Nerdify Reviews Great Online Summer Courses to Consider in 2021

Nerdify Reviews Great Online Summer Courses to Consider in 2021

As you are fighting boredom and spend hours browsing through social media or feeling concerned about your academic future, one of the best solutions would be turning to online summer courses. What makes them different, according to Nerdify reviews, is that you can choose your own schedule in most cases and learn exactly when you can. As long as you pass every assignment and submit things before your deadlines, you should be all set. Joining some summer courses online also helps you to improve your skills in those areas where you may have some flaws and weaknesses. For example, if you have never been good at writing or working in a team, joining relevant courses and special training programs will help you to improve your grades in the future and even earn academic credits during the summertime.

Here are few courses you should consider in 2021:

1. International Summer General Study Program (George Washington Program). According to Nerdify reviews experts, this program can help you improve your general skills as you can choose from over 650 undergraduate courses and various graduate options. Starting with the basic writing skills to Data Science and Engineering, you can save some precious time and either start or continue with your studies. Since they are currently provided online, these summer courses will still remain full-time, which means that you should think about your schedule in advance to ensure that nothing is missed!

2. Manhattan College English as a Second Language ESL Specialty Program. This course lasts only two weeks and will include 15 hours of special classroom instructions in addition to online learning. These English language classes are taught by professionals that are trained to work with foreign speakers. If you are an exchange student in the United States, you should consider this interesting summer course. According to what we could find out, you can choose various schedules and add language specifications based on your current or future major. Since it will only last for two weeks, you can also request additional practice. As you graduate, you also receive ESL language certification!

3. Summer at Smith College Science & Engineering Program. This course lasts for 4 weeks and provides both campus and online programs. It is aimed at exceptional young women who have strong interests in science, engineering, and medicine. Our ladies at Nerdify reviews were happy to find this special program that pays a special tribute to females pursuing science degrees. As the Smith College represents one of the most prestigious institutions, it must be noted that this program is not new and has been around for thirty years. It also means that you have no shortcuts and will be guided by skilled professors with due experience and attitude. If it sounds like a good idea to you, you should consider this special summer program!

4. Summer Course in Virtual World DiscoverIES. This course is a wonderful six-week virtual experience with instruction in English and Spanish. It is not a simple online summer school because it brings it much further than that! Even our old-time experts at Nerdify reviews have been surprised as we discovered this program. For example, you can learn Business Ethics with the world’s top professor in London and then get ready to discover K-POP culture along with the celebrity professor somewhere in Korea or learn about anime in Tokyo. It is one of the best new programs that you will enjoy as your video conferencing tools will connect you with all the world from the comfort of your home. If you want to spend six summer weeks discovering the world, check out this amazing summer program!

5. Tufts University Summer Institute for STEM Scholars. Another great six weeks long program, which can be full-time and part-time depending on your choice. It is an international program for graduate-level preparatory students who are hoping to get enrolled in any English-speaking program dealing with Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. It will also focus on the development of academic writing skills, research, communication skills, work with MS Office, web design, presentations, and more. You will also build a necessary amount of personal confidence as you are getting ready to graduate or secure a high-paid job in the STEM field.

Regardless if you are only planning to improve your writing skills, learn English as a foreign student or get some academic credits in a prestigious university course, you must check the course requirements in advance to make sure that you can handle it. As a rule, these summer courses are quite popular, which is why it is recommended to apply as early as you can to secure your place. Always research things before you make your final choice as there may be special discounts and even scholarship options!




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Articles, guidelines, examples and samples to improve your writing skills. We share — you learn.

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