Term Paper Writing in a Few Days Before Deadline

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Each time that I think about term paper writing, I feel just like trying to find a free spot at the college parking lot in the morning. You feel confused, lost, anxious, even a bit angry. Yet the time is always ticking away and you have to act.

Majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Social Psychology, I had to do a lot of reading no matter what term paper topic I would choose! Where do I begin and how can I cope with the tons of books and the sources alone? Am I supposed to be a do-it-all Nerd?

Well, not me! Now, who said I could not ask the true Nerds for help? This is exactly what I did and here is why:

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#1 A Personal Nerd Helped Me to Evaluate The Term Paper Choices

The most important thing that most students often overlook when they are told to start with a term paper is the freedom of choosing a topic. Unless you are given something specific, it is always possible to choose something that can save you some time and researching.

While it does not mean that you are cheating in any way, there are just several tricks that I have learned from the Personal Nerd. Among them are:

  1. Start with a broad topic idea first and then see if you can find enough books and sources for the reference.
  2. If you have success with the references, try to make your topic less broad and focus on something more specific. This way your term paper structure and outline are clear and not too broad.
  3. Once the topic is chosen, make sure that you write at least 3–5 working thesis statements. This way you can adjust your term paper and replace the weak one with the best.
  4. Next, proceed to the outline and make sure that you use the key ideas in your paragraph headers. Do not forget of topic sentences in each body paragraphs.
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5. Getting the outline ready, look through the list of sources that you have found. Choose the most important ones and start writing your first body paragraph by incorporating quotes and introducing ideas academically.

6. As you include the in-text citations, make sure to add the reference to your Works Cited / References page. It saves time a lot!

7. Proofread your paper in the evening or the morning and give it a break until the next day, if the time allows. This way you can see your own term paper with less bias and notice what you may have omitted.

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#2 Learning of Structure, Outline Examples, and Argumentation, I Became a Better Term Paper Writer

It really took me three days to get my term paper ready and polished with the help of a personalized Nerd. The first day my online session consisted of choosing the topic and the sources, learning about the structure (from my grading rubric), coming up with a thesis, and writing of the outline.

The most challenging part of work was understanding the structure of a classic term paper. My term paper on Juvenile Offenders had a good outline that I could write with the help of an example that Nerd has provided me.

Also, I already had several sources at hand to start with, but what I struggled with was the counterargument part. I was sure that it was enough to write about the people who thought otherwise regarding juvenile rehabilitation policies.

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It appears that I was wrong. In addition to stating an opposite opinion, it is necessary to write about why and how it is different and what makes you disagree with it. Even though it sounds obvious, the Nerd has helped me to see the flaw and add the missing part just in time!

#3 The Nerd Has Helped Me to Find The Sources and Saved Me From Hours of Reading

Now the most challenging part that I was worried about was reading through all the books and finding the sources that would work. My Nerd has nailed the task perfectly by sharing the critical parts of each book and providing me with clear annotations for every source that she was able to find.

It was the very best part of working with the Nerds because I constantly asked the questions, depending on how my paper went as I wrote it. Wishing to write more of Scandinavian legislation, I told my Nerd about it and she instantly pointed me to the right authors who researched the culture-specific laws.

She did more. However — she helped me with a citation. There were court hearings, dialogues, and all kinds of reports that I still learned how to cite. The References page was also adjusted as soon as I added a source. So, I could remember what I had already used in the paper.

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#4 The Nerds Help to Polish Your Term Papers For Sale and Promotion of Your Personal Brand and Style

Before I end, I want to tell you of another unique benefit that a Personal Nerd provides. With the help of pre-writing and polishing, the Nerds can help you to add a personal touch and style to your work. Your Term Paper is actually your reflection and a great chance for promotion and scholarship opportunities.

In my case, the Nerd has helped me to make a firm conclusion for my term paper. Telling of what kind of additional research can be done, I have made a short proposal and noted what kind of organizations and institutions could be interested in further research.

Besides, writing an excellent term paper with a personal style, I could also apply for the scholarship and additional researching work that will appear in my CV and the report card.

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Bonus — Term Paper Writing is Just Like Writing a Research Paper

If your term paper is the first paper in your academic career, or you plan to pursue more advanced degrees, there is good news for you. A term paper is no different from any other research project or even a full-fledged academic research articles. It involves similar stages and requirements.

The only difference is that Ph.D. and Master projects tend to be longer in writing, while full-fledged academic articles are shorter but need more work on the background.

In the upshot, you are developing a useful skill via writing a term paper. In business, intelligence and strategy reports are similar to research papers, however, have a different format.

Recap of Term Paper Writing

Spending only 3 days for my Term Paper with the Nerd’s help, I delivered it on time. The Nerd has helped me to master the analysis of information. So, I applied my knowledge to promote myself as a student!

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