Nerdify Reviews 6 Things to Do In Summer to Get Ready For College

Nerdify Reviews 6 Things to Do In Summer to Get Ready For College

As you are getting ready for college, it is only natural to feel concerned because you have to be ready to embrace a new part of your life and dive into a totally different experience. However, you should not fear because you can (and you should) take time to get ready and even have some fun as you do! According to our Nerdify reviews experts, those students who take a break when they graduate from high school and choose their college with due care are more successful than those who make an impulse choice because someone else they knew did the same!

The trick is to know your options and see what rocks your boat!

1. Study The List of Local Colleges. It cannot be denied that it is best when you can get in-state tuition and boarding because it will always cost you less as you won’t have to spend a fortune on transportation and related expenses. According to Nerdify reviews, it is best if you can start with an exploration of college options that you have locally before turning to the likes of MIT or Harvard. Of course, if you are up for the challenge, it is good to consider various online courses first that would still let you receive relevant certificates without leaving your state. Calculate your resources and see what may be the best option. Do not hurry and always give it some time!

2. Join Free Online Courses. You might have already heard about the likes of Udemy and Coursera by now. If you have not checked these great educational platforms, you should take time and explore various free and low-cost courses based on your future major that you would like to choose. Our team at Nerdify reviews recommends choosing some introductory courses. For example, if you want to major in Data Science, you can start with some free Cybersecurity or Java/Python offerings just to get the basics. If you are not sure about what choice to make, you can check the list of general requirements for a course that interests you and proceed from there!

3. Start Learning a Foreign Language. Summer is the best time to start learning a foreign language. You can check great language-learning apps like Memrise or Duolingo. If you want to choose something unique and learn without textbooks and all these boring rules, Nerdify reviews team recommends checking HelloTalk. It is a great software that lets you talk (text, audio, or video) to people from over 130 countries by teaching someone your language while letting people teach you back. It is fun and free!

4. Consider CLEP (College Level Examination Program) Tests. In basic terms, if you do not want to sit through the lengthy introductory classes that include Maths, English, and STEM subjects, you can take the CLEP test instead. It is also a great way to save some funds and graduate faster. If time is an issue, it is one of the safest ways to get things done differently and using your summer for getting ready to pass the test.

5. Participate in Volunteering & Community Work. As you might already know, mentioning something valuable in your Personal Statement and Resume letters is always important. For example, if you are participating in some summer charity project or help the elderly, you must mention it in your resume as you send your personal data to a college. It will always help you in terms of good recommendation letters and will assist as you address your social skills.

6. Explore Available College Scholarships. We all know that college education is not getting affordable by any stretch, which is why summer must be used for the exploration of available scholarships that are usually available in summer and have their deadlines in late August or the beginning of September. Some scholarships will only require a short essay or certain academic merits, which is why you should always explore the options and learn how you can fund your education.

Stay Calm and Explore!

Remember that you should consider every available option and choose only something that inspires you. If you have an opportunity, talk to people in your local community, read online reviews, ask questions online, and even visit certain college campuses in person. As a rule, most of them will have open dates when you can pay them a visit and learn a little bit more. If something makes you feel concerned, talk to your academic advisor and see what kind of financial and educational help you may get. Most importantly, always take time and discuss things with the people you trust. Summer is a beautiful time to relax and think over your future without being in a hurry!




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Articles, guidelines, examples and samples to improve your writing skills. We share — you learn.

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