How Literature Review Help Made me Achieve More in School

The difficulty of literature reviews is often neglected by professors. Stories of students open the entire Universe of reviewing pitfalls.

I’m Thomas, a former student in a community college somewhere in Texas. My major involves heavy paperwork and practical course assignments. Therefore, I have garnered ample experience and fallouts in academic writing. A literature review is challenging to write, as there are few good samples for students to emulate. Another factor I observed is the need for support and guidance.

Teachers usually assume their students know what they’re doing. Some are not guided well by their instructors. While I support independent learning, I also see the urgency to help students — especially if they are inexperienced. Here’s how I was able to achieve more:

1. Action Research Literature Review Help Makes You a Better Student

Junior year was the time when workload became heavier. One morning, my teacher instructed everyone to draft action research for our college. He gave us a handout containing what action research is and its requirements.

Action research involves investigative and analytical work to address an organization’s weakness. It is also used to make a significant contribution to the education field. My topic was on the effects of different teaching styles to students.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to format a literature review properly. I went online and came across Nerdify on TrustPilot. From what I’ve gathered, Nerdify has established a great reputation online and has helped thousands of students since 2015. I sent a message to Nerdify asking for a literature review format help online. I was matched with an education major Nerd 30 minutes later. He stated my review was too broad for a literature review.

A literature review is a very rigid genre. As far as you follow its main elements, you will be fine — if you know them.

Then, the Nerd gave me a checklist titled “The Elements of a Literature Review.” He told me to answer them as honestly as I could. I downloaded the file and it contained questions to ask myself. He reviewed my checklist and we proceeded to write my literature review. He guided me — correcting grammatical errors and flawlessly incorporating all my learnings in my course. My Nerd checked if I formatted all the citations correctly and if the literature review was A grade worthy.

I submitted my action research four days after I collaborated with my Nerd. I preoccupied myself with other tasks for the next two weeks. After two weeks, my professor returned my paper with a huge A on the cover page!

2. A Dissertation Literature Review Help Empowers Students During their Senior Year

Most of my classmates ended up writing book reviews and annotations. A literature review is not the same as an annotated bibliography. This is a common mistake among students.

Synthesizing all the references I used in my dissertation on schools and religious education and students’ spiritual needs was tough. There were debates, but how am I supposed to integrate all of them seamlessly?

I winged my literature review and submitted it to my professor. She commented on my choice of references but marked my paper with a C. She reasoned, “I’m afraid I could not follow your literature review properly. In other words, you have to make the transitions as smooth as you can. I’ll give you three days to revise it, okay?”

I nodded my head. In my dorm room, I texted Nerdify to help writing a literature review for my dissertation.

A dissertation-level literature review requires the synthesis of each viewpoint, then a conclusion that highlights similarities and controversies. It’s uncommon for simple college students, who learned to always narrow down writing to a single point.

Nerdify matched me with a Nerd, who is currently a master’s student in education. She helped me draft an outline to organize the flow of my literature review. Moreover, my Nerd assisted me to write each paragraph and identified the “plot holes” in research. We also composed a short introduction of my literature review.

We analyzed and interconnected each study flawlessly, including my chosen framework. Her suggestions made me mutter to myself, “Whoa! I did not think of that at all!”

Her expertise in the field was a game-changer. We worked on the literature review for two hours.

I submitted my revised the document to my professor. She beamed at my paper and gave me the approval to work on other parts of my dissertation.

3. A Student who Needs Help Writing Literature Review Reigns Victorious

I worked with my friend on a research paper on Franz Kafka for World Literature class. My schedule for the semester was cramped and hectic, just like my friend.

We worked on the literature review of our research paper until midnight. So far, we have completed 80% of the said part. Drowsiness enclosed my body as I typed my part of the review. On GoogleDocs, my friend said, “Dude, I need to sleep now. I swear I’m hallucinating right now.”

Exhaustion radiated from his message. Same here, but I chose to go on. I replied, “TBH, me too. Let’s finish what we need to do until 1:00. Then, we can sleep.” My friend approved my plan.

We finished the rough draft at 1:00 AM. Proofreading was not a viable idea unless we are fully rested. My friend suggested, “Let’s ask for a literature review help from Nerdify. Sounds good? We need everything polished within two days. If you’re too sleepy, just message them once you wake up tomorrow. Good night!”

Proofreading is easy when you are well-rested and keep in mind clarity, style, and academic rigid structure. Our Personal Nerd made it possible for us.

I sent a text to Nerdify the following morning. A literature major Nerd attended to my inquiries and concerns. We fixed all the grammatical and structural errors that plagued the research paper. He clarified a few points and worked to rephrase unclear arguments.

My friend and I do not exactly have the best writing styles, but the Nerd definitely saved them. The Nerd reminded that professors are strict with grammar and structure. We have to be more mindful, or else our grade would be compromised.

I printed the finished output and met my friend in the cafeteria. He read our research paper, and his eyes shone, akin to discovering hidden treasures. Forty-five minutes later, we turned in our research and hoped for the best.

A week after, we were amazed to receive a 97/100 for our research paper on Franz Kafka!

In Conclusion

Overall, Nerds can assist you in any way they can. It can be managing your workload or helping you with academic tasks. After all, Nerdify’s mission is to pass on their knowledge to students and help them achieve their goals in school. Send a message to Nerdify and watch yourself blaze through the flaming pits of academics!

In the meantime, the Nerd featured in this story has written an article on how to structure a paragraph in an academic essay. It’s a time-saver for students who don’t want to make mistakes.

And if you think you are too worried about the quality of your paper, maybe you are a perfectionist? Nerds have written a guide on five signs of perfectionism to find in yourself and beloved ones.

Articles, guidelines, examples and samples to improve your writing skills. We share — you learn.

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