Term Paper Help: 3 Secrets You Didn't Know

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My name is Plamena, and I am the first-year student, pursuing Master’s degree in Literature. Like many other learners, I couldn’t imagine I would need term paper help. College is supposed to be passed, and as a fresh high-school graduate, I believed in my strength and ability to learn.

After two years of academic break, I was not ready for the fact learning would be that difficult. I was afraid that my knowledge was outdated, and I wouldn’t be able to keep an adequate learning pace. One day, I had too many tasks on my plate, which encouraged me to look for help. I consulted Quora experts, and some of them recommended contacting Nerdify.

Here are 3 things I learned about nailing term papers after I worked with a Personal Nerd.

I Needed Custom Term Paper to Work on Difficult Topics

Even such a seemingly “easy” major as Literature involves a number of topics you may fail to understand. I remember struggling with stylistic devices and failed related assignments once and again. However, the issue was not in my cognitive abilities — it was in classification. As my term paper was on stylistic devices in fanfiction, I had no way to escape it.

You see, stylistic devices include various stuff — from hyperbole, which is an exaggeration of some feature, to anaphora, which is when you start your sentence with the same word. Quite easy, you’d say, and I used to think in the same way. Unless one day, I discovered that rhetorical devices are all the same.

And very the next day, my professor emailed me that I need to include the difference between rhetorical and stylistic devices in my literature review. That was nothing but epic fail!

My Nerd quickly explained to me that the difference is simple. While stylistic devices explain how the writer can play with words and meaning in the text, rhetorical devices are more narrow. While they are exactly the same tools you’d use in stylistics, they are used for persuasion. The purpose makes the difference.

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Exaggerating the size of your wallet because it’s really huge and bragging about its size because you want to seem successful are two different things. So, you’ll select words and style differently.

However, that was not my main takeaway. I learned that topics for term papers have hidden pitfalls, which professors include to test student’s work. Term paper help by Nerd found these nuances for me, so I was safe — but that’s not the case of the majority of students.

So if you are tempted to take the easiest topic for a term paper from a list, be careful — it may quickly become the hardest one.

College Term Paper Help Supplies Necessary Resources

I felt desperate when the professor asked us to present a critique of the article that I never heard about. Annotated bibliographies and literature reviews are the standard practice at my college, but my professor went even further, and hand-picked articles for everyone in my class.

Moreover, the article was ungoogleable. Every link that I consulted led either to the wrong source or the ad. I managed to find excerpts, but then I discovered that the article by itself is a review of a chapter… A chapter in a book worth $200!

For Nerdify, such “miracles” are an everyday occurrence because the platform cooperates with Amazon, Chegg, and other reliable partners to get anything you need. For students, however, it’s worth to remember that there are never enough sources for your college term paper.

For instance, if you cite any information from a book, it’s likely to originate from somewhere else. My professor requested to find an original peer-reviewed article, so may do yours. Moreover, even in peer-reviewed articles, there can be citations of other material. To grab a single line of text, you may need to track 3–4 books, articles or sources.

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College Term Paper Homework Help Stands for Perfection

It may sound odd, but I enjoy writing homework assignments and term papers. What I really hate is when your final work looks a mess!

I think many students have this problem. While the ideas are excellent, the presentation is awful 😱. The issue is that students need to balance academic style, citation style, and format requirements of their college. Unless they are professors, it’s quite hard to shape your writing style up to these expectations. So, a lot of editing is required.

Nerdify guys know how to cope with the problem. The platform will connect you to freelance writers, editors and other professionals, who know how the great paper should look like. Unlike in editing services, Nerds are also experts in their subjects, so they are not confused with terminology and know academic style and requirements well.

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I contact the Personal Nerd every time I seek for:

  • Rigorous feedback: I want to understand the impression that my paper makes on the reader. “Are my arguments clear?”, “Are my thoughts well organized?”, “Does my paper have internal logic?” You won’t know the answers to these questions until you show your paper to someone with a “fresh look.”
  • Essay free of grammar and spelling mistakes, typos, etc.: Since I am a Literature student, I have a thing about grammar. However, grammar matters even if you’ve chosen Management, Math, Sociology, etc. as your major.

“The greater part of the world’s troubles are due to questions of grammar”

  • Correct format: Every Personal Nerd can easily detect formatting issues and advise on how you can fix them before the marks are deducted.
  • Compliance with requirements: An absent-minded person, I contact my Personal Nerd to make sure the paper I’ve composed complies with the professor’s requirements. In most cases, rigorous compliance is a must, as you won’t get the second chance to make the first impression.

Have too many tasks to handle? We have 1’000s of Nerds ready to help. No apps, no forms. Messaging is all it takes to get help with your tasks at Nerdify.


The first attempt of my final paper I failed by myself — I got 66/100, and I was so lucky that my college has paper resit policy without penalties. After I worked together with my Personal Nerd, my revised paper scored 95/100. It was A+ — so, my term paper help rocked.

Karen, if you are reading this, then let me thank you again for your assistance!

Learn how other students deal with different subjects and tasks. When you work on a term paper, you are likely to face a lot of other challenges — with their own nuances.

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