I Needed Report Help, and My Personal Nerd Did Not Let Me Down

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A report is a traditional business and academic format, but traditionality never guarantees accessibility.

I’m Lisa, a junior student struggling in a community university. I don’t have any problems with academic writing per se — except differentiating a report from an essay. Hence, I decided to use a homework report help. I thought reports and essays were one and the same. It turns out, I was wrong! It appears that my college was not successful in teaching its students the difference between the two.

As a Nerdify user, my reports skyrocketed from D to A and 95 out of 100 points in some subjects like English and Business Management. Here are four problems and their respective solutions that I and my friend (who consents to share her experience) and other students face in writing a report.

1. A Business Report Help Assures that the Student can Differentiate a Report from an Essay

One sunny afternoon, my Business Management professor asked the class to write a business report. Everyone was tasked to enumerate problems that businesses face and provide solutions to address them. I chose Victoria Secret for my assignment and wrote what was

Unfortunately, my professor expressed his disappointed because it was structured like an essay! My heart broke as he wrote a huge letter “D” on my paper. I tried to find a reliable service online. However, I arrived at a conclusion that some “tutor” websites engage in academic dishonesty. I don’t want that, for it will tarnish my reputation.

On SiteJabber, I found Nerdify. Here I learned that a report is an analysis of facts to generate recommendations, while a business essay focuses on synthesizing opinions.

I turned to my Nerd — who was a business management major — for a quick online business report help. I sent my draft to the Nerd. Thirty minutes later, she told me that business reports are formatted differently from an essay. She mentioned that an average essay contains a discussion of different perspectives.

However, a business report is structured differently, as it involves facts and analysis. It even includes graphs and recommendations. Now, everything was crystal clear!

I finished my report in around five hours. It was a record breaker for me!

2. A Book Report Help is Needed to Differentiate Reports from Reviews

My friend, Alicia, once wrote a book “report” about J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye in English Literature class. She expressed her disappointment, as she only got 50/100. My professor gave Alicia that score because she added her personal opinion in the “report.”

However, Alicia was not the type of person who is contented with mediocrity. In the cafeteria, Alicia ranted how she dedicated her time and effort in writing her book “report.” She asked me, “Is there anyone I can turn to for help?”

A Nerd taught Alicia that a book report gives information about the book while a review is an opinion piece.

Alicia narrated her experience with Nerdify two days later. Her literature major Nerd said that book reports are focused on the title, plot, symbols, and themes. She was not supposed to
critique it! He eagerly shared useful links and resources to help her rewrite the book report. Moreover, he also drafted an outline to make her report more organized.

“My Nerd guided me every step of the way. No one has done that before,” she mused.

Alicia’s Nerd made sure that she was doing everything right, as he did not want her grade to be jeopardized. Most importantly, he patiently assisted her in documenting every source material in MLA.

Alicia thought it would take a whole day, but it only took her 90 minutes to write and polish the book report!

3. A Lab Report Help Prevents Students from Being Overwhelmed with Requirements

Everyone was asked to write a lab report for our General Science class. Initially, I thought a lab report was simply communicating your findings and analysis to your audience. Once again, I was proven wrong.

A lab report contains an introduction, methodology, findings, analysis, and conclusion. Unfortunately, I could not comprehend the day’s lecture on photosynthesis. On the other hand, my budget for the next month went awry.

According to my calculations, I would be unable to support myself in college for the next few months unless I worked. This was the time when I started to apply for another job — a barista in a cafe.

Working and writing my lab report was a huge hurdle, as the latter was due in two weeks. Exhaustion possessed my body to the point that I could only write a few sentences. Texting Nerdify was the best decision I made that night.

My Nerd made sure that I understood the lecture before writing my lab report, which was easier than I expected.

My Nerd was a biology major. She shared tips and tricks about my online lab report help. She told me that it was like writing a business or a book report, but with a scientific twist.

She linked a video on photosynthesis as a “novice’s lesson.” She shared more complex references once I grasped the topic well. With her help, I was able to link my experiment to photosynthesis successfully.

She also formulated a work plan for me to follow to ensure that I was doing each part of the report within the internal deadline. My Nerd checked my work for logical fallacies and minor errors before turning it to my professor.

As expected, it was finished in three days! Finally, my work and academic life were in equilibrium. Believe it or not, I received an A on my first lab report!

4. A Report Help is Best for Students who “Forget” to Proofread

In my batch, proofreading was avoided like a contagious disease. My classmates submitted their essays as if nothing would happen. The majority of them were daredevils, although mine was a different case.

I crammed my draft proposal report for my Business English class. Admittedly, I spent the whole week finishing more complex tasks and studying for my exams. Time was not in my favor. As expected, my professor scrawled:

“Please proofread your proposal report!
Major errors in grammar and structure render its readability.”

His words stung, but it served as a reminder that time was not an excuse.

Proofreading is difficult, but with the help of a Nerd, we managed to rid my report of mistakes and learned to weave clearer statements

I texted Nerdify to help me proofread my paper for that subject. The Nerd I matched with specialized in writing proposal reports. She pointed out that some of my statements are unclear. We rephrased them and worked to “cure” my paper of proofreading maladies.

We finished the task in 73 minutes. As expected, I did not receive the same comment from my professor. Instead, he wrote:

“Well done!”

In Conclusion

Overall, the freelance Nerds are capable of helping students in any academic-related task. Most importantly, it involves 50–50 work, so you’re not alone facing the wave after wave of academics! Feel free to message Nerdify for free to see if any struggles you are facing right now can be resolved.

Besides, we’ve got a nice review of bad academic habits that may hamper the academic progress.

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