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I thought I was good at writing until I received F for my reflection essay. A bolt from the blue, that experience encouraged me searching for the ways to improve my writing skills.

It took me some time to find Nerdify. But I’m happy to see my skills honing and my grades improving. I want to share my experience because I know many students are struggling with their written assignments.

Will You Write My Paper for Me?

A freshman, I was confused by the amount of written assignments, and the deadlines were pretty tough. I thought I would need some assistance and was browsing the web.

My searches lasted for around two months, and the results were quite disappointing. I don’t mean there are no homework helping platforms on the web. On the contrary, the field is overcrowded by companies that offer services of the kind. But most of those sites were not what I was looking for.

A picky student, I didn’t want anyone to write a paper for me. Instead, I needed someone to assist me because college professors seemed to ignore the importance of such an instruction.

Overall, my search was shaped by the following criteria that turned to be reasonable:

  • Ethical: Companies promising to write a paper for you engage you in cheating. Passing someone else’s work as your own is plagiarism, a serious academic offence. When buying a paper from some essay mill, you risk your grade at best!
  • Quality: No company will offer you substandard quality, high plagiarism level, missed deadline, or any other horrifying thing. But some platforms make false promises that can cost you a grade. For instance, several companies that I contacted did not provide their writers’ credentials.
  • Long-term result: Buying a paper from some homework helping site isn’t a big deal. But I never considered such offers because I didn’t plan to turn into an incompetent cheater. I was looking for someone who would guide my studies, boost my effectiveness, and turn me into a successful learner.

Students need an experienced tutor who will guide their efforts, track their progress, and teach them life hacks making learning both effective and fun.

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Nerdify Rules!

My searches were over when I came across Nerdify. I realized the platform was very different from other homework assistance websites and that it was really worth a try.

Nerdify is the platform connecting learners to freelance students and alumni, aka Personal Nerds, from top-ranking universities. Nerds possess knowledge, experience, and inspiration to turn you into a highly effective learner!

I was also impressed to learn that Nerdify cooperates with Amazon, Chegg, Udemy and other world-known companies. In a word, these guys possess everything to be a success!

A year after my cooperation with Nerdify, I know writing rules that guarantee an A paper.

Writing Help Rules

My Personal Nerd is convinced that every student will produce an outstanding assignment if s(he) uses a couple of writing rules:

Choose resources

Like most peer-students, I believed Wikipedia was all I needed to perform any assignment. I was wrong!

Good to know: With rare exception, Wikipedia cannot be used as a reference in a student paper. Everyone (commonly without any credentials) can add to a Wikipedia article.

The Nerd taught me to distinguish between the “right” and “wrong“ resources, and that was pretty easy.

The “right” resources are:

  • Reliable: Written by someone with relevant knowledge and credentials.
  • Recent: It is better to use newer resources, published in the last 10–15 years.
  • Credible: Retrieved from reliable sources, like books, peer-reviewed articles, reputable websites etc.
  • Objective: Cite external data, acknowledge alternative opinions etc.

I was surprised to learn that some resources cannot be found on the web. And the situation is frightening when you’ve been requested to use the resource that cannot be found anywhere on the web.

I was in such a situation a couple of times, and Nerdify guys were the most helpful then. When I claimed I could only access an abstract or an excerpt, they provided me with a full version and at a modest price.

For bewildered me, it was like a miracle! But that wasn’t the miracle at all because Nerdify cooperates with Amazon and Chegg. And what isn’t on these platforms doesn’t exist at all!

Get feedback

Expert feedback saves your grade and makes your performance skyrock!

Hi, I am an AI-powered Personal Nerd at Nerdify

At Nerdify, I get feedback from freelance students and alumni who are proficient in my field of study. In this respect, Nerdify is very different from other homework helping platforms, commonly staffed with jacks of all trades.

From my experience, you need expert feedback every time you are uncertain about:

  • Initial instructions: Surprisingly, many papers are a failure because students have misunderstood instructions. Provide your Nerd with all the requirements to see if your paper matches them.
  • Flow of ideas: A diligent student, I seek coherence in all my papers. But sometimes things go wrong, and you end with a set of hectic ideas. The Nerd will detect logical fallacies, misplaced ideas etc. Try to fix them before submitting your paper for the final review.
  • Grammar and punctuation: To err is human. But if you know that correct writing isn’t your strong suit, you’d better ask someone who’s proficient. A neatly organized paper is a cloth for neatly organized thoughts.

A man’s grammar, like Caesar’s wife, should not only be pure, but above suspicion of impurity” — Edgar Allan Poe

  • Quotations and references: You should be very cautious when using someone else’s ideas in your paper. Failure to cite and reference properly will lead to the accusations of plagiarism. Being expelled because of unintended plagiarism is a student nightmare!

Fortunately, Nerdify guys are proficient both in “routine” APA, MLA or Harvard reference styles and in more “exotic” ones, like OSCOLA.

Life hacks

Completing an A paper isn’t difficult if you know some learning hacks.Cooperating with the Personal Nerd, I learned a couple of hacks that turned my studies into fun.

  • Start with an outline: Organizing key ideas, facts, and sources in one document saves your time and energy.
  • Break into blocks: Some assignments are so big and complex that the idea of working on them causes panic or melancholy at best. No fear of big assignments! Divide them into smaller semantic blocks, and reward yourself once each block is completed.
  • Be simple and brief: Want to impress your professor? Use simple words and brief sentences! I’m not joking. Brevity and clarity are the keys to a reader’s heart.
  • Read out loud: When the paper is completed, read it out loud. This will help you to see how your ideas sound. Like the “sound”? Then, leave the paper as it is. Think the paper sounds strange? Then, continue editing.
  • Kill the darlings:Don’t ”stuff” the paper with your favorite words and cliches. You’ll be surprised to learn that most papers go well without “there is reason to believe”, “in the first place”, “based on the aforementioned data”, “as it has been mentioned earlier” and other student “darlings.”

The Nerd noticed that my “darlings” were adverbs. I used them everywhere, even in the least appropriate contexts: managers were working zealously, the candidate greeted his electorate warm-heartedly, the experiment was conducted enthusiastically etc. Killing “darlings” wasn’t easy, but it made my writing clearer.

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Do it yourself

Every time you want to get a decent paper, write it yourself

Like most peer-students, I have to combine studies and work, so there may be a temptation to buy a paper from the essay writing mill. However, I am firmly convinced that passing someone else’s paper as your own is the road to nowhere. When I’m stuck on my assignments, I log in Nerdify whose freelance experts are ready to assist with the process.

I write the paper with the Nerd’s help at a threefold speed because the process is:

  • Thoroughly organized: The Nerd breaks complex assignments into smaller, and easy to complete, parts. With the Nerd’s help you can “eat the elephant” quicker than your peers.
  • Instantly monitored: You Nerd will guide the entire writing process and provide instant feedback. The progress from a clumsy beginner to an effective learner is really quick.
  • Facilitated: Believe it or not, Nerds used to encounter with problems that you are facing now. But the difference between a typical learner and the nerd is that the latter analyzes the problems and invents life hacks. Contact your Nerd to learn how to make studies easier.

Thought of the Day

For those students who are searching someone to write their paper, I would recommend taking a break and thinking about the consequences.

Upon consideration, having someone to assist with your paper is always better than cheating.

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