6 College Homework Help Pitfalls You Never Knew

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College homework help generates a lot of experience for us daily. Today, we decided to share what we know.

Calling students “lazy” when they ask for college homework help online is too much. Homework help transcends from physical (personal tutoring) to online, as everyone is living in the digital age. While online platforms offer convenience and efficiency, people have to remember that scammers are lurking online. Besides, anyone can fake it till they make it.

Nerdify has been on the market for more than three years, and here are the homework help pitfalls Nerds found:

1. Failing to Read an Online Homework Help’s Reviews

Reviews gauge homework help service’s legitimacy. However, it’s not surprising for companies to post fake reviews to attract customers. How unethical and cheap, right? One student was reading the reviews of Company A. As she scrolled down, she saw a post that said, “Guys, the person who wrote these positive reviews are employees of Company A.”

The employee who posted them wanted to increase the revenue of the company. They’re losing their customers to competitors! Hence, they resort to deceitful methods to tempt customers. Unfortunately, some students fall for most positive (or negative) reviews without taking everything with a grain of salt.

Later, they find out that the quality of the service the website offers is low.

Nerdify has established its name within the homework help industry. Hence, it’s no surprise for students to gravitate to it.

Nerdify has been featured in websites such as TrustPilot and SiteJabber. The reviews in the sites above state how well the Nerds perform in delivering their services to students. Some students even write their experiences in communicating with the customer service staff.

It means that Nerdify has established a name for itself in the homework help industry. After all, Nerdify has been on the market for over three years. Nerdify would not have made it t if it wasn’t for the positive comments and constructive feedback from its students.

2. Working with an Unqualified Individual in College Homework Help

A major sociology student asked help from a mentor who held a Ph.D. in the same field. It turned out that his mentor only held a Bachelor’s degree. As observed by a Nerd, the majority of homework help websites state, “Doctorates and experts in the field will do your paper. Truthfully, this is not necessarily the case.

The words “doctorate” or “expert” doesn’t mean it will be done literally by someone qualified. Although it can’t be denied that there are experts who work on homework help sites.

On the other hand, not everyone is who they appear online. Reality check: A faux expert leads to more incorrect answers and poorer academic standing of the student.

Posers are lurking online these days, but Nerds are prohibited to engage in such fraudulent activities.

Freelance Nerds are qualified to help students with academic-related tasks. When chatting via Messenger, the staff reveals the credentials of the Nerd. For example, “We found you a Nerd who has a Master’s in Business Administration.”

Nerdify does this to ensure the quality of the service is high. It’s understandable someone with a Master’s, or a Ph.D. degree has more experience and diverse knowledge than an individual who holds a Bachelor’s degree.

Most importantly, Nerdify ensures that Nerds do not violate the Honor Code by providing false information about themselves. Yes, Nerds are expected to abide by the high standards set by Nerdify’s policies. Violating them leads termination of cooperation — scary.

3. Students Purchase/Download Essays in Help with Homework Databases

Oh man! Students sure are gutsy when they resort to downloading or purchasing papers online. Unfortunately, this spells doom because other people write them. There’s a chance that the papers in college homework help databases are plagiarized. Would you believe that thousands of students have done this?

What students don’t understand is those essays are meant to inspire them in writing. And additionally, use them as a reference. Even if the student buys or downloads an essay, did it occur to him/her that someone could have used it before?

There’s that chance no matter how slim it is. With the combined powers of plagiarism checkers and keen eyes of professors, it’s not surprising for a student to be caught red-handed.

Buying or downloading an essay is not a good idea, therefore, Nerds provide templates to inspire their students.

However, Nerds prohibit students to steal someone’s work. They can provide them with a template to use if they want. The template serves as a guide, nothing more. For Nerds, it is their obligation to assist their students instead of allowing them to steal from databases.

What do they do? They help them compose an essay properly from writing an engaging introduction to citing the most uncommon sources in any style. Hey, they can even eliminate logical fallacies and add flavor to bland sentences. It’s helping, not spoon-feeding.

4. The Most Help with Homework Online Sites Don’t Foster Learning

The best example is an essay mill. To agree or not to agree? Either way, Nerds believe that essay mills are solely monetary transactions. There’s no knowledge sharing between the mentor and the student. Why? It’s because the mentor does 100% of the student’s work. That’s not good, as the student is cheating around the system.

Sure, morality is subjective. Some students only work with their mentors if the latter does everything. What will the student learn? Zero.

On the contrary, Nerdify fosters collaboration between Nerds and students. They work with their students on a variety of tasks such as:

  • Managing workload
  • Documenting sources in the most challenging citation style (Ex: Harvard is difficult for some)
  • Helping the student proofread and edit his/her paper
  • Forming logical and strong arguments

Nerds collaborate with students because doing all the work does not foster learning — the student will just be spoon-fed.

The keyword here is “helping.” Hence, the rationale behind expert Nerds establishing a mentor-student relationship. The student is not a freeloader in this case. Both parties do a fair share of their work.

5. Some Homework Help Sites Offer Pricey Services

Students complain about the high prices of homework help services. So far, there is no “internet police” who regulates the prices of homework help platforms. Students have to expect that some sites charge higher than others. Sadly, high prices turn them off, as they have a limited budget allotted to college homework help.

If the service is expensive, then they will move to a cheaper platform. Some sites charge high, but the output is low. At least a handful of students have fallen victim to such scams. It’s a heart-wrenching.

Nerdify employs a customer-oriented approach by balancing affordability and quality of output.

But it’s a different story with Nerdify. Nerdify balances affordability and quality of output. The prices are student-friendly. Nerdify’s staff asks students, “Is it okay if you pay $X?” What’s the rationale behind it? It is to confirm that the student consents to pay the said amount.

Of course, it is the student’s choice to accept or decline the offer.

If the student declines, then the staff finds another Nerd. What does it say about Nerdify? That’s easy! Nerdify proves that it deeply cares for the student and his/her money and time.

6. Students are Tired of Being Scammed by Homework Help Sites

A student was scammed by Company B. He asked a tutor to help him write his Art History paper. He received the paper. To his dismay, the quality was dirt cheap. Neither the essay met the requirements nor answered the guide questions correctly!

He sent an email to customer service staff. In his message, he explained the poor quality of his paper and that he wanted a refund.

The customer service staff only sent, “Thank you for messaging us. We are sorry to hear that from you.” The student waited for 24 hours. And then 72 hours. He followed up. Nothing happened; he did not hear from Company B again.

Scams happen! Thus, Nerds think it is essential to have a clear and strong refund policy and proactive customer service.

The company ran off with his hard-earned money. The student did not submit his paper, leading to an automatic. This is why Nerds meticulously check the assignment requirements before helping their students. They know that failure to meet the requirements render a deduction. Or even a failing grade. Ouch!

On the other hand, Nerdify has a refund policy for disgruntled students. The refund policy offers an alternative like:

  • Finding another Nerd to help the student with his/her task.
  • Refunding the student’s payment in full.

Clear refund policy and a proactive staff serve as an alternative if the student is dissatisfied with the Nerd’s services.

Final Notes on College Homework Help

The pitfalls above hinder students from accessing proper college homework help. Hence, Nerds do their best with what they do from start to finish. Owing it to their indomitable will, they help students learn and survive wave after wave of academics.

If you’re interested in learning more about our freelance Nerds, please check out how they roll in other subjects and tasks.

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