Feb 20, 2019

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Coursework Help at Nerdify: Classes Are not Enough

Coursework help is an essential concern for many students, especially those who study online or full-time. Today, we will share our experience.

Coursework help is assistance in getting done with classes, labs, and reports, which is controlled by a personal mentor. You and your peers are in the same boat when it comes to classes. Teachers and professors have quite a little time to explain each topic, while all students learn differently.

Here at Nerdify, we’ve browsed hundreds of feedback from clients and Personal Nerds. We finally determined why classes aren’t enough to successfully write coursework.

Let’s start!

Coursework Help Online Is Available 24/7

In Ancient Greece and Rome, knowledge was passed from scholars directly to their students. Mentors worked with small groups of students and engaged in discussions, where everyone had their say. Modern education is more like a conveyor belt — many students at a time.

If you don’t keep up for a few days, you already start feeling like a failure. Studying requires a lot of physical and mental effort, which is just painful to handle for any student.

Professors are usually very busy and have minimal time to devote to each student, even with all the motivation to help. As a result, students struggle to try to comprehend and do their tasks themselves, often lacking basic explanations. Eventually, trying to complete the task using guesswork, students get lower grades than they could, given full instructions.

Classes aren’t enough because of limited time and information that students get during lectures. Having a tutor available 24/7 fixes the situation

Our customer feedbacks reveal that classes aren’t enough because too much information is jammed into a small time frame. Personal Nerds perfectly understand this issue and know how to fix it. They are well aware that students get the most difficult information instead of simple, yet underlying, concept explanations.

There are, of course, classes that are duly deemed complex, such as engineering and quantum physics. However, if we’re talking about finance, economics, English, sociology, or math, none of those is rocket science. Our Nerds aren’t only experts in their fields, but they are talented tutors and can explain any concept in simple terms for you to understand, 24/7.

Students Seek Help with University Coursework To Get Advice On Paper Structure

Structuring coursework isn’t an easy task. Such papers are usually large, so they inevitably contain sections and subsections. As a result, students struggle to try to determine how the article should be organized, especially when we’re talking about coursework.

The thing is, coursework is usually assessed to count the final mark for the course, so it’s a big deal for any student. And, to top it off, coursework can be anything — an essay, research paper, or a literature review. Whatever the case, students need to know precisely how to structure the paper.

Coursework structure is one of the most important determinants of the grade, so knowing how to organize the paper is crucial for getting the best score

Our Nerds report that paper structure is one of the most important things that professors evaluate. Why? The paper structure reflects how well students can convey their ideas and the results of their research. The structure is an equally big deal for a short essay and 30 pages long dissertation.

A good structure is crucial for demonstrating writing skills and the ability to express thoughts coherently. Organizing coursework isn’t a complex task if you know the elements that need to be included in each part of the paper. That’s why our Nerds undertake a personalized approach to every coursework and make sure that the structure is 100% on point.

Proofreading Is One Of The Most Common Requests In Coursework Writing Help

Two heads are better than one, especially if one of them is an expert with a background in the subject. Even grammar mistakes can lower the grade, so how about structure issues, incorrect citation formatting, and sufficiency of sources? Days and nights of research, reading articles and books, writing the paper, organizing and reorganizing it, can be wasted because of bad proofreading.

That’s where Nerds can help. After hundreds of successfully completed tasks, our Nerds know that proofreading can help make any paper better. Customers reviews about proofreading signify that Nerds not only fix errors that are already in the paper but suggest how the document can be improved to get an excellent score.

Two heads are better than one, especially if one of them is an expert in the field, dedicated to helping you with a perfect coursework.

Many Nerdify clients say that after such proofreading experience they don’t want to return to using online grammar checkers that only fix grammar and spelling errors. If you take a look at any grading rubric for coursework, you’ll see that grammar, punctuation, and spelling don’t contribute a lot to the grade. However, important score gainers are structure, the use of relevant sources, and consistency of the ideas and facts.

That’s why proofreading is one of the most commonly requested services in coursework writing help at Nerdify.

Custom Coursework Help Requires A Lot Of Research

Finding relevant sources is often challenging, especially for coursework — the bibliography is usually required to be extensive. Since coursework is so crucial for the final grade, students feel a lot of pressure and stress. Because of this, many postpone writing coursework until the last moment or, even worse, miss the deadline. Our Nerds admit that, despite the importance of coursework, students need to know that it’s just like any other paper. The key is the organization.

Good sources make for good coursework. It’s even better when you can skip browsing irrelevant sources and move straight to processing relevant ones — saves a lot of time and effort

Nerds know all the shortcuts and where to find great sources for coursework. When we discussed the issue of writing coursework with our Nerds, they agreed that preliminary literature research is what impedes the progress in many cases. It goes like this: students start searching for relevant sources, fail to find them, and start considering the paper undoable.

For many students, the majority of time writing coursework is browsing sources rather than actual writing. This can be easily fixed by getting the right sources at once. Nerds can recommend the necessary references. Nerdify can deliver books to students as well, which allows skipping the step of preliminary research at once.

Then, Nerds guide students through the process of writing the coursework, advising on how to structure it, correctly cite all the sources, and conduct data analysis if the paper includes primary data collection.

The final step is proofreading to make sure that the paper is A-worthy. That’s how coursework from scratch can be made easy!

Coursework Help Services Include Help with Presentations, Too

Often students need to make presentations for their coursework, mainly using PowerPoint. This program is quite intuitive and straightforward to use, but certain pitfalls result in low scores for many students. These pitfalls include:

  • writing too much text,
  • lack of visual aid,
  • copying parts of the coursework into the presentation,
  • too many/too few slides,
  • including same text on slides and into the presentation notes
  • using too large/too small font size

Presentations have a lot of pitfalls that aren’t that easy to avoid in practice. Expert guidance can help make an excellent presentation from the first try.

Many students fail their coursework presentation by handing the printed out slides to the audience and reading directly from the slides. Of course, these are commonly known pitfalls and students are usually aware of them. However, avoiding them is easier said than done.

Our Nerds admit that when students write coursework, they try to refine and polish the paper until it’s as good as it can be. Especially while working with a Personal Nerd, the papers turn out to be holistic, and each part seems integral. By all means, it’s difficult to condense the whole coursework into a dozen slides!

Personal Nerds can help do it in a way that won’t decrease the value of the coursework, but present the findings in the best way possible.

In Conclusion on Coursework Help Online

Writing a coursework is a challenge for any student, given its role in the final grade. However, here at Nerdify we know that this task is like any other — it just requires a little bit of patience and organization. If you add expert advice and guidance to the mix, you’ll get a perfect combo!

Our Nerds can advise not only how to deal with coursework, but how to get rid of bad academic habits as well.

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