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Sociology is study-friendly, but it’s also research-exhausting. This is a story of a student who mastered Sociology homework from the ground up.

I’m Alex, and ever since I’ve started to pursue a B.A. in sociology at the University of California, Berkeley, my desire to perform well didn’t help me to stay on top of my studies — a tutor did. The thing is, I’m especially passionate about sociology, and I was convinced that my desire to learn was sufficient to get the highest grades.

Very quickly I realized that teachers didn’t have enough lecture time to explain every topic in detail, so I found a Personal Nerd at Nerdify, who helped me get 95(A) for my term paper. Here are four key issues I had to deal with and the ways I’ve successfully solved them — using sociology homework help.

Finding Relevant Sources For Sociology Homework Turned Out A Lot More Difficult

The topic of my term paper “How the mainstream media impacts body image for men and women.” As I’ve mentioned, at first I was sure that this topic would grant me the availability of many excellent and relevant sources. When I’ve started to dig deeper, I’ve quickly realized that most of the references were either irrelevant or unprofessional. What I thought was a good thing about my topic, ultimately turned out to be a huge issue!

Another thing that I’ve discovered was the lack of up-to-date sources. Despite that the issue of body image is exceptionally topical today, there seemed to be very little academic research done in this area. As a result of several days of research, I was stuck without even starting the real work.

The problem is that sociology is everyone’s concern, so there’s a lot of debate going on in the literature, but there’s not so much value to it.

I’ve contacted Nerdify through Facebook Messenger and asked if there’s an expert in this field of social studies. Within 10 minutes I was already discussing the issue with my Personal Nerd, who helped me save a lot of time and effort browsing through irrelevant sources.

Right off the bat, the Nerd informed me that for my topic, it was important to investigate gender roles, the causes of gender roles, and the factors that influence body image. This recommendation was beneficial, and I’ve learned how to divide topics into smaller elements that are easy to research. Also, my Personal Nerd recommended me at least 20 academic articles that were relevant for my paper.

Nerdify is an AI-powered platform to quickly connect with the experience of 1000s of Personal Nerds.

Sociological Surveys Aren’t As Easy As They May Seem

Right after I picked this topic, I knew immediately that I wanted to conduct a survey. In my mind, this data collection method was the easiest. I planned to put up a simple questionnaire focusing on body image and the impacts of mainstream media on it.

However, I found myself in a tight spot just looking through different types of questions! Open-ended questions, Likert scale questions, closed-ended questions, rank order questions… The worst part was that I had little to no idea about which types of questions would be more suitable for my specific study and encourage respondents to answer.

Another thing that immediately concerned me was the type of results I’d get after doing the survey. Figuring the types of questions out puzzled me because I found out that I’d get all sorts of data from different questions.

In a sociological study, finding the respondents seems like the biggest issue. However, it’s only the top of the iceberg of survey design and construction.

A Personal Nerd I’ve contacted studied my term paper requirements and came up with advice in no time. It was especially important for me that Nerd explained all types of questions in simple terms, paying attention to tricks that sociologists use to encourage respondents to reply. For instance, the Nerd informed me that closed-ended questions were much more comfortable to answer. Indeed, all it takes is just checking one of the provided options!

The Nerd also advised me on how to align the questions in the survey with research objectives. I’ve included the question about the respondent’s gender, body image perception, view of mainstream media, and the influence of the mainstream media on body image. Following the Nerd’s recommendation, I kept the number of questions fairly small — 15, but all of them played an important role. As a result, I achieved an 86% response rate, which was unbelievable!

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Primary Data Analysis Isn’t A Piece Of Cake In Sociology Assignment

After gathering all the data, I faced another issue — primary data analysis. I was aware that the grade for this term paper would affect my overall grade. So, I wanted to use not just descriptive statistics, but more in-depth methods to secure myself a high grade. The problem was that I’ve never dealt with natural sciences like math or statistics, so all the statistical methods I’ve read about were all Greek to me.

I never knew I was capable of making all the calculations for chi-square, but now I think that with right guidance I could do even ANOVA tests.

The Nerd I contacted had a background in social statistics, and I knew that as long as I had such a tutor, I was sure to succeed. The Nerd suggested using Pearson’s chi-square method based on my research question and type of data I’ve collected. By all means, I was intimidated by this method at first, but with the help of my Personal Nerd, I’ve nailed all the calculations manually in 3 hours!

The Nerd explained how to categorize the data and analyze the results of the calculations. Using real-life examples, the Nerd informed me that the chi-squared method could be applied to my study because it had two categorical variables (gender and body image) and the results of the survey contained frequencies.

The rest was quite easy — the results of my calculations showed that mainstream media more influential women than men regarding body image .

Comparing Primary And Secondary Data Is Challenging For Sociology Homework

Making conclusions for a sociology observation assignment is usually very doable. First, you collect information, second, you look through existing sources, and then you compare them. However, as I’ve mentioned before, even finding relevant sources was a problem. After completing all the calculations and reviewing the existing sources that the Nerd helped me find, I wasted quite a bit of time trying to make a coherent paper.

For my specific study, I struggled to find relevant sociological theories. Even though the idea behind the paper was quite innovative, I needed to provide the “Theory” part of the article to get the best grade. I had to ensure that I could use already existing theories to support and explain my findings.

Putting primary and secondary research together is similar to the final boss battle in any video game. If you’re skilled enough, you can secure yourself a great finale.

Luckily, the Nerd I’ve contacted was an expert working in the field of sociological research. After careful analysis of the results of my study, the Nerd instantly recommended me several theories that could back my findings up. I’ve focused on the contemporary conflict theory and feminist sociological theory. This helped me keep the focus of the study not too broad, but enough to make a great discussion.

Later I’ve found out that this was an exceptional feature of my term paper — no one else in my class did such in-depth analysis.

Tired of struggling with sociology homework? — finding a right Expert Nerd is fast and free.

My Point Is…

While writing my story, I thought about how I used to struggle with many assignments before I reached out to Nerdify. Every time I got a grade lower than expected, I blamed it on myself, thinking I didn’t study hard enough or procrastinated too much. If you’re gonna take one thing out of this article, let it be that every student can get the grades they want, given a bit of professional assistance.

Besides, the Statistics Nerd who helped me with my data analysis also was involved in the creation of a chi-square test guide by Nerdify. That is an in-depth story about pursuing the study and using statistical tests.

Still, if you can’t focus on your homework even with guides, maybe the problem is in your roommates? Nerdify ranked top 7 roommate problems of college students and their solutions — worth checking if you share a flat or live in a dorm.

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