to back up the facts.

Moreover, I even had to include Financial Math and Sociology Statistics in what looked like a simple Psychology assignment to me!

Looking for help at the local library and everywhere online, nothing seemed to work for me. The Nerds have helped me to nail down the 5 worst writing assignments that I had to complete as a student. This is how it went:

#1: Assignment Help Online From The Nerds Provided Timely Essay Help!

I am sure that a lot of students have been in a situation when you are already done with writing an essay, and then you suddenly realize that you have done it wrong.

As an example, you just completed an excellent critique essay on Court System in the United Kingdom, when it hits you that you had to write a comparison essay. While it is not that difficult to re-write the essay, the worst part is that the deadline is coming up and there is no time for reading or finding of sources.

I had to write about British Judicial Court peculiarities, and I wrote a critique by stating what the good and the wrong sides were. In reality, I had to write a comparison essay and explicitly compare it to the United States and Sweden, as an example of something totally different.

Switching between essay types required a total change of formatting, structure, and the sources.

Turning to the Nerds, I explained my situation and the deadline coming up. The Nerd provided me with a comparison essay template that I could instantly fill in with the information that I already had and knew. Now the challenging part was finding the sources that related to different countries.

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In about 10 minutes, the Nerd has sent me links to modern law journals and peer-reviewed research sources. The best part was that the Personal Nerd has also assisted me with in-text citations and helped me to polish the References page for APA format.

#2: The Nerds Provided Academic Sources so that I Could Write My Assignment

Another frightening and a horrid situation happened when I had to re-submit my seven pages assignment on Social Psychology. I had to write about how computer games affect college students and even law enforcement officers.

The problem, according to my college professor, was in my sources that were mostly web-based. Only a few of them were taken from the peer-reviewed Psychology journals. The other sources were from the web and probably did not satisfy the strict professor.

Turning to the Nerds again, I shared my original assignment with the comments from the professor. Unfortunately, the comments only stated that I have to use academic sources. Even turning to the local libraries, I could not find anything that would relate to modern times and multiplayer computer games.

After about 20 minutes of waiting, I was matched with a Nerd who had a degree in Psychology. She found a great solution for me that included changes to my original paper.

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As a result, I followed the next scheme: I spoke of modern computer games and then provided the cause-and-effect opinion by backing it up with healthcare and psychology medical journals. With such an approach, I could include only academic sources that allowed me to work on my own opinion and citations.

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#3: Assignment Writing Included Expert Evaluation and Analysis

It is no secret that Sociology is an exciting subject that deals with things that concern most of us! Still, when you have to write an essay on Juvenile Offenders from the Sociological Point of View, you need to include statistics, formulas, and even bits of economic data. The problem is that you have to know how to do it. Otherwise, your paper will become a total mess!

My grading rubric on this particular essay assignment included all these awful statistical and economic tasks. It was clear that I would not be able to get a good grade if all of it is not included in the essay. Looking for examples of how such a task is done online, I did not find anything credible.

I wrote what I could and how I could, based on several sociology journals. Then once again, I reminded myself about the Nerds and told them that I have no slightest idea whether what I have written is correct and accurate.

The Nerd that I was matched with had her degrees both in Sociology and Economics, so she quickly understood what my problem was. In some paragraphs, she told me of what I had missing and provided several topic sentence ideas to make my paper more logical and condensed.

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What was an ugly paper full of mistakes became a true academic research essay, checked by an expert!

#4: Online Assignment Help From The Nerd Included Finding of Topic Ideas

One of the worst things that can happen to a college student is when a college professor tells to choose a topic and throws in several ideas. Everyone hears it and smiles happily. Then the professor suddenly stops and tells everyone to make sure the topic idea is unique and not too generic.

My course related to the work of law enforcement officers. We could write about stress among police officers, the violence, the use of power, and so on. As the deadline was coming up for the first draft, we had to submit a good topic for approval.

Due to some issues with the other subjects, I messed up big time, and when I finally thought of the assignment essay, all the “good” topic ideas have already been taken! As you can imagine, I was desperate and lost because as I would come up with something that could work, I did not have the right sources.

Once again, the Nerds became my last and only hope. I did not know if anyone could help me with such a task when I didn’t even have a paper or an outline.

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Nevertheless, they matched me with a Nerd who had a degree in Law. My problem sounded easy to her. She asked me about my strengths and provided me with over 10 topic ideas.

#5: The Nerds Provided Even The Most Complex Essay Template Examples

Still, one of the worst things that a Law student can get is writing an essay that analyzes and comments on the court case studies. You know, these standard XYZ VS. People of Arizona tasks. There are more specific things to mention that the stars in the sky on a hot Arizona night, I must tell you! :) It is virtually impossible to remember it all, so you have to follow the right structure and format.

If you have a source cited incorrectly, they will notice your mistake and tell you about it.

If not for the Nerds, I do not think that I would ever progress with any of my court case study tasks. It was a real miracle as I learned that Nerdify also provides original essay templates that include even the most complex formats. Moreover, the Nerds walk an extra mile to help you understand the model and explain what each part means.

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