Nerds Provide College Essay Help and Here Are 5 Reasons Why Demand Grows

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Even Alexander the Great had a private tutor to nail his essays.

College essay help is one of the most required services now on the tutoring market. According to the recent statistics, at least 3 in 5 students turn for help with college and university writing.

Even Alexander the Great had a private tutor who was Aristotle! Now the tyrannical emperor Nero during the Roman era had Seneca as a tutor. Even though until the 20th century, private tutoring, the way we know it today, did not exist, the college essay help has always been in demand! A reason for that is that such support is personalized for a single individual.

At Nerdify, we found out the top 5 reasons why the demand among college students grows.

College Essay Help Is to Meet High Demands of Curriculums

The Nerds help the students to meet the demands and expectations of diverse educational curriculums by offering professional and timely assistance online. Knowing specifics of the particular subject, the assigned Nerd knows what the professors expect and help the student to fit within the learning style and the ways how information is being taught.

The Nerds are available online and can help to meet strict deadlines, revisions, case studies, and essays of different types and formats. It allows the students to feel relieved from the daily stress of dealing with the myriad of tasks.

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With Essay Help Online, International Students Get Grammar & Logic Assistance

For those students who do not have English as their native language or those that are studying abroad, the Nerds provide grammar and logic check. Going along with you through the college essay, you receive explanation, suggestions, grammar check, and the helpful pieces of advice.

Why logic, you ask? That is not about intellectual abilities — international students have brilliant minds, and Nerds have proved it dozens of time. English writing, however, has its logic of organization. For instance, every paragraph has to have a topic and a concluding sentence, and the introduction should end with a thesis statement. Such requirements are often absent in foreign schools, or they are taught differently.

The Nerds can help you to learn even the most complex English grammar rules and will assist you in the finding of the topic sentences and the correct essay structure. Also, Nerds will help to make a thesis statement — the first and the central element of any grading rubric.

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Argumentative Essay Help Is to “Crash-Test” Student’s Work

If you have to write a strong argumentative college essay, you will need an expert’s view. It can “crash-test” your essay for the thesis statement, accurate presentation of ideas — and typos and mistakes, of course.

When Nerds test for argumentation, they check whether all statements are backed up with evidence and if there is any researcher’s bias. Moreover, they help to include the personal opinion of the students, in the format of data synthesis. In turn, grammar mistakes elimination improves student’s ethos, which is the credibility of the student as a writer.

When you have to present strong argumentation in your essay, remember that only a qualified Nerd can thoroughly proofread your paper and point out the flaws that may ruin your final grade. Turning to the Nerds, you “crash-test” your essay as you learn to bring out only the best as a writer!

College Essay Help Is Sometimes as Simple as a Template

The Nerds provide college essay help by offering different templates for each type of college essays from debates to critical analysis and reflection journals. Going through the hundreds of tasks, we have real-life examples of each essay types with comments and writing tips.

The Nerds help to understand the structure of each college essay type by offering you the actual writing templates and essay samples.

The Nerds will help you to understand the correct writing structure based on your assignment and will help you to improve your essay, according to the grading rubric. Even if you know the subject well and have the sources at hand, a minor mistake in the structure or misunderstanding of an essay styling can be fatal! This is why the majority of students turn to the Nerds to make sure that they are on the right track.

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Essay Help is Done After Sources, Formatting and Citation Are OK

It is no secret that finding all the sources that are acceptable and good enough is always challenging for the students. According to our stats, the majority of college students face this problem through college. At Nerdify, the Nerds help to find accurate and reliable sources for your essay’s topic to fit the thesis statement of the essay.

Moreover, the Nerds help to check your Bibliography and present it in the correct format. This part of a college essay writing is always time-consuming. Therefore, Nerds help to save precious time and learn the formatting rules. No matter what subject students master, the Nerds always try their best to find the articles, books, and related course materials to help students achieve their best.

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As the students, colleges, and even the businesses turn to Nerdify for help. Nerds also work tirelessly at providing the best study tips and bits of advice. Both on their own blog and Medium platform, they do their best to help students master new skills and knowledge.

Wish you the best of luck with your college essays — and check how students nail other subjects with their Personal Nerds.

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