Dissertation Help Online: How Not to Let Students Down

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A dissertation is a culmination of years-long studying process. And when studying peaks, everything can go wrong.

A dissertation is like every college senior’s “horror movie” that plays until they complete it. It is common for students to be sleep deprived or experience breakdowns. All these are caused by deadlines and other assignments from other classes. Some professors are reluctant to help their students. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of moral or academic support to students. Hence, Nerds found ways to alleviate the stress of writing dissertations — by using professional techniques and academic secrets, which we will disclose today.

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1. Students Request a Psychology Dissertation Help if it Involves Statistics and Computations

Students usually say, “Psychology doesn’t involve math.” However, this is a common misconception held by students who enter this field of study. Psychology involves math, specifically statistics. Sources should support every hypothesis and statement of first-year students. In the dissertation, however, graduates are expected to back their opinion with data. A project without statistical analysis is very likely to be directed for resit or revision in order to not receive unfavorable grades.

However, statistics is not a bottleneck you can pass fast, as it is incorporated deeply into all steps of research. Psychologists use statistics to organize data. They create graphs to discern patterns and comprehend data easily. Psychologists also infer and describe data with the help of statistics, and “Results” section of the dissertation should be devoted purely to numerical results of tests.

Of course, it’s possible to select a qualitative study design, but it does not always help to get rid of statistics. Even in the literature review, students may be directed to pursue a systematic review — which is, basically, a statistical test on the basis of literature-based data set. According to some universities, such quantitative methods of review become more and more common requirements for Ph.D. and Master dissertations.

Nerds mentor their students to help them use statistics without making deep dive into math textbooks.

Unfortunately, not all students understand statistics. Fortunately, Nerds are here to assist students. They can mentor students on how to solve for the standard deviation, test the reliability of a data, and many more.

Nerds are also eager to help students create a pie chart, a graph, or a frequency distribution table. On the bright side, it is to give students all the support and guidance they need. According to students, the most valuable feature of the Personal Nerd is customization. Instead of pointing to guides, the Nerd will guide by himself to adapt the statistical test to student’s needs and data.

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2. Medical Dissertation Help is for Students Who want to Find Books

Medicine is often perceived as a noble and diverse field. Students can specialize in pediatrics, family medicine, and more. Honorable mention are nursing students. With the introduction of Doctorate Nurse Practitioner degree in the early 2000s, they need to conduct in-depth research as general practitioners and surgeons need for their dissertation.

The critical issue is ethics and data management — in the U.S., the UK, and Australia, researchers need to stick to data privacy and human research ethics guidelines. That limits their opportunities in creating test batteries and surveys, imposes requirements on data storage, and requires a specific anonymous way of data presentation. However, while these requirements are bearable, students also need to consider their local industry ethics code and present the submission to the ethics committee before the research.

Such hardship is typical for a professional researcher with grants and funding, but it opens a new universe of pain and confusion for unprepared graduates.

Nerds perfectly know all steps of medical dissertation help — from proposal creation to data management and presentation. With their guideline, time expenses are minimized.

Nerds specialized in dissertations resolve these issues by creating a Gannt-chart with a checklist. Sometimes, these documents are even required by advisors. Nerds timely consider all grading rubrics, industry requirements and legislation, which differs among universities, counties and even states. With Nerd’s task management, the submission becomes more comfortable as the expert will review all documents and will direct corrections before an academic advisor will see them.

Nerds also help students to adjust their work to their medical major. For instance, research requirements by the American Psychological Association may be easier to find, and many healthcare students cite them in their papers. However, the American Nurses Association may have a completely different view on how to write a dissertation. Nerd’s supervision minimizes the risk of mistake, guiding students to only correct sources.

In result, Nerds substitute what professors fail to provide — personalized assistance. Each medical student has own unique topic of the dissertation, and no guide or rubric could explain all the details. Nerds, however, are dedicated to students success — which accelerated the work on paper and helped to pass typical bottlenecks at speed.

3. A Math Dissertation Help is Meant for Worried Students Who Struggle with Math Softwares

Math is not always about solving equations and using formulas. It also needs to be applied practically. Hence, it’s not surprising to conclude that writing a math dissertation is one of the most challenging papers to compose.

In a math dissertation, students are prompted by their professors to tabulate data using mathematical software like Microsoft Excel or MATLAB. They may only have a basic understanding of their usage. Not everything is taught to students, leaving them puzzled.

Nerds help confused students in maneuvering around mathematical applications.

At the beginning of Nerdify’s operations, there were a little of experts in Math on the platform, but the demand drove transformation. Now, we have expert Nerds on calculus, statistics, algebra, and more. Moreover, a number of them are proficient in Excel, MATLAB, LaTeX, R and other frameworks, applications and languages used for math studies. Nerds provide a comprehensive explanation on how to navigate this software easily. Their expertise aids students to produce enriching results to satisfy their professor.

Customization here also matters — each case has its exceptions, each software has limitations. Nerds alleviate these issues for students to make the path to the result struggle-free.

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4. A Nerd’s Help with Data Analysis for Dissertation Makes the Student more Professional

Nerds have observed that students fail to connect their findings and chosen framework. In fact, some students retell their results.

They have to remember that they are making a significant contribution to their field of study — even if it’s just a tiny drop of knowledge. An analysis asks the question: “What can I glean from my findings? How do they relate to my framework?”

Nerds improve their student’s critical thinking skills because data analysis is troubling.

Nerds are capable of assisting students to hone their critical thinking skills. And in the process, use the said skill to their advantage.

Additionally, data analysis involves looking into outside resources to justify their claims. For example, any student can say, “This particular action affects the state’s sovereignty.” But where’s the proof? It all comes down to Nerds helping students find viable sources for their analysis.

At the end of the day, the student will feel that she is an expert in the field. Further, Nerds aid their students to aim and score high!

5. A Dissertation Help Service Enables Students to Find Feasible and Interesting Topics

Dissertations are usually done by one person. Thus, the problem arises when a student is too overwhelmed to start his thesis. Some are working part-time or attend co-curricular activities. Searching for a topic is tedious. As follows, this is where the Nerds come in to take the spotlight.

Nerds help students find a feasible topic that enables them to contribute his/her work into the existing pool of knowledge.

Nerds are specialized in various majors and fields. Therefore, Nerds are more than qualified to help any struggling student find a working topic for their dissertation in any area of study. Nerds additionally understand the pressure students face when finding a research topic. Therefore, they can assist students to come up with a subject matter while considering the following factors:

  • Feasibility
  • Availability of resources
  • Knowledge contribution
  • Obtainable data
  • Capable of holding the student’s interest
  • The student’s educational attainment

Nerds are willing to produce a list of working topics for the student to choose from. Finding a potent topic has never been more efficient all thanks to the Nerd’s help and experience!

6. A Dissertation Help Online is the Key to Fix Sloppy Formatting Issues

Formatting a dissertation is often taken for granted by students! Some students don’t even take the time to review their professor’s guidelines, which will affect their overall grade for their dissertation.

Students often commit the following formatting errors:

  • Spacing
  • Font size and type
  • Parenthetical citations and bibliography
  • Tables and graphs
  • Footnotes/endnotes
  • Table of contents

Of course, there’s more — and some may be trickier to fix than others. For example, the student is required to correctly format an interview transcript if his/her chosen method involves interviews. Even professors themselves may not even know how to format it.

To pass formatting issues successfully, students need to study long and detailed guides from several sources — or pick up a mentor to get past pitfalls of format.

However, Nerds are proficient in Microsoft Word and Google Docs to share hacks that promises efficiency and ease. They assist students in fixing a variety of formatting issues from spacing and APA/MLA citations to the table of contents and interview transcript.

Nerds can also meticulously check if the student has followed their professor’s guidelines down to the letter. Therefore, it’s not astonishing to hear students praise their Nerds for their help and knowledge.

7. Students Looking for a Dissertation Proofreading Help from Nerds Eliminates the Most Awkward Mistakes

When everything else is done, it’s time to polish the paper. On the one hand, that is easier than conducting research. On the other side, the text you were working at for weeks is no longer a text — you automatically see the meaning of it, not words or sentences. That gives a vast space for mistakes and typos to flourish.

A dissertation may consist of more than 50 pages of research. The said page count may or may not include the appendices. On the other hand, a Ph.D. dissertation requires the student to write at least more than 100 pages of text.

Students are probably drained from work or assignments that they do not have enough energy to proofread. It is possible to proofread a dissertation the “solo way,” but students need a helping hand from time to time.

Another pair of eyes is essential to have a 100% error free dissertation.

The majority of academic advisers direct students to third-party editors and proofreaders, and this s where Nerds take center stage. Nerds proofread the student’s paper if there are any structural or mechanical errors. It can be as trivial as subject-verb agreement, tense usage, or spelling. Further, they rephrase unclear arguments. Importantly, they make corrections coherently — so, if some term was replaced in the conclusion section, it will also be fixed in other parts of the paper.

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In Conclusion

Overall, Nerdify’s Nerds act as a substitute to teacher and support system for students. Dissertations are tedious to do, hence, Nerds are tasked to manage workload — perfect for students who are always stressed with deadlines.

They are free to message Nerdify for help anytime, anywhere! Our customers have already shared their success story on mastering literature review — it’s an integral part of any dissertation, and has a lot of tricky details to hide the devil.

A story on what threats reports have and how to fix them is another case where Nerd’s help makes a difference. By alleviating difficulties with experience, Nerds save student’s time and remove obstacles to implement their ideas.

That is the best what we can do as a collaboration platform, where education means winning, never struggling.

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