Nerdify Reviews 7 Reasons Why an Outline Matters

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Do not be afraid to confess that you never turn to the writing of an outline unless you are asked to do so by your college professor or it is mentioned in your grading rubric. Our Nerdify reviews team recommends reconsidering your opinion about it because once you learn the benefits of working with an outline, you will understand how to shape your ideas and narrow things down to keep everything balanced and clear. We decided to pick at least seven reasons why an outline matters. Take your time to read and try our tips in practice before you conclude!

  • You can narrow down your ideas. When we work at the Nerdify reviews, we share our ideas, which sometimes becomes too much. Just imagine over twenty people in our team who share over 10 ideas and want to have them included. As soon as we have the outline of what we must do, it helps us to focus on those aspects that are most important. We can adjust our ideas and see how to make them clear. Do the same with your college assignments by starting with an outline that includes your possible structure and the thesis statement.
  • You won’t get lost when finding something new. Remember that outline will not let you get lost, especially when you are writing some book review or an analysis of the court hearings for your Law project. An outline aims to keep your brain secure since you already have the list of subjects that must be explored. If you have an outline, you will not become confused when you discover a new source because you can check if it has already been included. Think about it as some reference point that acts as the guide through your college assignment.
  • You already have several parts of your paper. Our experts at Nerdify reviews would like to remind you that you already have your introduction, thesis statement, topic sentences, conclusion, and the list of sources that you are planning to use. An outline is alike to a research proposal where you already talk about your paper’s purpose. Start by introducing your topic and finding a good argument or assumption to keep things interesting! Remember that your thesis can always be adjusted. Your outline is like a good draft that has it all as you write.
  • Your Bibliography has already been written. The reason why we like working with an outline at Nerdify reviews is to keep the list of your sources. It can help you to write down the important pages that you may use for your quotes. While we are at it, you can use outline writing as the list of authors that will help you to avoid plagiarism and reference some quotes without spending too much time when you are in the middle of a complex idea for your paper. You can even make an annotated bibliography with short notes that help you recognize your sources.
  • You follow a clear structure. It is hard to imagine something worse than having your ideas scattered all over the place. When you have an outline, you can follow your topic sentences and use your ideas as the starting point. Your structure becomes much clearer as you do not introduce any vague thoughts since you have already chosen something that relates to your previous or future paragraphs.
  • You can follow your grading rubric and keep things within the word count. Do you know why some students miss the important points of their grading rubrics and have their grades lower than they expect? Well, it is because they either miss their formatting outline or forget something about the structure. If you make your APA or MLA outline, you already know how to make things work. As you work with your paper, it also helps you to reference your grading rubric. Likewise, you will not write too much because you can calculate the estimate and think about how much can be included in each part of your college paper.
  • It keeps you disciplined. Most importantly, working with an outline keeps you disciplined and helps you to stay organized. While it may be hard at first if you have never worked with an outline in the past, it is never too late to start. It is the same method as proofreading your paper once you have it written down. It takes time, yet it always pays off in the end as you learn to notice mistakes and keep things under control.

Remember to work with the outline templates for your assignments, which helps to save some time. Make the first step and you will definitely thank us later for telling you about this great method of studying in a faster and more efficient way!

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