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Let me introduce myself. My name is Joseph, and I’m one of those students who have to balance their studies and work. A first-year learner, I had many sleepless nights doing endless homework assignments. Fortunately, the situation changed for better, and I’m happy to share my experience with you! I do my assignments at threefold speed now, for some good reasons.

I Do My Assignments Online

During my first year at university, I realized there was too much on my plate, and that my life was turning into a mess. I started searching for online homework help options and examined quite many offers.

In spite of differences, most online homework help platforms some share common features. From what I learned on the web, online homework assistance services are:

  • Fast: All platforms that I examined had live support, meaning homework assistance was a click or two away.
  • Convenient: Many homework assistance services offer 24/7 support. You can learn whenever and wherever you want!
  • Affordable: Homework assistance sector is overcrowded with companies, and you can certainly benefit from the price war. Some platforms will also provide you with a free trial, discounts, and all sorts of special offers.

The advantages seemed weighty, so I jumped at one offer and then another one and one more… Actually, I examined dozens of homework help platforms to realize many of them were… scam.

It was the time when I understood the true meaning of the proverb about every cloud having a silver lining!

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The good news is that I’ve obtained valuable experience and urge you to keep away from homework assistance sites that:

  • Cheat: On many places, you’ll be offered to buy a homework assignment. For a bunch of reasons, passing someone else’s work as your own is hardly a brilliant idea.
  • Manipulate: Some homework helping platforms claimed they had “brilliant minds” and “highly qualified experts,” but refused to provide credentials.
  • Make unrealistic offers: Some platforms will offer you too-good-to-be-true prices, while other sites will promise to complete an assignment in a short time. I knew guys who claimed they would deliver a 20-page paper in 24 hours. I didn’t jump at that offer, because I guessed the quality would be low.

Don’t Do My Assignment for Me, Teach Me!

Disappointed by weeks of fruitless search, I went on Quora to ask peer students if there was a reliable homework assistance website. A couple of guys recommended Nerdify, and I decided to give it a try.

At first, I was skeptical. But as I learned more, I realized that Nerdify was very different from all those scam sites that I had browsed before.

  • Legitimate: Many sites won’t disclose their contacts because their business is illegal. On Nerdify, things are different. You’re provided with all the necessary info to contact the support team or Personal Nerd whenever you want.

I am happy to log into Nerdify everywhere I want, even on campus! There’s nothing wrong with seeking expert assistance!

  • Ethical: Let’s be honest, most homework helping companies don’t care about what their clients will be in five or ten years. I don’t want to end up an incompetent cheater, so Nerdify is just the right option for me!
  • Reliable: Learning with students and alumni from top-ranking universities is a WOW experience!
  • Transparent: At first, I worried that getting assistance from Nerdify would be too expensive because the services that they offered were a kind of exclusive. To my surprise, Nerdify charged a tiny premium over their goods and services.

Once you contact Nerdify, which is free, you know the price they charge. No hidden fees or any sorts of “surprises”!

  • Effective: After two years of online learning with the Personal Nerd, I do my assignments threefold speed. My grades have improved significantly. A good deal!

I Do My Assignments with Pleasure

Typically, a Personal Nerd will encourage you to reflect on what you’ve learned and what you’ve achieved. This helps you to see the “bigger picture” of your studies, and it’s quite encouraging.

I spent some time thinking about why learning with the Personal Nerd was commonly more effective than studying on my own.

In my opinion, the tremendous effectiveness of online learning is due to:

  • Expertise: All nerds have years of experience in their particular field. What takes you hours to learn usually takes Nerds minutes to explain!

After a series of trials, I contacted my Personal Nerd complaining the topic was too difficult to understand. To my surprise, the Nerd broke it into several “digestible” parts, which I could easily manage. An “A” was the reward that I deserved!

  • Student-centered approach: I don’t mind telling the Nerd about myself. This facilitates cooperation, where the student’s personality, interests, and needs are the top priority.

I was surprised when the Nerd asked me: “What type of learner are you?” I later learned there are four types of learners, each having their unique approach to mastering the material. To put it simply, visual learners hate lectures, while auditory learners are tired of reading long texts.

It’s a pleasure to have someone who cares about the way you learn!

  • Timeliness: Learning by yourself is quite a long process because you need time to find the material, synthesize ideas, prepare handouts, etc. Some tasks are delayed because you cannot find the necessary resource. Learning can be a hurdle!

Most of these problems sank into oblivion when I started learning with the Personal Nerd. Miraculously, Nerdify can provide you with any resource you need, even the most rear one!

In fact, it’s not a miracle at all, as Nerdify cooperates with Amazon, Chegg, and other know-where-to-get-it companies.

I remember struggling with OSCOLA referencing. Despite numerous referencing guides and generators were available online, I received “wrong format” remarks again and again. Despaired, I contacted the Personal Nerd who explained where I was wrong and provided me with the most accurate guidance. After an hour of diligent work, I had a neatly formatted paper that did not cause any complaints from the professor!

  • Step-by-Step Guidance: My Personal Nerd is a freelance alumnus who knows that some assignments, especially projects, make students sweat. And the temptation to cheat can be very great… But things go differently when you are provided with step-by-step guidance and lifehacks!

How I Do My Assignment When The Task is Too Hard

Every time I feel the task is too big and complex, I follow my Nerd’s advice to:

  • Start with an outline: It takes just half an hour to compose an outline that will help you to avoid hours of editing hectic writing.
  • Find reliable sources: The use of high-quality resources is half the success. Encyclopedia posts, peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, etc. are a good starting point.
  • Make a rough draft: When the Nerd told me about free writing for the first time, I thought he was joking. But I gave it a try, and consider the idea isn’t bad at all. Once you start writing, you see your assignment getting contours, and it’s encouraging!
  • Ask someone to read your paper: I always ask the Nerd to read my paper before I submit it for the professor’s review. Following the Nerd’s remarks helps me to avoid hours of writing and rewriting the paper.
  • Read, edit, and read again: When the assignment is ready, I read and reread it. This typically ignored activity helps to detect grammatical errors, typos, etc. A glossy paper wins you extra points!
  • Motivation is the rule: Upon consideration, motivation is the main reason why my effectiveness has skyrocketed with Nerdify. I know what I learn for, and this encourages me to work hard, to widen the horizons, and to enjoy to process.

My Last Assignment Secret

On student forums, there are many posts related to procrastination and boosting one’s effectiveness. In my opinion, many guys are wasting their time because they do not actually understand why they are learning.

Every time I feel disorganized, I follow my Nerd’s advice and try to imagine myself in five or in ten years. Of course, everyone wants to be intelligent and highly practical at that time! This simple, yet working, practice will mobilize all your resources!

Wrapping Up

I’m happy I came across Nerdify because this platform changed my learning dramatically. Very different from other homework helping sites, Nerdify will provide you with credible assistance, reliable resources, and ongoing support to ensure you make the most out of your studies!

Learn how Nerdify helps to do assignments in various subjects and fields.

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