Nerdify Operations Management Homework Help: 6 Top Problems

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Management is mistakenly thought easy for students. Here at Nerdify, we know that aspiring managers win their bread hard.

Do you know that there are 23.8 million managers and first-line supervisors in America? The career seems to be very popular, and it’s not surprising that students choose it more often than any other. Hence, operation management homework help is also required to end with particularly hard tasks.

However, at Nerdify we realize that coping with an operations management assignment can be a hurdle. Recently, Personal Nerds have composed the list of problems, which operations management student is likely to encounter.

The bad news is that there are quite many of them. But the good news is that freelance students and alumni from top-ranking universities know how to solve them!

Operations Management Assignment Help Suggests Managerial Tools for Use

When students work on operations, project or risk management assignment, they are commonly asked to determine where your company is now, so you know what to expect in the future. Current situation analysis is the core of any managerial task and serves as a source of data in the majority of cases. So, professors ask students to conduct some analysis by choosing one of the available tools.

In a lucky case, students have managerial tools explained in class readings. In our experience, however, students also need to provide academic citations to support their tools. That means that they need to go beyond readings and retrieve original articles, which explain the methodology used by scholarly marketers.

And here the problem comes — each academic method is continuously revised, updated and changed. The majority of mass websites, even Investopedia, lag behind updates. As students use them to grasp the gist of their management assignments, they have difficulties to retrieve the correct book or article for reference.

That’s the case when students contact their Personal Nerds for management homework help. Nerds know the difference between SWOT, PEST, PESTLE or STEEP — and explain students all advantages and limitations of each particular tool. Moreover, they make sure that students use the latest academic revision, and no outdated information is included.

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Risk Management Assignment Help is All About Finding Data

Unfortunately, many professors do not care where students will take data for a particular management assignment. Although much information can be googled, you’ll be shocked that the lion’s share of it is outdated, fragmented, or paid.

A lifehack for company analysis is annual reports — but if you have read them once, you may be smiling with understanding now. Reports include much redundant information, and never review the company to critically to avoid investors’ backlash. However, critical viewpoint on any company is the critical competency in management studies — and risk management in particular.

It’s not surprising that many students connect to Nerdify when they have a strategic management assignment on their plate. Since Nerdify cooperates with companies like Amazon and Chegg, accessing the information you need is no longer an issue. Moreover, Nerds have access to every paywall, so scarcity of your college library’s subscriptions is no longer an issue.

On top of that, Nerds point students to best risk-management tools available. For instance, in risk score tables, there is a high chance that the student will assign threat scores at their own discretion.

Grading rubrics, however, do not favor subjectivity — which results in low grades. Therefore, Nerds make sure that students use only quantitative or evidence-based qualitative methods, which are favored in colleges and universities.

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Strategic Management Assignment Help Requires Correct Data Interpretation

After students have found the data they need, the proper interpretation of what they collected is still a problem. Those who work on the risk management or strategic management assignment for the first time may be confused. For instance, if company’s growth is slow but steady, is it a sign of stabilization or inevitable decline? Or, if the company invests a lot in research and development, does it indicate readiness for innovation or an obsolete status of current product portfolio?

The point is that these questions are not designed to be resolved qualitatively, by reading books and interpreting data. Alternatively, such management assignments require a quantitative approach — statistical analysis or past performance data, or application of formulas.

However, in the majority of college management courses, the methodology part is assigned to self-study of students. In practice, it means confusion and uncertainty.

Most learners are surprised to see Personal Nerds putting scary math in simple words. When the most tangled problems become crystal clear, students are ready to justify recommendations they make in their management assignments.

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Operations Management Assignment Essay Requires Solid Organization

Many students seek management homework help because their previous assignment received a low score. When Nerds look through these assignments, they see that the difference between a C and a B work is a matter of paper organization. The ideas are great, but they are out of place.

Essays in management are built as rigidly as any other academic essays — they need an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, but that’s only a top of the iceberg. On an in-depth level, each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence, and every opinion should be backed with evidence. Needless to say, the inclusion of first-person perspectives instantly slays any essay for professors.

As in a real-life business, managerial essays follow a unified format, and Nerds utilize it to student’s advantage.

The Nerd could quickly detect the inconsistency and explained to the student how to fix the problem. This time, the suggestions will be informed by the previous analysis, rather than appeared from out of the blue.

Operations Management Assignments Need Proper Formatting and Citations

One client was asked to redo his assignment because of improper format. In fact, that was the second time that he received the paper with the “improper format” remark on its margins. That’s the most frequent story of first-year college students, which repeats for years. At Nerdify, help with management tasks’ revision makes up to 40% of all students questions.

When students are asked whether they use citation machines, online templates or Reddit to cite their sources, the affirmative answer is entirely expected. When Nerds get their hands on such task, it a student around an hour to fix the format of even 30 sources — to finally pass the assignment with a good score.

Why do such situations happen with students?

While the lack of reliability of even advanced citation machines is apparent, students tend to trust online services. For instance, Google Scholar provides citations for all popular formats. However, for a PDF book or conference proceedings, Scholar makes incorrect references — professors know it, but students don’t.

Another common pitfall is the Harvard style. It is unique for every college and university. Therefore, the majority of citations machines will be instantly wrong, as the only correct citing template can be found only on the college library’s website.

Nerds are trained to provide formatting emergency help. For major styles, such as Chicago, MLA or APA, they check students’ in-text references and bibliographies and then direct to fix issues. For state-of-the-art styles, such as Harvard, Nerds help students to locate a correct style guide first. Moreover, some formats also affect text spacing, margins and title page, such as MLA or APA — Nerd fix it accordingly.

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Operation Management Homework Help Matches Student’s Work and Professor’s Expectations

The lion’s share of students who contact Personal Nerds wants to get rigorous feedback on their management project before submitting it for the professor’s review. It is an outstanding practice because students, even the most persistent ones, tend to make mistakes that may cost them a grade.

When looking through your management assignment, the Personal Nerd will pay attention to:

  • Precision: You can’t imagine the number of management students who failed their tasks due to skipping some question, using wrong data, misinterpreting instructions, etc. The Nerd will make sure that all the critical elements of your management assignment are in place.
  • Appropriateness: Some students do not make any distinction between a project management report and a project management essay, which results in a lowered grade at best. The Nerd will explain to you the difference and guide on changes to be made before it is too late.
  • Logic: Your Personal Nerd will let you know if your management assignment lacks logic. In some cases, minor rearrangement of ideas means a significant difference regarding the score you will get.
  • Formatting: The Nerd will examine your professor’s instructions to make sure you’ve used appropriate format. In case there are some issues with formatting, the Nerd will explain how to fix them and will make sure the result is perfect.
  • Grammar: It’s always a good idea to have a fresh look at the assignment before submitting it for the professor’s review. The Nerd will easily detect grammar and spelling mistakes, typos, etc. Make sure to follow your Nerd’s advice to have a glossy paper!

Stay tuned for more studying stories and life-hacks, or learn how Nerds have made homework better for students.

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