I Used Math Homework Help from a Personal Nerd, and I’ll Use it Again Due to 5 Reasons

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Math is though scary and troubling. However, with a right mentor, you can get through fast.

This is a story of our customer. His name and details are changed to protect his privacy.

I know that you would rather have some pizza now, but did you know that a pizza that has radius “Z” and height “A” has volume Pi x Z x Z x A? If we assume that an adult’s stomach volume reaches 244 cubic inches max (4 liters!), you can only eat 3 1/4 pizzas at once! With math homework help, this subject can quickly become fun and inspiring.

As an architect who desperately needed Math homework help, I could not get it clear without examples related to construction. Turning to Nerdify, I could choose the learning style and pace that suited me, starting from the middle school Maths and up to the complex calculus problems.

Here are 5 reasons why I am going to use Nerdy help in Maths (and not only) again.

Math Homework Help is Needed to Avoid the Misunderstanding of Geometry Principles and Basic Formulas

Working on a large architecture project related to ancient Rome, I had to do some calculations. The Calculus has never been my strong side, so when I was done with the task, the professor gave it a quick look and placed “C” on my report. I was desperate as I asked for a chance to re-submit my paper again. With only one day left before the deadline, I started looking for a service that could guide me through math homework help. Reading through the Wired website, I came across Nerdify.

Sending a quick message, I was matched with a personal Nerd, a Math expert, who has provided me with the Calculus templates for the major construction tasks like triangle relationships. It was crucial in roof construction, so the Nerd showed me how it is applied in my particular case and helped me to nail down the use of formulas in roof-construction tasks.

Architecture Case Studies Are Very Similar to the Help with Math Problems

In construction work, it is vital to review different case studies to understand what has been calculated wrong and why the roof intersections or the pipe systems ran into shortage. Thanks to the Nerd’s help, I could learn by calculation templates and received hand-written notes on my materials with the points that I had to analyze and note.

The Nerd has provided me with more “examples” of mistakes that were more obvious, so I could start learning from the easier examples and then proceed to my actual Construction Math tasks. Following the Nerd, I could finally understand the mechanics of mathematical parts of the architecture case studies. Thanks to provided templates, the Math homework became a breeze that I could do on my own as well!

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A Personal Nerd Helped Me to Answer My Math questions that I Did not Master at School

The Nerd has reviewed my past homework assignments and quickly understood where my Math flaws are. Pointing me out to the school books, he has provided me with the tests that I could fill in and train myself.

The Nerd has helped me to see what I have learned wrong by correcting me in my use of Pythagorean theorem in construction. I checked myself online before but got it wrong until the Nerd has kindly corrected me. Now each time when I need help with Math, I turn to Nerdify by telling of my requirements from calculations and statistics to construction management.

Math Homework Help Eliminates Computational Weaknesses and Abstract Thinking Issues

The Math has been so challenging to me that I even turned to the local University’s help center where a counselor has told me that my problem is not really in Maths. That day I found out that I need some abstract thinking training. Some call it a computational weakness, but I just get stuck at times, doing simple Math. It is not that I am slow or not smart enough. Turning to Nerdify, I found out that I need alternative learning methods!

In my case, I was matched with the Math specialists who could assist me with the training of computational math weaknesses. Importantly, he also found alternative learning methods. Working out the study methods that worked for me, I received helpful templates that worked as it clicked with me. Working with the Nerds, there was no pressure, and I could train myself in construction and even high school math with the experts’ guidance. It was done in a fun way with real-life examples that I could connect and relate to!

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Nerds Helped Me with Math via Showing Strategies

Nerdify is so much more than just homework helper for your Math assignments. At least, in my case, I have also learned to think differently. Since I need to think and act quick as a future Architect, I have told my Personal Nerd of my concerns related to a speed of my calculations.

Every Math assignment can be nailed easily with a correct strategy. It’s the central outcome of calculus training that Nerds provide right away.

Listening to my unclear thoughts, the personal Nerd has provided me with the most common math problem-solving strategies. Starting from simple 2-step addition and squaring a two-digit number that ends with 5 to rather complex equations, I learned to progress through Math homework much faster than ever before.

As an example, the Nerd has also told me about how to write down the Math calculations in a convenient way by providing examples and even connecting them to my prior assignments. This way I could get over computational barriers of the past.

Before You Nail Math Assignments or Start Pizza Hunting

Thanks to Nerdify and professional assistance from a personal Nerd, the Math homework ceased to be a problem for me because I know what to do now. Even if you are not sure how to explain your task or tell where the problem is, trust the Nerds on that as I did. They have seen quite a few students, and they know of the most common Math troubles!

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