Thesis Help: 5 Cases Students Can Relate to When Writing a Thesis

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I’m Ruby, an international relations graduate. As we all know, a thesis is a mountain that every student needs to climb before he or she can graduate. Common struggles include finding a topic and managing one’s time and workload. We also have people who need urgent help with thesis statement. However, the common denominator here is that students are not adequately taught or guided by their professors. They are treated unfairly by their professors sometimes, as the latter prefer to help their favorites. There are even thesis advisors who don’t lend a helping hand or dedicate time to their advisees. Despite that, Nerdify was there when I needed help the most. Here’s how the platform helped me fare through academic struggles:

1. Students Resort to Thesis Help Online, for Finding a Topic is Arduous

One day, my Thesis and Research Methods professor instructed us to list at least three potential topics for the proposal next week. Unfortunately, managing my time and workload was a challenge. The topics have to be specific and time-bound, which made my life even harder than before.

Then, I remembered something. Two days ago, I overheard a group of students saying, “Have you tried Nerdify? It’s an awesome collaborative platform” I typed “Nerdify reviews” on the search bar. There were many positive reviews of the site on TrustPilot and Facebook. I sent a message and I was immediately matched with a Nerd, who held a Master’s degree in my field.

Finding a topic was a difficult task, luckily, my Nerd came to my rescue and sent me a list of topics I can research for my thesis.

My Nerd was eager to help me find topics for my thesis proposal. We worked on the list for four days. She meticulously checked if the topics are abundant in reference materials and suitable for my educational level. She also ensured that each topic was feasible enough to complete the thesis on time. Four days later, I presented my list to my professor. His feedback was positive, and I can officially begin my study.

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2. Students Turn to Thesis Help, as They Desperately Need Support

I noticed that my professor gravitated towards his favorite student. That student was known for her expertise in academic writing. I asked, “Sir, I need help. How do you cite an interview transcript in APA?” He pointed a finger to his favorite student as he coldly answered, “Talk to your classmate, she knows.”

My professor’s favorite student taught me how to cite a transcript in APA. I was about to ask another question when the bell unfortunately rang. I was too shy to schedule a one-on-one session with her. Therefore, I asked Nerdify to assist me again.

The Nerd sent me a step-by-step tutorial on citing tricky sources like infographics and PDf files in APA. He even shared me a soft copy of the latest edition of the APA handbook! Moreover, my Nerd helped me polish my thesis by removing a few grammatical errors from my draft. Most importantly, he mentored me to keep up with my professor’s progress report.

He was supportive and accommodating like my professor’s favorite student. His lessons prompted me to help my other classmates in academic writing.

3. Students Need Help Forming a Thesis Statement Because it Baffles Them

I write my thesis statement as if it’s a research objective. I’ve read several tutorials on the internet. From what I can glean, thesis statements have to be coherent, strong, and debatable. I understood what the guide was trying to say, but I can’t seem to apply my learnings on paper.

One day, my professor in theology class assigned us to do an essay on free will and its moral implications. I finished the main parts of my paper, but forming a thesis stumped me once again. Therefore, I asked for an online thesis statement help from Nerdify.

I sent my Nerd a draft of my paper and my professor’s guidelines. I told her that we have to identify all the main points in the paper and “merge” them into one coherent thesis. She sent me a list of questions that I needed to answer. Then, she shared tips and tricks on how to create a strong and debatable thesis statement. I submitted my paper to my theology professor a day; I was not surprised to receive an A.

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4. Students Look for Thesis Help, as it’s hard to Manage Workload

We were tasked to write a baby thesis as our final project for our theology class. And we were also doing our senior thesis! Prioritizing which requirement I should accomplish first is more difficult than I anticipated.

There were days when I only slept an average of three hours — five hours if I’m fortunate enough. I experienced mental breakdowns because I was drained from all the work I have to finish. Admittedly, some of the requirements I’ve done are half baked.

My Nerd helped me manage my tasks, as I was getting three to five hours of sleep — which was too unhealthy for my physical and mental health.

My professors noticed the deteriorating quality of my submissions. They reminded to shape up or else I would not graduate on time. That served as a wakeup call, for it prompted me to text Nerdify. The Nerd I helped me create a set of internal deadlines for my thesis and homework. I also talked to another Nerd to assist me with my theology baby thesis.

Everything was less stressful after the Nerds managed my workload. I can sleep soundly for at least six hours. Most of all, my teacher noticed the quality of assignments are significantly better than my previous submissions. I still had enough time and energy for my senior thesis. And that’s great!

5. Foreign Students Face Difficulty Writing in English, Prompting Them to Look for Help with Thesis

I remember befriending a foreign classmate — a transferee — in my Thesis and Research Methods class. She had difficulty writing in English, as it was not her native language. Due to the language barrier, she was hesitant to ask help from her classmates and professors.

Unexpectedly, she approached me and inquired, Do you know any legitimate center or website who is willing to help me with my English skills?” I probed my brain for several seconds. I recommended her to use Nerdify. I told her that it was an AI-powered platform for students and Nerds.

My friend struggled to write her thesis in academic English — upon recommending Nerdify, her draft significantly improved and received a higher mark from her instructor.

I told her all about Nerdify — its benefits and features. She excused herself and walked back to the dormitory. Two days, my classmate narrated her wonderful experience with the platform. She gleefully told me that the Nerd knew what he was doing. He helped her correct her thesis — to improving her vocabulary to fixing grammatical errors and addressing gaps in research. She thanked me and submitted the draft to our professor. As expected, she received a high grade.

In Conclusion

To conclude, Nerdify is the perfect go-to website for students. Unlike essay writing services, Nerdify is 100% legal. In Nerdify, customers do not have to purchase plagiarized essays and submit them as their own. In fact, students collaborate with Nerds to help them produce sublime work!

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