Nerds Provide Excel Homework Help: 5 Reasons Why

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Excel homework help is one of the most required services on the platform. We investigated why.

Worldwide, more than 750 million people use Microsoft Excel, which makes it even more popular than Word (who would have thought, right?). We’ve processed hundreds of customer reviews and feedbacks from our Nerds to find out why such a widely used program gives so much trouble to students. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts, for we are going to provide you with 5 reasons why students face Excel homework problems and how to solve them!

Excel Homework Help Is Needed due to Too Much Information to Sort Out

Excel seems like just a spreadsheet with a lot of formulas and functions — why is it so challenging then? One of the critical issues that are rarely ever acknowledged is that students try to comprehend and learn too much information at once and ultimately get lost.

The customer feedback that we’ve processed indicates that Excel has a staggering amount of formulas available to use. As a result, students often don’t know what to use and start going through guidelines and tutorials on what they don’t need. Our Nerds share that often knowing how to enter simple formulas manually can be more useful than trying to understand how in-built formulas work.

To solve this issue, the first thing that our Nerds pay attention to is the task itself. They define the exact method that needs to be used and then proceeds to explain in detail to a student. Our Nerds also report that using simple examples every time helps students get a much better understanding of the method and how it works.

Such simple question as to where to put every number in each formula is no longer puzzling when students realize what these numbers mean. The ultimate goal of our Nerds is to guide students through the process of solving tasks so that they learn how to do it themselves. Personal Nerds give only the exact information students need to solve the Excel homework perfectly, no more, no less.

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In Excel Homework Assignments, Data Formatting Can Be A Puzzling Process

This one is a pitfall that our Nerds shared with us. For many students, data formatting can become a hidden problem that wrecks the whole spreadsheet calculations. There are 12 different cell formats to choose from, including text, percentage, fraction, and scientific. A lot to choose from and even higher chances to get lost entirely.

In one customer feedback, we’ve found an interesting story about “general” format (seemingly the easiest one) has nearly ruined calculations for a term paper. In a calculation of future value, two cells in a data range were accidentally marked “general” format, and the result was wrong. The Personal Nerd working on this task instantly figured the issue out, and the paper got an A.

Our Nerds know that such an elementary thing as cell formatting is critical for any kind of paper. The Personal Nerds that work on Excel assignments know how data formatting works in this spreadsheet and how to check whether it’s suitable. While helping students with such tasks, Nerds explain how to optimize the processes in the program by adjusting the formats. By all means, this is the tip of the iceberg compared to extra complex functions. However, it’s a fundamental skill for any Excel user that Nerds never ignore.

The “What-If” Analysis, Or Sensitivity Analysis, Is a Top Driver of Excel Homework Assignment Help

We can say for sure that Excel is difficult for many students because it’s essentially math. While many Excel users don’t realize it, this program triggers math anxiety, and for a good reason. The formulas above and functions are a lot like calculus, while the ‘what-if” functions are essentially probability theory calculations.

This type of functions is used in Excel to test different scenarios and find the best outcome and is often used in finance and budgeting. Learning how to use Excel to test various outcomes can turn out to be more difficult than comprehending the most elaborate financial theory.

Our Nerds who specialize in the sensitivity analysis in Excel know the pitfalls of this aspect of the programs. They’ve once been students themselves, puzzled by the complexity of these functions, which is why they know the kind of explanations that work best. Our Nerds note that social science students find sensitivity analysis especially challenging. However, the devil isn’t as black as he’s painted — with the right guidance, it can surely be done!

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Excel Homework Help Addresses Formulas and Functions that Are Often “Mission Impossible”

If data formatting is the tip of the iceberg, this is probably what’s underneath the water surface. Formulas and functions in Excel go from easy to extremely challenging and, despite a huge amount of guidelines online, students struggle to learn how to use them.

Customer feedback says that the key issue with understanding how formulas work is learning where to put each number. If such formulas as SUM or STDEV are pretty intuitive, they are rather exceptions than the rule in Excel. Students find it very difficult to learn not only how to put the numbers and meanings into formulas and functions, but figuring the results out as well.

Our Nerds are experts in Excel and know how to use every function in this spreadsheet program. Most importantly, they know how to explain and guide students through Excel tasks, which is the priority. If you think about it, every formula and function has specific requirements to work. Our Nerds figure the tasks out and explain these aspects to students.

In Excel Homework, Building Charts Isn’t a Piece of Cake

Microsoft Office is widely used by students to create different diagrams and charts. It’s especially convenient in Excel — simple pie charts are the best in representing the structure of basically anything. However, how about something more complex, like trendlines?

Students who need to use diagrams know for sure that it’s not as easy as it may seem. The reason is simple — Excel uses standard algorithms for creating various diagrams, so students face issues when they need to come up with something specific or unusual. Also, creating diagrams in Excel can take a lot of time, especially if you’re working with large data ranges. This is why many students turn to Personal Nerds — they seek effective ways to use this function in Excel.

Our Nerds know all the shortcuts when it comes to creating diagrams in Excel. When working on each specific task, they ensure that the final chart or graph correctly reflects the data and corresponds with the task requirements. They explain how to adjust every type of diagram to the task.

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In conclusion

Here at Nerdify, we know for sure that students don’t need a lot of time to do their Excel homework — they just need the right explanation. Our Nerds can help solve any Excel homework task and provide guidelines. If you feel overwhelmed with all the homework, check out our article about habits of highly effective people that’ll help you organize.

Stay tuned for more studying stories and life-hacks, or learn how Nerds have made homework better for students.

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