Nerdify Reviews 6 Ways to Overcome Remote Learning Challenges

As our Nerdify reviews team started with this task, it took us a while to come up with the list of things that we like about remote learning. Still, it was easy to identify what we didn’t like. Nevertheless, while it is not always possible to cope with Zoom lagging or teachers not really wishing to repeat things, there are ways to overcome remote learning flaws by turning to these simple tips:

Collaboration Matters. Our Nerdify reviews team has learned that one of the most important things regarding remote learning is collaboration. Let us not forget that college professors also find it hard and often cannot cope with all the technical features that we all must embrace. Learn to discuss things and collaborate together as you find solutions. We have learned the hard way that many college professors do not expect students to help them, which is why they get frustrated and even frightened. Offer some help and you will receive a different kind of attitude in return. Just give it a try and you will see that collaboration is a key to success and a less stressful learning environment.

Study Instructions in Advance. Another important point that our Nerdify reviews experts always mention as we discuss remote learning is an analysis of available instructions in advance. After all, it is not always possible to find what you meant to ask as you are forced to participate in video conferencing lessons or have endless lines of online chat flash in front of you. When you already know each point of your assignment instructions, it is easy to write down the list of what you do not understand, so you can specify an exact matter and save yourself some time and nerves.

Take Screenshots. Unfortunately, sometimes students have to prove that they have already done some task or persuade a teacher that they have mentioned two instead of five sources that were necessary. As we have seen, things can easily get rough, which is why the only solution is to take screen captures of conversations and make sure that you share them privately to avoid online drama. Even when you are already on the edge, try to remain polite and remember that we are all in this together.

Use Your Mobile’s Recording Facilities. Another interesting technical trip to consider is using your phone to record the audio part of the video stream and use it when you are trying to remember something that has been mentioned in original instructions. You can also install several helpful apps that can assist you with calculations or any other writing tasks. Just imagine a situation when you are listening to your college professor talk and you have to ask a question, yet you are not sure about the credibility of your information. Getting some things recorded with your phone always helps.

Get Together With Your Fellow Learners. Our Nerdify reviews team copes with the majority of remote learning and work tasks by getting together with fellow learners and colleagues. We discuss various matters that do not seem clear and share everything we could (or could not) understand. It is akin to a group learning project where we do our best to help each other. This way no student is left alone and we always get closer with those people who rarely discuss things. It is a great experience and the positive aspect of remote learning that helps us get creative and study together.

Celebrate Your Success. Give yourself some credit as you get some tasks finished. If remote learning is only about studying and hoping for your laptop or phone to not crash, it is far from being fun! Since we cannot celebrate with our friends at the college hall yet, consider hosting an online party and get together with all your friends as you finally get some assignments or exams done. We all need positive emotions, so why not make the most out of limitations! Learn to plan things in advance and think about the list of great movies to watch or create an awesome music playlist!

The Future of Remote Learning

The experience of remote learning has also helped many students to learn independently and rely upon themselves, which is why it will take time before we can fully appreciate the benefits. Therefore, it’s safe to say that it is not right to ignore remote learning entirely because the future is still uncertain. Remember to discuss your ideas and thoughts because we all can improve remote learning by sharing and leaving our suggestions as we talk to our university professors and friends. Finally, you can even start a blog or series of video instructions and help remote learners master those things that make remote learning much easier.




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Articles, guidelines, examples and samples to improve your writing skills. We share — you learn.

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