I Write My Essay for Me to Pass, and My Nerd Makes Sure I’m OK

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My name is Marissa, a sophomore student taking up a degree in Peace and Conflicts Studies. The course employs high standards in every requirement, and I write my essay for me literally whenever any new skill is tested by the professor.

Hence, it’s not surprising for students to develop an unhealthy fear of failure. Moreover, my classmates are bombarded with endless stacks of readings and essays. Some of them can manage their time, but there are those who let everything pile ups.

Recommending Nerdify to my classmates was the best choice I made. Why? It gave them hope to finish the course despite its high standards. Here are problems almost any student can relate to:

1. Editing Quotes and Citing Sources are Difficult When Writing an Essay

American Psychological Association (APA)? I don’t know what that is. To begin, we had to write a research paper on the India-Pakistan conflict for our Intro to International Conflicts. We were divided into groups with three members each. We finished our paper and embedded links to the sources we used. The three of us submitted it to our professor.

The professor returned our research paper two days after we turned it in. Luckily, he was a little loose with us, as we received a C for our paper. The professor commented that we had to cite our references properly in APA style.“Wasn’t APA taught in your English 101? You should know that by now,” he sternly told us. He also commented on the way we formatted our quotations. Ironically, APA citation and formatting quotes were never taught in English 101!

APA was not taught in English 101, but thanks to the Nerd I matched on Nerdify, my group was able to learn it quickly.

The professor gave us two days to revise our paper. Some sources like printed books and journal articles were more comfortable to cite. However, respectively citing edited e-book chapters and formatting quotations were the most difficult tasks. I chatted my two group members on what to do. They don’t know how to cite edited e-book chapters either.

I texted Nerdify on Messenger, and I matched with a Nerd after 30 minutes. The Nerd helped me format the quotes in my paper by adding ellipses or brackets. Then, she toggled the margin to indent the long direct quotations ½ Inch from the left.

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Additionally, the Nerd taught me how to cite edited chapters of e-books step-by-step. I also had our paper’s references page checked and corrected. Days later, the paper was graded with an A.

2. I Know I Have to Write my Essay, but I’m Afraid of Failure

I used to memorize lectures during my high school days. I can answer any question like an expert. However, as a political science student, the lectures in the sources are meant to be understood. To memorize is to follow. My worst nightmare was writing essays, as they tested how well I understood the topics. Frankly, I only knew how to answer multiple choice and identification type of exams.

For example, my Philosophy professor ordered the class to write a paper on the philosophy of work. That paper was equivalent to one quiz! The take-home quiz was to be submitted two days after. I cannot comprehend the reading, as it was too complicated for me (at first). What more if I have to compose an essay?

My personal Nerd eased my anxiety by helping articulate my arguments for my philosophy paper.

I became more anxious. Receiving a failing grade for the paper was unacceptable. I finally understood the philosophy of work after reading it twice. I knew what I wanted to assert. Now, the question is: How do I translate my thoughts into words? My outline helped… but not quite. I messaged Nerdify. In the blink of an eye, an M.A. Philosophy Nerd contacted me about my essay.

I sent my outline and my professor’s guidelines and grading rubric. My Nerd helped me articulate my arguments on paper, ensuring their logical clarity and structure. We made our way from the body paragraphs and introduction to the concluding paragraph. We proofread the paper, ridding it of grammatical errors and typos.

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As expected, my Nerd checked if we carefully followed the guidelines. In two hours, I was ready to submit my paper. A week later, a “100%” was written in the top corner of my essay.

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3. A Plagiarism Check is a Must When I Asked Someone to Help Me Write an Essay

My professor in Peace Studies was strict when it came to paraphrasing and citing sources. The latter was not new to me considering that I learned everything about them from my Nerds. However, my professor revealed, “Patchwriting is plagiarism. Anyone caught doing it will receive an automatic F for the assignment.” Apparently, 97% of the class did not know that patchwriting was a form of plagiarism.

The assignment was on arms trafficking. Writing a rough draft of my paper was easy. Citations? No problem at all! What if my professor accused me of plagiarism? I don’t have a personal proofreader or a tutor to help me out. Calling my friends was a good idea, but I forgot they were dancing for their P. E. practical exam.

Never ever do I want to be accused of plagiarism, and my Nerd made sure that my paper was 100% plagiarism free.

Asking for help is better than wallowing in constant worry. I texted Nerdify, “Hello! Can a Nerd check if my arms trafficking paper is plagiarism free?” The staff responded, and I was matched with a Nerd who majored in terrorism and security. We worked on the document. It turned out that there were statements I unintentionally patch-wrote.

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As expected, my Nerd helped me by rephrasing sentences and “translating” them into my own words. He made sure that my paper was plagiarism free by proofreading and running the paper through a plag checker. The results? Zero.

4. Stress Pushed me to Ask Help from Someone to Write My Essay

This incident happened a year ago. I did not come across Nerdify at this point yet. I was at the lowest point of my life. My friends were bad influences. They spent most of their time playing mobile games competitively. Frankly speaking, I’m a gamer — and I got hooked right then and there.

My habits changed for the worse. I excessively use video games as a coping mechanism for relieving stress. I could not finish my coursework and assignments without distracting myself with a “short” game. I had a two-page reflection paper to write for Theories of Development, which was due a week later. I also had other homework to do, but I chose to succumb to the nasty clutches of gaming.

Stress is unavoidable, but it can be managed when my Nerd created a schedule for me.

No one reached out to me. And that was a wake-up call for me. Sadly, I did not know where to begin. I decided to create a schedule. However, another roadblock I faced was how to formulate a proper working schedule. I opened my browser and researched. That’s when I came across Nerdify!

I initially doubted the service, as it was my first time using a collaborative platform. But I took the plunge. My Nerd talked to me, and she helped me make a schedule. My assignments for the week were organized into a colorful table. Now, I knew which one to accomplish first. I spoke to another Nerd, and he aided me in writing a thought-provoking reflection. He helped me choose the right words, weave a logical statement, and end the paper with a powerful conclusion.

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In the end, I managed my workload and completed my paper. Game time? Sure!

Writing My Essay With a Nerd — Was It Worth It?

Despite all the hardships, I would not have made it this far without Nerdify’s help. I overcame my fear of failure and motivated myself to do well in college — all thanks to my Nerds. I developed better study habits and improved my writing and time/work management skills.

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