Nerdify Reviews How Pandemic Times Affected Our Studies

Nerdify Reviews How Pandemic Times Affected Our Studies

Without a doubt, if we could name only one thing about online studies during pandemic times, our Nerdify team would call it adaptation because it is what we had to do all the time. It is safe to say every single day of online education offered something new as we had to adjust our plans and assignments all the time. It has not always been easy and we all had a list of technical hiccups that still make us cringe as we think of it. At the same time, we have learned to approach technology differently and explore things in a different manner. Even though we had to leave our comfort zone all the time, it cannot be denied that we also became more independent as everyone appeared in front of the same challenges.

1. We Have Learned to Cooperate. When our Nerdify team has worked remotely in the past, it has always been a natural process that did not make us think much about it, yet when the pandemic times have arrived, we started to appreciate our existing experience of working online and cooperating with each other. Unfortunately, the majority of university students had limited cooperation skills since they have always been guided by experienced professors or any other factors like head-to-head communication. When our studies became limited to Zoom conferences and independent research, the art of cooperation became crucial for those who wanted to learn more or receive some explanation regarding what has been said during an odd video lesson.

2. Our Tasks Became Solely Dependent on Technology. While it has not appeared obvious until some time has passed, our experts at Nerdify have noticed that we have started to shape our assignments differently by basing our paragraphs on what we have heard during our Zoom sessions. While it can be a good thing, it also has a flipside because we became technology-dependent. For example, if someone would miss a video lesson, it often made this or that student totally helpless as if it is impossible to ask questions or explore the important concept elsewhere. Just like with every academic approach, students often missed the fact that they should not limit their education to video lessons or technology because it is personal analysis and research that matter!

3. We Have Learned to Listen. If something has affected our studies in a positive way during these challenging pandemic times, it is our increased ability to listen. Regardless if it relates to video conferencing or those odd phone messages that we receive from our friends or college professors, we have started to finally pay attention to every word. According to our Nerdify reviews experts, it has also made people more compassionate and caring because we have been forced to help each other and assist those who had no Internet connection. Likewise, some students were often unable to attend video sessions due to various issues, which has made some students record or even write down things that they have heard online to share them with other people later on. It can only be praised!

4. Our Cognitive Skills Became Different. It cannot be denied that we became even more attentive than ever before because remote learning has forced us to work alone, which means that we became more independent and had way more time to keep everything in focus. One should also add that students in 2021 had to work on their social skills as they had to present information just the same way as video bloggers. In simple terms, almost everyone had to go beyond just submitting their assignment to the online campus because we often had to explain things online or even during these lengthy Zoom conferences. As result, it has helped us to improve our cognitive skills and focus on the ways how we perceive information. Even though it has been stressful and challenging, we became more responsive and finally addressed our strategic planning skills correctly!

5. Team Projects Took a Special Meaning. The pandemic times also took away the in-person socialization aspect, which has made things quite challenging both for students and educators. The team projects, however, took a special meaning these days because students had to learn how to cooperate and explain things remotely. Since most of us have worked from the comfort of our homes, students had to learn how to schedule their workflow and explain things to each other. Many of us have improved our leadership skills and those who hoped to sit back in the corner and wait had to participate and make a valuable contribution!

Summing things up, the pandemic times have also helped us to get better as we learn by letting us all overcome and continue learning no matter what.




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Articles, guidelines, examples and samples to improve your writing skills. We share — you learn.

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