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Proofreading is hard and non-creative work. That is why some professors even encourage Master and doctorate-level students to use proofreading help.

According to statistics, the top reason why even the best essays and research papers get low grades is due to a lack of proper proofreading. It can be compared to a great resume that contains style, grammar, and terminology flaws. However, such a carefree attitude and lack of attention is not always the case! Nerds prepared a list of issues that make proofreading help the most demanded service at Nerdify.

#1: What Does It Mean To Proofread My Paper by a Nerd?

When it comes down to proofreading, most students think that they only have to check their essays and research papers for repetition, grammar, and punctuation, but nothing else. Some students go further and try to see if their article sounds good.

As a rule, it takes a lot of editing, cutting out the lengthy parts, and tireless editing of the thesis and introduction.

Only an expert knows what to look for and can specifically find the problems to address them with you.

The thing is, proofreading is so much more than that! To cut it short, your work has to make sense and follow all the bits and pieces of the grading rubric. This is what they always mean when they say “format, writing mechanics, spelling.” It is not that difficult to find spelling and basic grammar mistakes. However, formatting rules, logic, and in-text citations is another matter.

When you are turning for Nerd’s help, there is a significant difference: it is already like your professor is reading a paper and crash tests it for possible flaws.

#2: A Good Paper Checker Means Expert’s Evaluation and Analysis.

Another major difference and the benefit of Nerd’s proofreading is that you are also getting an expert quality assurance and analysis of professional value. For example, if it is a paper on Economic Growth in South Asia, then your article is being proofread by a Nerd. She will have sufficient expertise in Economics and knows the specifics of Asian markets.

Likewise, a literary reflection essay will be proofread by an English professor who can analyze the text and let you know what can be done to improve a weak or unclear paper.

If there is even unintentional mistake, the Nerd will help you to address the issue and explain why it has to be corrected.

Let us take a look at the example — proofreading of an article summary on Healthcare. The Nerd will not only look for grammar flaws and formatting rules but also help you to make sure that the paper makes sense. It means that the right sources are used, adequate medical terms are employed, and human research ethics is considered.

#3: How Can A Nerd Correct My Essay The Way I Cannot?

The Nerd knows what can be wrong in an essay and this is a major difference. As you check your own paper, your brain already adapts to the text as you become biased. What the Nerd provides is an impartial and professional outlook, based on thousands of papers checked.

A Nerd will read your paper as a college professor would do. It helps to address critical issues before essay submission.

Starting from complex in-text citations to backing up of the facts, the Nerds help you to find the most appropriate sources. Also, they will tell you what information has to be included. At most times, it is not enough to just place a quote, but it has to make sense and not peep out in your text out of nowhere.

#4: Things To Ask For When I Need to Check My Essay.

According to the Nerds, a part of successful proofreading if when a student actively participates in the process, which means:

  • Talking to a Nerd, a student has to provide all the background for the essay and give a brief idea, the intention behind the paper.
  • Including the grading rubric and the existing course materials.
  • Giving a brief introduction to the college professor’s personality. As an example, if the professor pays a lot of attention to style, the Nerd walks an extra mile to address the issue in student’s paper.
  • Providing the Nerd with your ideas and concerns regarding the flaws in your work.
  • Making sure that you receive formatting templates for the reference. In addition to getting your paper adjusted, always ask for another template to help yourself learn.

#5: The Nerds Also Provide Expert Essay Review Service

As a part of proofreading duties, the Nerds also provide a unique expert essay review service that includes work with the students, businesses, and the colleges. No matter the subject and complexity of the task, a crucial part of success is getting your work checked and evaluated by an expert.

The expert will work as a fellow researcher, making sure that your paper or research fulfill goals set by you.

If you have to write a cover letter, presentation, literature review or a research paper on Healthcare and Nursing, the task is to show your best and make your efforts seen and heard. It is one matter when it is a college professor. However, if your university work is made for the scientific community or several experts, it becomes crucial.

An experienced Nerd reviews your work and offers the writing tips to help you achieve the best results and feel confident about accuracy.

#6: Essay Correction From Terminology and Sources to Formatting and Grammar

What makes the help from the Nerds in proofreading issues especially good is the speed of work and assurance that nothing is missed. The classic proofreading work goes as follows:

  • Checking of the grading rubric and instructions
  • Grammar and punctuation flaws check
  • Word count and adherence to format specified
  • Paragraphs structure and topic sentences
  • Introduction and thesis statement check
  • Body paragraphs analysis
  • Analysis of sources and in-text citations
  • The use of correct terminology and definitions
  • Works Cited / References, footnotes check
  • The comments and recommendations on how to improve and correct the paper.

As you can see, there is a sophisticated approach that allows to save your time and make sure that everything is addressed step-by-step. This way you can learn how each issue is being analyzed and further explained to you so that you can correct it.

#7: On a Personal Note: Top 3 Reasons Why I Had to Proofread My Essays.

Wishing to end on a personal note, even as an expert writer, I often have to get my work checked and proofread by the Nerds. Of course, a person cannot be an expert in every topic out there!

Here are the top 3 reasons why I choose to have my essays proofread by the Nerds:

  • A Nerd’s view provides an expert and unbiased analysis of my work and helps me to see what I may have missed or misunderstood.
  • A Nerd helps me to question what he or she feels may be inappropriate or insufficient. In some cases, I could add more information or explain my thoughts in a better and a more transparent way.
  • Proofreading by the Nerds helped me to avoid repetition in my work and edit it for accuracy in terms.

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