Nerdify Reviews 6 Tips on How to Choose Competitive Essay Topics

Nerdify Reviews 6 Tips on How to Choose Competitive Essay Topics

We often hear that a wisely chosen topic is already half of the success for any college task, which is quite true since if you know your subject well and feel confident about it, your writing instantly becomes better. Our Nerdify reviews team follows a certain set of tricks as we choose our topics to explore, which helps us to narrow things down and follow all the interesting and trending topics. Choosing a competitive essay topic has numerous benefits for students since you can offer something unique or compose your assignment based on the list of related sources you can find.

  • Explore The Subject. The most important is to take time to explore your subject to learn about the importance of the issue that you are going to address. See how it can be approached, what methodology is the best, and what facts can be used as good evidence to make your writing interesting. Our Nerdify reviews experts recommend starting with a preliminary analysis of various subjects to find a healthy balance between what is popular and what inspires you. After all, you have to be influenced by something as you write to deliver the best style and depth to your audience!
  • Find Something That You Know Well. Choose those subjects that you know well because it diminishes the risks of addressing some unknown topic wrongly. If you are majoring in Journalism, things can easily get tricky if you have to write about something you do not really know. The best solution would be to explore various credible sources and synthesize all available information. Once you have an outline to work with, you can think of a topic that reflects the key elements that you would like to address. In other words, it works like reverse-engineering where you adjust your essay topic to what you have discovered!
  • Find Related Research Dealing With Your Issue/Problem. The Nerdify reviews team recommends not to ignore this step even though it may take some time to find something valuable. You must explore various scientific magazines and books dealing with your subject to see how various scholars have approached your issue. It is also helpful as you try to find the list of sources and compose your Bibliography page. As a rule, most publications will have a list of sources that may be helpful for you as you customize your essay topic.
  • Narrow Things Down. Another important aspect is narrowing things down. The best way to achieve them is by writing down the list of possible essay topics by choosing the right wording. It must be something that reflects your main argument and stands for a single position. Avoid any vague wording since your audience and the college professor must know clearly what your paper is about. Narrowing things down also helps to show what your paper is not. It also helps to stay within your subject and avoid jumping from one idea to another.
  • Write Down The List of Key Arguments. It will be helpful for your essay outline as you start writing. See what aspects of your subject represent the most important point. If you discover something crucial during this process, you can change the topic accordingly to make it more competitive and clear. Since you might have to follow the classic 5-paragraph essay pattern, you should have at least three major points that reflect your subject.
  • Compose Your Thesis Statement. Finally, compose your thesis statement and have at least three different sentences. Read them aloud and see which makes the most sense by sounding confident and clear. In a certain sense, your essay topic must not be a description only but a statement that connects to your thesis. If you choose something like “The Youth Gangs in Brazil”, it is much better to rephrase it to “The Causes of Youth Gangs Problem in Brazil” or “The Impact of Poor Economical State on Youth Gangs Problem in Brazil” to narrow things down and make your topic relate to your thesis.

The Matter of Respect

Remember that when you choose something controversial or sensitive, you should stay within the ethical guidelines. As a rule, when you have to write something about politics, religion, or any other controversial field, the most important rule is to avoid bias. When we start some debate at Nerdify reviews, we always work with an outline where we discuss existing ideas and notions before we represent any information to each other and to our audience. Remember that it is one thing to explain your position, yet completely another if you just list some facts with no supporting evidence or exploration of the opposite point. Therefore, choosing your topic, remember to justify each point that you make in a polite and respectful way.




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Articles, guidelines, examples and samples to improve your writing skills. We share — you learn.

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