Nerdify Reviews 6 Tips on How to Pass an Online Exam With Flying Colors

It is not surprising that many students who are learning online since the start of Covid-19 times or even before the pandemic find remote examinations challenging. Passing an exam online can easily become a daunting experience as you are left on your own with no supervisor to help you when you feel confused. According to our experts at Nerdify, passing an online exam is still possible if you take your time to study various learning tips and approach it just like any other examination.

  • Know Your Task Well.

The most important is to explore your objectives by evaluating your grading rubric or the exam prompt. Do not hurry and read it twice. It will help you to understand what your exam requires and what are the points that help you succeed. Our Nerdify reviews team recommends learning what your exam is not so you do not focus on those aspects that are unnecessary. If you have any questions, remember that you have a right to ask questions even though things take place online. It will guarantee that there is no misunderstanding of any kind before you start writing.

  • Study Similar Examination Assignments.

If you have an opportunity to do so, explore similar exams or study questions that can help you train before an actual examination takes place. Many websites offer free exam questions from the past, which are quite helpful in understanding how things work. When you know what to expect, it is always easier to get over the fear of the unknown. At the same time, it is recommended to avoid sticking to the precise questions as they may not be encountered during your exam or have a slightly different order of words. Just read the question twice, evaluate it backward, and look for the tricky parts before you compose your answer.

  • Get Rid of Phone Alerts & Social Media Distractions.

Most importantly, if you are taking an online exam from the comfort of your home, get rid of all the messenger alerts regardless if it is your family members or social media notifications. Just turn these things off in advance so you do not keep thinking about it. Before you take your exam, do your best to finish all the urgent tasks and conversations so your brain feels relaxed and you can focus on the exam. Our Nerdify reviews team recommends letting your friends know about upcoming tests so they know why they shouldn’t disturb you as they send you positive vibes!

  • Do Some On-Topic Reading.

Those students that take enough time to read books or magazines on topic succeed more often because they are already prepared to analyze and process information. This little trick can be helpful as you will learn how to think outside the box and how to avoid being frightened of an online exam as it is approached as another learning challenge. If you know what your exam will be about, refresh your memory by looking up the facts or dates because students often mix things up due to all the stress. If you have a week until your exam, start early and do not leave it for the last day before the test.

  • Dividing Lengthy Bits Into Smaller Chunks.

As you have already started with your online exam, consider dividing complex parts into smaller bits of information by taking one step at a time. Remember that it is not how fast you can pass an exam (even with a timer set!) but how well you can cope with various objectives. Approach every exam with a mental outline as you know where it starts, how it continues, and where it must end. It will help you to manage your time correctly and avoid unnecessary delays.

  • Proofread Your Final Assignment.

Proofreading and editing represent two essential parts that no college student must ignore. Even a minor mistake can seriously deduct your grade, which is why taking time to check your text twice will help you deliver a perfect assignment. We all tend to hurry as we pass online (or physical presence) exams, yet most students will have enough time to check and edit things once they are done. Check your writing with original instructions, look for repetitions, and read through the vital bits of text in corresponding paragraphs.

Another important point that has been mentioned by our experts at Nerdify reviews is relaxation and doing some fun things before your exam. If you stress yourself and keep thinking about passing an exam, it will only exhaust your brain and will make you feel frightened. Do not let it happen to you! Focus on fun things, visit your favorite cafe, talk to your friends, do some stretching, and take it easy because you are here to learn!




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Articles, guidelines, examples and samples to improve your writing skills. We share — you learn.

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