A Story on What I Learned about Biology Homework Help after 2 Years with a Personal Nerd

I’ve been on Nerdify for around two years. I joined the platform shortly after I had entered college and chosen Biology as my major.

But let me have a lyrical digression and explain how everything started. I had been dreaming of becoming a Biology student for all my life. And I was so happy when my dream came true, and I enrolled in one truly prestigious college. Although I learned hard, my scores were low, which made me feel depressed. I joined Nerdify as the last remedy before considering to convert to nursing — or drop college at all for a job.

Nerds helped me with my biology homework, and my grades improved — but the most important improvement happened inside of me. Summing up two years of experience at Nerdify, I can underline lessons that I learned and that can be helpful to any student pursuing his or her Biology degree.

Lesson 1: Cell Biology Homework Help Becomes Easy with Supervision and Explanation

My first cell biology homework was a shame! I had to compose a 3-pages paper, describing mitosis. I had to explain the mechanism of the process. For you to not read Wiki, is how our tissues grow — a cell splits into two daughters, fully identical to its parent.

However, mitosis did not look so easy for me back then. You may check an image from Wiki below and try to grasp enough to write three pages of original explanation. As the majority of students, I persuaded myself that I truly understand the topic — and submitted a paper.

Therefore, getting D was like a bolt from the blue. It made me realize I hadn’t understood the topic well, so I rushed to seek clarifications. Various biology platforms did not do me a favor. The information was either scarce or poorly organized. I couldn’t see the logic behind the explanations provided there.

College students often persuade themselves that they understand the topic. My Personal Nerd made sure that I truly command biology by breaking the topic into small chunks, organized logically from basics to advanced stuff.

Cooperation with the Personal Nerd was quite a different story. First of all, she asked me what I already knew on the topic, and what was unclear to me. As everything was unclear to me then, she checked my professor’s comments and course syllabus. Then, she divided the topic into smaller units that I could quickly “digest.”

Eventually, the topic became crystal clear, and I felt relieved when I could explain it on my own. When I revised my paper, my Nerd mentored my organization and double-checked that I learned a lesson. Notably, with mentoring, I wrote a second paper just in three hours, while the previous took circa three days!

Lesson 2: Molecular Biology Assignments Help Requires Someone Who Knows Your Issues

Molecular and cell biology lab assignments were a nightmare to me. I used to fail most of those labs before I started to cooperate with Nerdify guys. The explanation is pretty simple: the lion’s share of Biology and Life Sciences lab assignments are overly complicated.

However, the difficulty is not as challenging as the lack of balance between the different classes you take. My Biology homework often included a lot of material from Chemistry and Physics classes. At the same time, not all professors synchronized course progress of their students. For Week 3 Biology class, I needed to check readings from Week 4 Chemistry class, and vice versa.

Connections among materials from different classes made Biology Homework too complicated for me. My Nerd took a problem-solving approach — and soon I was ahead of my peers.

Luckily, my Personal Nerd passed all the same barriers in her road to Ph.D. — and treated each topic separately. We took a problem-solving approach to avoid too much stress: Nerd helped me only to get done with assignments in time, and I was perfectly OK with this survival technique. Independently from my classes, she supplied me with sources, methods, and templates for each Biology class assignments.

With time, I started to realize in my Chemistry class that I already know many topics — as Nerd had already delivered them to me. However, this process was so organic so I did not notice it right away. My first Biology homework assignment that I completed with the Personal Nerd’s assistance got B. It wasn’t a brilliant result, of course. But it was still much better than an interrupted series of Cs and Ds I used to get before.

Find your own Nerd to ease your homework pain. In anything. As long as it’s legal.

Lesson 3: Biology Homework Help Taught me To Get Reputable Sources Easy

At first, I thought that completing a Biology homework assignment (especially, when you have a stable internet connection at your disposal) isn’t a big deal. I had Google Scholar on the one hand, and Amazon on another — nothing could go wrong.

But it went. Whenever I found an academic article that I needed, it was behind a paywall — so I was forced to spend long hours in my college library. However, even the library could not grant access to everything. If you have a sensitive biology topic, such as an impact of fish oil on the human brain, sometimes one unique article makes the whole deal.

The situation is even worth with books. My college did not have everything I needed for my course, and our professor could not make copies for my peers and me due to copyright issues. The rarer the book, the pricier it is, so buying was not an option. Sometimes, I could find the book I needed on Google Books — but they were previews and got locked right where the most critical information was written!

Nerdify partners with Chegg and Amazon and Nerds also knew many literature-finding tricks. Since then, I never knew any issues with sources.

The first service I used from Nerdify was finding books, articles, and sources — something that Nerds did very fast. Sometimes, their price was lower than on Amazon, but often Nerds managed to find the needed material for free.

For instance, my Biochemistry textbook cost $159, but the Nerd found its older edition in free access. As she checked that contents of my chapter did not differ between editions, she shared a free version with me. Then, she helped me to cite quotes from a book like they were from a new edition. It was a dirty trick, but it saved me around $1,000 since then. 👍

There were other lifehacks that Nerds showed me. On Google Scholar, it’s always worth clicking on “See all X versions” — if the first article is behind a paywall, the second or the third may be free.

Also, if it fails, you can google the title of the article in “normal” Google outside Google Scholar. Researchers often publish their article drafts on personal blogs, industry websites and elsewhere — saving you $30 per article.

Instead of an Afterword

These days, I understand Biology and Life Sciences much better than I did two years ago. My grade is high, and I want to make Biology my career. Also, I plan to continue cooperation with Nerdify, since the sky isn’t the limit.

And it’s always good to have someone who cares about your academic performance. Someone intelligent, motivated, and cool! Some Nerd, I suppose.

Have too many tasks to handle? We have 1’000s of Nerds ready to help. No apps, no forms. Messaging is all it takes to get help with your tasks at Nerdify.

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