Nerdify Reviews 7 Secret Tricks How Social Media Can Help Your College Research

Nerdify Reviews 7 Secret Tricks How Social Media Can Help Your College Research

Our friendly team at Nerdify reviews has been among the first people to promote the use of social media in academic writing because it is where all the latest news and stats seem to appear. Even though we understand some college professors who do not see Twitter or Instagram as good and reliable sources, some courses like Fashion Studies or Journalism will require multimedia resources that will help you achieve success and provide first-hand information. Just think about it, read our secret tricks, and implement social media to make your college assignment stand out from the rest!

  1. Keep Your College Assignment Fresh

One of the best ways to use social media when you are writing a college assignment is by adding some life to a textbook or course information. The use of Facebook and interesting information that you have found will help you to keep your writing unique. Just make sure that you explain why it is there and how it will help your target audience to understand the importance of your quote or graphics. If you quote a celebrity, explain why this citation is important and add your personal analysis afterward.

2. The Use Of Primary Sources

Another important aspect that you should consider is the use of primary sources. Our experts at Nerdify reviews state that it will make your research paper even better as you provide not only secondary sources (something that has already been reviewed by someone else) but statistical information, interviews, or posts by original people who are either experts in a certain field or commenters. Think about it and explore what kind of information you may provide to make your work sound reliable.

3. Add That Extra Special Bit

When you feel that your paper is weak and does not have that sparkle, you can turn to multimedia sources by adding a video quote or pictures that will help you alternate long paragraphs of text with graphical information. It is a psychological trick that will make your college paper stand out from the rest. If you are majoring in subjects like Sound Engineering, Social Sciences, or Psychology, it will even help you to achieve a deeper insight. Our team at Nerdify reviews has tested this trick before and it always worked wonders.

4. Implement Good Social Media Research First

Just remember that your social media links and quotes should be researched in a good way to make sure that it is there for a reason. It is one of the safest tricks to please your college professor when it becomes clear that you have done some work before placing a quote from Twitter or Facebook. As long as we are dealing with information, it has a right to be placed in your paper. Just take your time, do some research, and it will always pay off!

5. Use Statistical Information

If you are worried about the use of social media for your serious research paper, think about turning to statistical information. The trick is to state that you are using either qualitative or quantitative information. Pick information that you have or apply your research method based on what you could discover. It can be a social issue or reaction to some social event like Black Lives Matter. Just keep your writing creative and it will always show as you will collect sample information. It will also be reliable with a link and your strict college professor will never complain.

6. Alternate Scientific and Social Media Sources

If you want to achieve success by turning to multimedia sources in your paper, think about combining scientific journals with sources taken from Twitter or Instagram. It may be required to create two separate lists if your style format asks for that, yet these must be accurate. Just check what could be the best way and make your social media sources “encrypted” between other “important” resources. Our experts at Nerdify reviews have done it before and it worked well because it was there for a solid reason! Just do not overdo it and remember that if you just want to place some social media link because it looks great, it is better to omit it!

7. Always Provide Links!

There is also a darker side to using social media in your college research. It may be extremely difficult to find original posters to provide information. There are also plagiarism and copyright risks as you are always dealing with intellectual property. If you are not sure about the people or companies behind your source, just leave it and think about using something else. Remember that every bit that you quote should be cited “as is” with the spelling style to ensure that you provide information precisely to avoid any intellectual property disputes.




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Articles, guidelines, examples and samples to improve your writing skills. We share — you learn.

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