I Do My Paper Better With a Personal Nerd

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I’m Brendan, a Gender Studies major student. It’s normal for my fellow students to be stressed when they can’t find articles or cite sources in sophisticated styles. Yes, my professors helped to become the person I am today, but I do my paper today with the help of a Nerd.

I’m sorry to say this, but I can’t deny that there are unhelpful instructors in my school. You see, one of them doubted my essay writing skills. Another instructor forced us to learn everything by ourselves. I’m not against self-studying, but we need help and support too.

Good news, folks! The freelance Nerds at Nerdify acted as my support system. Let’s find out how they helped me survive college

1. I Do My Paper for Me Alone, but My Professor Thinks Otherwise

Let’s start with the misconceptions surrounding online collaborative platforms. My professors argue that they are collaborative on paper, but not in practice. They asserted it promotes cheating!

Wait, what? That’s not true! Collaborative platforms are literally for the sake of collaboration. They’re useful! I’m not the best essay writer, but I’m striving to improve myself.

My teacher doubted my abilities because of the quality of my paper on Sweden’s gender equality significantly “improved.” He said that this paper was way different from my previous works. I was questioned, but I insisted that I was the one who wrote it. Well, he still doubted it.

And so, my teacher told everyone that we would have another paper. This time a take-home exam on America’s gender equality.

My professor doubted my writing skills, but the truth is, my Nerd helped me improve my style.

Of course, I nailed my paper. My teacher was impressed, and he apologized for doubting my skills. Apology accepted. He never found out that I consulted with a Nerd. There’s nothing terrible about it, right? It’s normal to ask for assistance when you need it. I do my paper on my own… frankly, I’m grading conscious.

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My Nerd improved my writing style from simple to articulate. My vocabulary and sentences respectively became more sophisticated and logical. Say no more to bland words! The sentence structure of my paper is more varied — less robotic in my opinion. Since I consistently consult my Nerds, the insights I learned from them transcend to other academic papers.

2. My Nerd is Ready to Share “Gold” when I Do My Paper

“Gold” means sources. I was frustrated because I can’t access everything on JSTOR and several research portals. Most of the time, research and e-book portals only showed a preview of the article — that’s undeniably frustrating, agree?

What I do is create dummy accounts to access an article or book’s full version. I don’t care if I’m only allowed to read five articles and books. I abused the free trial option as much as I can. It’s not fair that I have to destroy the paywall to access a goldmine of information.

Do you know what’s even worse? Sometimes the book I’m looking for is not available in the library. Either the library does not have enough copies, or someone borrowed it first.

I was surprised when my Nerd was willing to have a book delivered to my school for an affordable cost.

For example, I had to find a hardcopy of Angela Y. Davis’s Women, Culture, and Politics. I contacted Nerdify if they can find a used copy for my Women’s Studies research paper. Luckily, I matched with a Nerd who owned the book. She was eager to have it delivered to my school for $40. I accepted her offer… and everything was history.

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3. I do my Paper Better if Nerds Explain the Complexities of Citations

Oh great! I should have known that there will be a plot twist. Our International Law professor announced that we have to cite our sources in Harvard style for our final paper. Oh wow! That was new to us. Certainly not to our professor considering that his former instructor made him cite in Harvard when he was in law school.

Everyone was familiar with MLA and APA, but not Harvard. I did not know that Harvard style existed!

Sadly, my professor did not provide a handout on the said citation style. Everyone groaned in disappointment. You know what that means — we have to learn everything by ourselves. Back at my dorm room, I researched and read tutorials on Harvard citation. It was difficult, and finding a reliable online citation generator was even more of a struggle.

I have no idea how to cite in Harvard until I matched with a Nerd, an individual more helpful than my professor.

My friends shared a link to an online citation generator in our group chat. I did use them. However, I can’t help but doubt its credibility. Who knows? That might be an outdated or inaccurate generator. Unfortunately, they only contain the most commonly cited sources like books and journals. This was getting worse, as there was no option to mention international treaties. Oh man!

Then, an idea sparked in my mind. I quickly texted Nerdify on Messenger. I matched with an International Law professional who demonstrated her knowledge of Harvard style. She checked each and every one of my citations. There were minor errors, and she helped me fix them. My Nerd also taught me how to cite international treaties step-by-step — that, folks, was a lifesaver. She even shared her own Harvard citation handout! It was too much.

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But I knew she was more helpful than my professor. I shared the handout to my friends, and finished our paper with a bang!

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4. I Get to Talk to Qualified Nerds When I Do My Paper for School

Before I discovered Nerdify, I worked with someone “qualified” in an essay mill company. The essay mill’s staff stated that my mentor holds a Master’s degree in International Politics.

I was gullible back then, and I believed what the staff said. I sent my draft and guidelines to my mentor. He replied that he would finish my paper within 48 hours. I thanked him and focused on other tasks.

I received my rewritten draft after 48 hours. As soon as I opened the file, I felt something sinister. The quality was cheap, incredibly cheap! How can someone with a Master’s degree write garbage? Was my mentor sabotaging my academic standing? I was in a state of mental turmoil and panic, as the paper is due the next day.

Chancing upon Nerdify on SiteJabber and TrustPilot was the best moment of my life. Little did I know that I would be working with Nerds to help me improve in school.

Rectifying my former mentor’s mistakes was no feat. The arguments and main ideas were all over the place. The paper’s format did not follow my teacher’s guidelines. The was not written academically, as there were slang words in almost every body paragraph.

I requested a refund from the staff. I did not hear anything from them. Realizing that my $250 was ripped off by an unethical company was downright heartbreaking.

I searched for another company. That was when I discovered Nerdify on SiteJabber and TrustPilot. I was hesitant to send a message, as I was still traumatized by what happened. Reading the positive reviews drew me to avail Nerdify’s service. Of course, I had to take the risk. Nerdify was better than I thought. The Nerd I spoke with is more qualified.

I found out that Nerds undergo rigorous training before they can work with students. Oh! She knew what to do, and helped me with the following:

  • Following the guidelines down to the last letter.
  • Forming coherent and assertive arguments.
  • Correcting the format of my paper.
  • Writing like a scholar.
  • Citing my references and fixing my bibliography page.

My paper was no longer trash after two hours; it was a masterpiece to behold!

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Final Notes

Nerdify was right by my side when I needed help the most. Admittedly, reaching out to some of my teachers was something I’m not willing to do. Several of my college instructors answer in a hostile manner. A few of my professors were more eager to take care of their favorite students.

However, it’s different with Nerdify. Nerdify was my go-to support system. My Nerds were willing to help me create a masterpiece and solve academic-related problems.

Thanks to their help, I was able to nail my papers and impress the socks out of my professors.

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