Nerdify Reviews the Guide on Rogerian Arguments College Assignments

As we explore the peculiarities of academic writing and education at Nerdify, we often face the students who cannot cope with their Rogerian arguments college assignments. While these may sound cryptic and even odd to some learners, there is no need to fear because once you have some examples and turn to a clear definition, things will instantly become easier.

In simple terms, the Rogerian argument is only a type of argumentative reasoning that must be applied as you write to let your readers see that you are staying in the middle between parties that have opposing points of view or writing objectives. When you talk to your friends or family by not wishing to take sides or offend one of the parties, you are already turning to the famous Rogerian rhetoric. Still, when you have to write this kind of assignment, it’s necessary to study your subject from both sides to understand where each position is coming from.

Speaking of structure, focus on these essential structure aspects:

- Introduction

Start with the introduction of your subject by letting your readers see the basic background where you explain what the problem is and why it has to be discussed. Our experts at Nerdify reviews recommend turning to statistical information or facts that should be supported with some evidence.

- Context

Explain the context of the problem by narrowing things down a little. If you are dealing with the problem of tobacco smoking and young children, choosing this subject for your Rogerian argument can easily become vague. Focus on a certain sample group instead, or talk about advertisement and the way how it affects the youngsters in a negative way.

- Writer Position

If you are not the author of the article and/or not the first-hand contributor, explain the position of the article by using quotes and examples. Always provide citation data to avoid plagiarism. If any idea that you use is not yours, provide information about your resources.

- Benefits of Each Opponent

If there are opposing views being included, discuss them by explaining the pros and cons of each position. If there is no mention of some opponent per se, talk about them in general. For example, the legalization of marijuana has both supporters and opposers. You should explain why a certain group of people thinks this or that way by providing clear objectives.

- Analysis of Existing Arguments

The most challenging part is the analysis of provided arguments. Our team at Nerdify reviews approaches Rogerian rhetoric writing through the lens of the most common occurrence and continues by turning to examples. If you have insufficient information about some issue, do some research online, collect statistical information, and contrast-and-compare things to receive the average.

- Finding The Common Ground

It is one of the most challenging parts because it is not always easy to seek what might be in common between those who are voting for stricter gun control and those who want to allow carrying weapons along (as an example). In such a case, write that they are both aiming at personal safety, which must be the common ground.

- Offer A Solution

Coming up with a nice solution is paramount for your success as you are asked to represent your Rogerian argument. Focus on both sides of the issue by bringing up morals, ethics, safety aspects, financial costs, or any other factors that may provide a solution for both sides. Without a doubt, if you are dealing with a religious conflict or territorial dispute, it’s always good to provide the common ground that might be unreachable, yet logical.

- Conclusion

Your Rogerian argument assignment must end with a short conclusion where you list the most important elements by summing things up with a brief explanation of what you could achieve and what further research or reading must be done. If you are dealing with a newspaper article or text that has been provided in your course materials, talk about what has been missing and what other method could be more helpful.

Include Strong Arguments & Examples

Following this Rogerian argument structure, you will be able to see how to shape your argument. For example, if you are dealing with an event related to the Black Lives Matter social movement, you might explore a certain piece of writing or a blog post. As you analyze what some writer has presented, our experts at Nerdify reviews recommend starting with the pros and cons of the author’s position with the inclusion of arguments and citations to either support or disapprove of some point. Once this part is finished, find the common ground by staying in the middle yourself as it is what the Rogerian argument should achieve by letting your readers see the point and reasoning of each opposing camp.



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