Response Paper Guide to Write a Powerful Response

What is a Response Paper

A response paper is your personal chance to explain and communicate your personal point of view and understanding of a particular idea through writing.

  • What is the meaning that the author wants me to understand?
  • What is my personal vision and attitude to what the author has told?
  • How has it all affected my personal life and my daily interactions?

How to Start a Response Essay

Explain author’s original ideas and positions

Write a Reflection of the Position and Ideas

Write Your Personal Outcome and Lessons Learned

Response Paper Outline


The Body of a Response Paper


Response Paper Format

Place all the basic and identifying information in your introduction paragraph.

  • Title
  • Author’s name
  • Position
  • Date
  • Information related to original publication

The body of your response essay should have the following format structure:

  • Detail from an article or a book
  • An actual evidence of your position explained
  • Supporting quote

The conclusion part’s format should have the following order:

  • A summary of your paper in 2–3 sentences
  • Statement of your outcome
  • Support of the main idea

How to Write a Powerful Response Paper: Helpful Tips

How to read your original source (book, article, newspaper, poem, movie, etc)

  1. Use the drafts to write down the main ideas that come to mind as you read the original author’s work.
  2. Think about what initial thoughts and feelings you are experiencing as you read. Write them down like: joy, anger, confusion, sadness, agreement, shock, feeling relieved.
  3. Will your response paper essay agree or disagree with an author?
  4. Have you had any experience that relates to the events and ideas described by the author?
  5. Have you read, seen, or heard anything similar to what the author describes that you can relate to and discuss in a more relaxed way?
  6. Does an article, a report or a book provide enough evidence and facts to support the claims?

How to organize and plan your response essay writing part:

  1. Start by writing down your thesis statement and an idea that you want to follow.
  2. Write down the core points of your idea that you want to respond to.
  3. Add quotes, examples, and references to author’s work and/or your own experiences.
  4. Use topic sentences to make the logical flow of your response paper work.
  5. Do not forget that the last sentence of each paragraph should connect with the next paragraph’s first sentence.
  6. Remember that your conclusion paragraph should restate your main thesis in other words and connect it with a lesson you have learned.
  7. Do not be afraid of using your own experience as you analyze author’s writing and make contrasts.
  8. Stay creative and give yourself enough freedom of mind! Use drafts, revise, proofread and do not be shy to read aloud!

Response Paper Example

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