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Easy essay pipeline is possible with pro tips from professional homework helpers.

One of the worst myths that students encounter is that writing essays require some special talent or skill. As a result, many students get discouraged getting a task to write an easy essay and even seek the help of professional essay writers.

Here at Nerdify, we know one thing for sure: writing an essay isn’t rocket science. It can even be a piece of cake if you know the shortcuts. We’ve browsed hundreds of customer reviews and feedbacks from Nerds and finally came out…

With a list of 5 foolproof tips on writing the perfect essay, every time!

Let’s start!

1. There’s Such Thing As Easy Essay Topics

Yep, that’s right — there are easy essay topics out there that make the whole process of writing an essay much more comfortable. Dozens of customer feedbacks say that some topics are just too hard to discuss due to many reasons:

  • Too popular topic — it seems like everything has been said already
  • Not enough sources — some issues are more widely researched than other topics
  • Too much debate going on — students struggle to try to understand the main idea because every author says something completely different
  • Too sensitive topic — students struggle trying to maintain the essay ethical while expressing an opinion at the same time

Choosing a topic for an essay is a tricky task, but if you want the right topic, it’ll work for you

Our Nerds know how to deal with each of these issues perfectly. At the same time, they know that if you can choose a topic, it’s always best to pick something that’ll cause you minimum trouble.

Nerds shared with us that easy topics usually are:

  • Topical — they are interesting to discuss because they concern someone
  • Have some sources — there are at least several credible sources that’ll help you support your arguments
  • Are interesting for you personally — it’s always better to write about something you are interested in because you’re willing to put more effort into the process

Overall, a good topic will work for you — the task is only to choose right!

2. Writing An Essay Is Easy When You’re Organized

This one’s a no-brainer: when you’re organized, you know what to do, how to do it, and when. Being organized helps to stay on top of your essay writing and make sure that you won’t need to work on an essay last minute. Being organized also enables you to reduce all the stress you experience because of your studies since you feel more in control.

Writing essays is a lot easier when Nerds explain how to organize the working process. Nerds can suggest how and when to do a preliminary literature review, plan essay writing, create an outline, and write a draft. Knowing the exact tasks helps control the progress and correct mistakes promptly if they occur.

Getting your essay writing process organized is the first step towards success: you surely won’t forget anything, you’ll finish in time, and experience much less stress

Many students also admit that they appreciate suggestions from Personal Nerds about writing outlines and drafts. While many students would consider these steps as a waste of time. In fact, outlines and drafts help structure the essay correctly and include all important ideas and arguments.

Dividing the process of essay writing into several steps helps also gives students a sense of accomplishment each time a small portion is done. It’s possible to write an essay from scratch at once.

However, our Nerds suggest taking your time proofreading. The reason is simple — you can make more mistakes in a rush.

3. Finding Sources For Essays Online Is A Piece Of Cake

Finding good sources for an essay is like a strange problem that a student often encounters. By all means, a good set of sources is a must for any A+ essay. However, task requirements often focus on which sources aren’t good instead of revealing a little bit about the sources that are good.

Student feedback we’ve gathered often says that, for instance, tasks state Wikipedia isn’t allowed, but there are no recommendations on where to find good sources.

Even a simple search on Google Scholar can help students find enough sources to write a bomb essay — they just need to know where to look

Our Nerds know how to fix this issue. They regularly advise students where to find relevant and up-to-date sources. Personal Nerds understand that some topics require only up-to-date sources, while other topics work perfectly with sources that are decades old.

To provide guidance, Nerds suggest relevant textbooks and academic articles as well as indicate how students can find free and credible sources. For an expert, even the good old Google Scholar is sufficient to find as many good sources as they need to come up with an excellent essay.

4. Structuring An Essay Is A Piece Of Cake

If you check any grading rubric for an essay, the structure is one of the most critical elements. The reason is pretty simple: good structure means that the author is able to reflect thoughts and ideas coherently and logically. However, writing an essay often means researching many sources and evaluating a variety of arguments and facts. Naturally, students struggle to try to keep all of these elements together.

Well-structured essay helps effectively communicate ideas, demonstrate excellent writing skills, do justice to your research and writing effort, and achieves logical structure

Based on customer feedback, we’ve figured out what helps students the most when they seek advice from Personal Nerds. Unsurprisingly, the key is in the knowledge of elements that should be in every part of the essay — introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. When students have no idea how to arrange an essay, Personal Nerds provide full guidance and explain how to structure the essay to make the discussion clear and cohesive.

Nerds reveal that learning how to structure an essay starts with small things — learning how to structure a paragraph properly. As it turns out, every paragraph can be easily structured sentence by sentence. Our Nerds have condensed their experience into an article about structuring a paragraph — you can check it out for some awesome tips and tricks!

5. Proofreading Any Essay Like A Professional Essay Writer Is Possible

When it comes to proofreading, a lot of students skip this step entirely. It’s understandable — proofreading seems like an unnecessary routine if you’ve just finished writing. Students, who want to save time and proofread anyway, often search for online grammar and plagiarism checkers.

While such online checkers can be appealing because they are easy to access and use, however, are they reliable?

No tool can be compared to an expert in proofreading, who will carefully analyze the essay, point all errors out, and suggest the ways to improve the paper to get the highest grade

No tool can be compared to an actual expert human who’ll read the essay carefully, paying attention to the logic of the arguments, essay structure, punctuation, and citation style. Some errors, such as writing style and language, are often correct in terms of grammar and spelling. Still, they will deduct a significant portion of the overall score for the essay.

A comma a student forgets to put in the text isn’t as crucial mistake as a lack of coherent structure and absence of solid thesis statement.

Nerds are the experts you’ll want to proofread your essay and suggest improvements — they are reliable, attentive, and care about what they do. While helping students with essays, Personal Nerds consider grammar, spelling, and punctuation the least of the possible evils.

The Point Is…

All in all, writing an essay can be an easy and exciting process once you choose the right strategy. Here at Nerdify, we find a personalized approach to every student and essay writing task.

Our Nerds are well aware that writing essays is often stressful. That’s why they expertly choose and suggest the most useful shortcuts and tips. With a bit of professional advice, there’s no way any student can get anything less than an A!

If you’re looking for a cool hobby to get some distraction from writing essays and doing all the homework, you’re most welcome to check out Nerdify article about popular (but still unique) hobbies!

Or, you can check how Nerds nail homework issues for other students.

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