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Psychology homework help is a process of removing difficulties that spoil the life of college students who learn psychology. If you are not a psychology student, you may be confused at this point — why help is needed?

Psychology as a subject is mistakenly thought as an easy one. However, students know what is wrong with psychology courses.

  • Students need to master statistics and math. Yeah, psychology is not about talking.

Here at Nerdify, we help students to ease their pain and complete assignments faster but in good quality. Today we will explain what makes psychology homework help critical, and what pitfalls await students.

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Psychology Statistics Homework Help is the Core

Right of the bat, about 70% of all students who come to Nerdify need help with research statistics. The point is that every research project, not even telling about theses and dissertations, needs a practical part. Students are expected to develop the methodology, collect data, report results and conduct a discussion.

If you are lucky enough, you can get away with a literature review — it’s also a research methodology. However, in the majority of colleges, professors will urge you to work with a real sample, which is human beings. Or, if you insist on the literature, they will ask to make the review systematic, which also needs statistics. In that case, the majority of students would be happier to work with humans.

Statistics is the only allowed method to work with data in psychology research papers. There’s where difficulties start.

Statistics homework help is better when students get in touch with Nerdify from the early beginning. As a rule, professors require students to submit research proposals, where they will explain data collection and methodology in advance. However, in a proposal, the level of details is low.

So, using class readings, students may end up with data that does not suit their research methodology. Alternatively, they may propose advanced statistics, such as ANOVA test.

At Nerdify, Nerds are experienced in research and know APA conventions well. They help students to make a correct proposal, gather data correctly and chose a methodology that is possible to work with. Nerds closely mentor the process of research, so personal issues of students with math or statistics does not impact their project.

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Some students even shared their success stories, which transformed into full-fledged guides on statistics. You can check one — about psychology! — on Nerdify’s blog.

Besides, did you know that APA style requires a particular format of statistical tables and results? Nerds know them too. It’s too easy to get lost for psychology students, so we make sure that they stay OK.

Psychology Homework Help Online Is for Dealing with Sources

So, statistics is the first demon of psychology homework, which Nerds know how to resolve. However, there is another pitfall, which is called research requirements.

Every psychology student is expected to cite sources, and not every source is OK. We composed a list of typical requirements, which are universal for all colleges.

  1. A typical formula is 1 source per 1 page of the paper. So, for a 15-pages-long term paper, a student should get 15 references.

Errors in citing sources and using wrong articles result in significant paper score deductions. So, working with sources is a central service in psychology homework help online.

We make sure that our Nerds are verified experts in psychology, and their expertise makes the rest. Nerds keep in touch with latest articles and changes in APA citation style. Moreover, they have access to vast article databases, which make some university libraries look poor.

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Writing a term paper, psychology students spent 50% of their time trying to find correct sources. Nerds connect them directly to cutting-edge articles and psychology classics, such as Skinner or Pavlov.

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Language is Also Important in the Help with Psychology Homework

Given all the research difficulties, grammar, writing, and proofreading seem to be quite minor concerns. Among Master and Ph.D. students, it’s common that their academic advisers recommend hiring editors and proofreaders. We recommend hiring a Nerd instead — for a reason.

This reason is not that this is an article on a corporate blog.

The APA has quite strict requirements for language and style. As Nerds know, more than half of students do not know all these pitfalls. Professors know them, however, which affects grades badly.

  • For instance, passive voice should be avoided by every means.

It’s not even a comprehensive list of requirements. That’s why help with psychology homework is needed with final proofreading.

As you may already expect, Nerds perfectly know the requirements of the APA and college psychology courses. That makes them different from hired editors. Proofreaders are not experts in psychology, so they are unable to fix mistakes in formatting, citation, terminology and research methodology.

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Nerds, in turn, are experts in English — and psychology too. Our AI matches the students with a professional who has the most relevant experience. Often, Nerds had worked on similar topics before, or even completed their Ph.D. dissertations on the topic!

Why Are We Best in Psychology Homework Help?

Because we love transparency. In this article, we already included many tricks that had helped to save many papers before. We believe that psychology students should focus on what truly matters, and fix difficult tasks with an expert.

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