The Most Unusual University Degrees You Can Earn

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We all know that going to college takes a considerable amount of time and an effort to make it through the countless assignments, living on campus, and passing the exams with flying colors. Still, if an average student wants to achieve success and truly listen to one’s heart, it takes inspiration and dedication to do something that you really believe in. It is also one of the reasons why there are quite unusual university degrees out there that offer something for those who want to walk the extra mile and show the world and the people that there are more university degrees than Business Administration or Finances!

  • Ethical Hacking from Abertay University. Even though it might sound like a joke to some people as hacking usually means doing something illegal, it is not the case here because this degree is completely legal. It stands for learning the way how all kinds of hackers work and how the information can be obtained through the most complex circumstances. Think about law enforcement officers or those who work in security mediums where such specific knowledge is always in demand. In reality, this degree is equal to learning about cybersecurity where the creation of real-life danger is modeled after famous attacks or malfunctions. As one remains within the legal field, a student is allowed to test and use all the possible hacking tricks.
  • Let’s Go Simpsons! It is no secret that Berkeley University in California offers some odd courses that are very far from being cheap. Starting from the creation of electronic devices or learning how to write a perfect Hollywood score, they also focus on Philosophy. Although it may sound just about right, when an entire philosophy is based on Simpsons tv-series, it is a truly existing degree. No wonder, the show has captured several generations through the years and represents a complex sub-culture. The degree promises a complex mix of Psychology, Art, Literature, Philosophy, and even Politics. If it sounds like something you could try, give it a go!
  • Going North. If you ever wondered about the Vikings and wanted to learn more about Thor and the northern mythology, it is high time for that because London’s University College offers a course that studies the history and culture of the Vikings and all things Nordic. It is not an easy degree to obtain since it is quite demanding and requires some reading and writing. All these challenges are worth it because you spend the third year of the studies in one of the Scandinavian countries where you can learn the language, visit the museums, see the fjords, and become a part of the local culture.
  • Let’s Surf The Waves! No, this particular degree will not teach you how to become the best surfer and might not take you to Miami Beach, yet a degree from the University of Plymouth takes a scientific approach to surfing the waves. You study Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, and Environmental Sciences among other subjects. Talking to your friends about such degree might be seen as a joke but it is true and takes a lot to complete.
  • Did someone say Poultry? If the word sounds unknown to you, it is a science that deals with everything related to chickens, turkeys, ducks… They say that the mighty Colonel Sanders of the KFC fame has a degree in Poultry. Most American and European universities offer a degree in Poultry, which is a good thing because there is not much to write like it is the case with Nursing or the Law. Nevertheless, there are books to read and lots of practice journals involved. Good thing is that you get to spend some time outside and learn in the countryside or at the special farms where physical activity will keep you fit!
  • Bachelor of Science in Nautical Archaeology. Now the famous Texas A&M University offers one of the most interesting and innovative degrees an adventurous person can get. The nautical part means that the course focuses on how everything worked in the past, including the trade routes, the way how the ships have been built, how various information has been preserved and identified. The Maritime Center alone is worth joining the course because the professors there are the best in the field. If doing personal research or participating in a field trip to a particular place in some remote part of the world is your cup of tea, do not hesitate to learn more about the course.
  • Psychometrics. The final entry is a nerdy Masters of Science degree from Boston’s College. If the word sounds unclear, it is a science that focuses on all the soft skills like intelligence, IQ tests, personality disorders due to social media, video game addiction, and gambling issues. In a certain sense, it is Psychology, Healthcare, Statistics, and Sociology mixture. An average student majoring in Psychometrics gains extensive expertise in psychological management, leadership, career preparation, and much more. The most important part is that such a degree offers amazing job positions at the world’s top companies.

Follow Your Heart

Choosing a university degree that fits your financial abilities and professional skills is not an easy task, yet avoid choosing something that seems easier to you. On the contrary, go for a challenging degree that inspires you to work hard and follow the personal aspirations. It may not always be easy as there are many assignments that must be completed and the tests that are not always fair. Nevertheless, good things come to those who work hard and wait for the right choice that feels right. Look through the list of universities to understand where you can show your best and do something that inspires you. Take your time, talk to trustworthy friends, read about each course, write personal statement letters to every place that seems applicable or apply for a scholarship. Never stop pursuing your dream as to where the challenge is, there is a way!

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