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English homework help is the first service that Nerds provide to students. However, it’s much more complicated than simply fixing mistakes.

English homework help is seldom connected with grammar, spelling or vocabulary on the college level. Rather, it’s all about the development of skills the high school has never intended to give you. After three years in the education market, we learned that 5 main issues push students to seek help.

So, we asked top Nerds of 2018 to break down these problems and share their secrets.

English Homework Help Nails Literature Analysis

One of the most unfair tasks that students deal with is literature analysis. Students cannot pass even their first year without it, yet digging in depth of the literature requires many resources. English homework help experts know that requirements are quite similar in different colleges, regardless of the major of any given student.

So, what resources we are talking about? In English literature, you need to consider author’s biography, historical context, and cultural issues of the time. Without it, analysis essays are scored worse even if research requirements are not stated directly in instructions.

With modern texts, such analysis is more comfortable. However, the dominant half of the English curriculum is made of at least century-old books. Hence, English course mutates into the class of advanced Culture studies, with additions of History and Psychology!

Students spend 80% of their homework time to dig through information. English homework help narrows their scope to improve results.

What do Nerds do to fix the injustice of English literature homework? First of all, they remove the heavy burden of collecting resources. All these cultural and historical additions in literature mean additional time spent to find good sources to learn and to cite. Actually, according to our data, 80% of time spent on literature analysis is caused by searching and readings articles!

So, Nerds supply students with only verified summaries and recent academic sources, which suit to their topic perfectly. Hence, students don’t need to hassle with overcomplicated and useless information, but that’s not all that English homework help does! Nerd guide students through practice-approved analysis outlines, to make sure that all intricate details are included.

Without practice, it’s impossible to complete a good literature analysis. So, next time your professor will praise someone, check whether they liked Nerdify’s page on Facebook 😉

Help with English Homework Is to Determine the Correct Type of the Essay

Another problem that surprises English 101 students is that they need to navigate among different essay genres. Yeah, essays have different genres, sticking to which is essential for receiving a passing grade!

Of course, your tutor will provide you with instruction, but as professors lack time too, things become messy.

  • For instance, in an argumentative essay, you need to provide your opinion but support it with sources.
  • In an opinion essay, you need to express your thoughts too. Moreover, you still need to provide sources, but differently from the argumentative essay.
  • On top of all that mess, there is a persuasive essay, where you need to tell about your opinion attractively, using academic sources.

Do you see the difference? We bet that even some professors don’t. Unclear boundaries between essay genres force hundreds of students to seek English homework help.

Nerds helped to write hundreds of essays yet. Only experience can get you through.

As true survivors of college, Nerds are experienced in helping with English homework. As far as many of them are English professors, they know well what colleges expect. If you are curious about an essay puzzle above, here is a solution.

  • The argumentative essay is an exercise to find as many sources as possible, and conclude critically whether your position is true or false.
  • In the opinion essay, you need to express your arguments, but also provide counter-arguments — and conclude what is best.
  • In a persuasive essay, you don’t need to be fair. It would be best if you made everything to prove your point unless you distort facts and make fake references.

Professors are interested in student’s ability to differentiate such nuances. However, it’s not always fair to leave students face-to-face with tasks that are not always covered in high school.

That is why Nerd’s help in following the rubric is not the main benefit of professional homework help. Nerds also help to reveal implicit requirements of tutors and assist students in reflecting these expectations in essay writing.

English Homework Help Online Is a Safety Line for Creative Assignments

That’s the part we love the most. You cannot imagine any college English class without creative tasks. In some colleges, things go mad and students write poems about U.S. economics. Every student will need to write a song, a story or a script at least once in their college life.

“Hold on a second, — you’d say. — Creativity is good, and while essays are really tricky, what’s wrong with art?” English homework help online is specialized in fixing injustice in education — and creative assignments are an excellent example of unfair treatment. The wrong part is that unlike art, student’s original work is to be graded. They are expected to use style, storytelling, imagery, and even characters.

The problem is that not every student is a good storyteller — some of them are naturally better in music or visual expression. So, this “one size fits all” approach may hurt too many people.

All the students have unlimited potential for creativity. Nerds provide mentoring to help them express their best ideas.

Solution to this problem that Nerds provide is simple. Every person has many brilliant ideas — we know that well after serving thousands of English students. So, in order to help, Nerds need only to empower them with tools and creative devices. By showing a short way through creative pitfalls and bottlenecks, Nerds unleash the creativity of students.

Also, homework is done faster, as students don’t need to wander around looking for a way to express their thoughts.

Why Is English Homework Help a Priority at Nerdify?

As you may see, professors and colleges take the English capability of students for granted. However, there are several million international students, who are still learning the language. Among native speakers, many people have a more technical or visual mindset, so essays and creative writing becomes an ordeal for them.

So, Nerds serve as a bridge to provide access to the best part of English for students of all background. The fewer problems with English they have, the less stress they suffer.

Learn how Nerds assist with other academic tasks and subjects! Follow Nerdify to learn more about the secrets of college education.

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