Why Hire a Nerd: 5 Practical Reasons

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If you’re a student, consider yourself lucky — you’ve got access to an abundance of online information that people who studied two decades ago couldn’t even dream about! At the same time, students still face the same problems, such as struggling writing papers and essays, finding relevant sources, and managing the constant flow of homework. So, students select to hire a nerd who could help to figure everything out.

Alas, even though online research helps students out a lot, it doesn’t make studying much more comfortable.

We’ve looked through hundreds of customer feedbacks and came up with a list of 5 practical reasons why students decide to hire a Nerd and why it makes a difference.

Nerds Have A Personalized Approach To Every Student And Every Task

The personalized approach isn’t something you get in class. It’s rather something you get in a luxury store, where goods and services are catered to your needs to provide you the highest value. At the moment, the education system doesn’t involve a high level of individual approach, meaning that every student gets more or less the same treatment.

Nerdify is all about embracing the unique individual needs of every student. Personal Nerds are well aware of the fact that students learn in different ways.

Some classes are easier than others. Some students are visual learners, so they generally struggle trying to understand lectures.

Other students are great at creative writing but feel like writing research papers is limiting their writing skills. Social science students struggle with statistics and math whenever they need to use statistical methods in their papers.

To make sure that every student gets the highest value possible, Personal Nerds evaluate tasks and student questions. They aren’t only experts in their fields, but are talented tutors and can find a way to explain anything in simple terms.

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Unlike the classroom, where students feel intimidated to ask questions, the goal of working with a tutor is making sure that students truly learn and understand everything they need. This approach proves to be the most effective in the long run and contribute to getting better grades consistently.

Nerds Can Help Organize Your Studies

It’s no secret that effective organization helps a lot in just about anything. However, when it comes to organizing the whole studying process, students have a lot of balls in the air. There are different subjects and different types of homework they have to do for each class. Add the stress and anxiety to the mix, and organization is no longer something that’ll be a priority.

In fact, organizing the studies can actually help reduce stress, so it has a huge potential value for any student.

Nerds are aware of the benefits of organizing and can suggest easy and effective ways to make order out of chaos in any situation. Such simple steps as creating separate folders for each class on the laptop can make a huge difference, helping students to navigate all kinds of lecture notes and books.

Another aspect, where an efficient organization can help a lot, is making sure that every paper is done in time. Scheduling might seem like a pain in the neck for many. However, the key here is to avoid overplanning, while still managing the process. Nerds help evaluate how much time is required to complete each specific task and suggest what to start with, guiding students through the whole process.

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The best thing is that adding a little bit of organization can make sure that you won’t do all the work the night before it has to be submitted or miss the deadline.

Nerds Know Where To Find The Best Sources

If you take a look at any grading rubric for an essay or research paper, you’ll see that using relevant sources is a must in almost each of them. Task requirements often say ‘do not use Wikipedia’ and note which sources aren’t suitable. However, how about sources that are suitable? How to tell if a source is good or not?

Hiring a Nerd means resolving the issue of finding and using relevant sources once and for all.

On the one hand, Nerds know precisely in which cases it’s essential to use only academic sources, such as textbooks and articles from scholarly journals. On the other hand, Nerds understand when it’s suitable to use other sources, such as newspaper articles and blogs.

If you’ve ever contemplated including a source into your bibliography because you weren’t sure if it’s legit or not, Nerds can help find that out.

Personal Nerds aren’t about knowing everything — they are experts in their specific fields. That’s why they can stay on top of all the news and be aware of valuable publications in their fields. When it comes to the bibliography, it can make or break the whole assignment.

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Finding good sources is a must to include solid arguments in the paper and demonstrate that you can effectively do your research. Personal Nerds know exactly how to help you nail this task in no time.

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Nerds Aren’t About Doing Your Work For You, But About Helping You Nail It

It’s challenging to find anything that gives such as great of a sense of accomplishment and confidence as doing something yourself. Students often feel intimidated by difficult tasks and homework assignments, however as soon as they nail it, they realize that anything can be done.

It’s impossible to ignore the abundance of online writing services — Google offers thousands of them, offering to do any task at different prices.

However, when you really think about the value that students get, it gets a lot worse than it seems.

Firstly, buying the services of such companies is plagiarism, because students present someone else’s work as their own. Secondly, it’s unethical, because it’s cheating. Finally, it’s inefficient in the long run, because students don’t learn anything and fail to perform well long-term.

Contacting a Personal Nerd is legal and legit — it’s like having a tutor. If someone else writes an essay for you, it’s effortless to spot by writing style, because everyone has their own unique one.

If you write your papers yourself, but with guidance and advice from an expert, it’s your work. Besides, you can learn a lot while working with a Nerd and then perform much better during exams or tests.

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Nerds Help When Classes Aren’t Enough

The reasons why students don’t get enough information during classes are multiple. Firstly, the number of lectures is very limited, so professors struggle to try to jam a lot of information into just several hours. Secondly, there’s always not enough time to ask questions and get answers.

As a result, work that students do on their own becomes an integral part of the whole studying process. In other words, they need to rely primarily on themselves, which isn’t that easy if all you have is textbooks and Google. By all means, online research is an awesome tool for students — they can easily find a lot of information.

However, even though the information may be easily accessible, there’s no way of telling whether it’s actually relevant and credible.

As for textbooks, they are written by professionals that have been working in the field for years and even decades. The language they use is complex and makes the explanations tough to understand. It’s surely impossible to compare a student who is just starting to study a specific subject and a scholar with years of experience.

So, if you feel like textbooks are written in just about too difficult language, you’re not alone.

Personal Nerds know perfectly well that classes aren’t enough — that’s one of the main reasons why hundreds of students contact Nerdify every day. The major goal of Nerds is to help students fill in the gaps in their knowledge and help them stay on top of their classes. Classes are almost always not enough to get all the information students to require to perform well. However, it can be changed.

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