Best Custom Writing Tricks that Save Students

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When one thinks of the words “custom writing,” one thinks of plagiarized papers, F-tier quality, scams, and more. Teachers are against custom writing services because it enables the student to “cheat” around the system. However, some students struggle to write essays. Hence, most of them resort to hiring personal writing to check their essays. Others sign up on the “best” custom writing websites… only to be scammed at the end.

It’s a harsh world, but the good news is: Nerdify is here to save the day! Nerdify is easily accessible via its website or the Messenger app. Teaching has never been so efficient and convenient. Besides, Nerds have developed tricks to save students from committing academic mishaps caused by custom writing platforms.

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The Best Custom Writing Eliminates Traces of Plagiarism by Meticulous Proofreading

There’s a misconception that collaboration/custom writing services promote plagiarism or send plagiarized papers to their students. This is not necessarily the case. In fact, it depends on the service itself.

One college student asked a custom writing service to write his paper for Gender and Society class. It needed to be done on the day itself, as it was due the next morning. Since the student was out of time, he was not able to check if the final product contained plagiarized text. He submitted his paper, hoping for the best.

A week later, his professor returned his paper — it was an F! He had until the following week to revise his paper. He was angry because he thought the service was reliable. Fortunately, he came across Nerdify in the nick of time. Nerds understand that some “best” custom writing services do not strictly uphold academic honesty.

Possibly, the service is only interested in increasing their profit at the expense of their customers.

Nerds meticulously proofread essays not only to rectify mechanical or structural errors, but to additionally remove any evidence of plagiarism. They know that the consequences of plagiarism are heavy in schools.

Therefore, Nerdify employs a customer-oriented approach in its business model. As per their policies, Nerdify does not encourage their Nerds to promote any form of academic dishonesty or fraud. They know that one wrong move leads to the student’s demise. It only means one thing: Students’ papers have to be 100% plagiarism free.

Not only will the paper be run under a plagiarism checker software, he/she will also check if the student has committed “subtler” forms of plagiarism like patchwriting. Moreover, the Nerd will see to it that every quote is enclosed in quotation marks and cited correctly.

It’s easy to plagiarize at this age, but it’s harder to regain what is lost. That is, grades and academic standing.

Custom Term Paper Writing is Made Affordable to Students

Money does not sprout from the soil or grow on trees. Students pay for their tuition and essential needs by themselves. Therefore, money has to be spent wisely. For some students, forking over money on a custom writing service is “wise” and “worth it.” Unfortunately, some collaboration platforms are expensive but offer subpar work. The service probably only cares about money and not the product’s quality or the customer.

Interestingly, having an affordable and reliable service is an odd hack that attracts customers who are looking for a student-budget friendly platform. Over the past three years, Nerds have observed that students usually work long hours (and during weekends) to make ends meet. Hence, Nerds strive to balance affordability and quality.

How does this work? A small premium is charged once the student intends to avail the Nerd’s services. The staff will ask the student, “Is it okay if you pay $X?” before proceeding with the transaction. This makes room for a second opinion if the student does not agree with the quote.

Affordability is subjective. Student A may not find Nerd A’s services as “affordable,” but students may differ with the former’s opinion.

After all, students want the best custom writing service available at their fingertips. Students will not hesitate to pay a company to help them compose an impressive essay. Hence, it’s not surprising for Nerds to offer affordable, but quality services to students.

Besides, hundreds of students have expressed their satisfaction for Nerdify, and are excited to avail their services again.

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Nerds Create a Schedule for Students in Custom Term Paper Writing

Endless waves of requirements mark the end of the semester. More often than not, the deadlines for each requirement are consecutive. For example, two projects are due on Monday while three papers are to be submitted on Tuesday. This alone tests a student’s work and time management skills. Sadly, not everyone can prioritize or organize their workload well.

Writing a term paper amidst all the tests and requirements are no feat. Teachers expect more from their students. It’s not surprising that it composes at least the majority of the final grade.

Nerds have found that at least 1000 plus students have asked for assistance during hell week/s. They receive requests from students such as, “I have a lot of tasks, and I don’t know where to begin? Could you please help me make a schedule?” Nerds deduced that students are worried about their final grades if they don’t set their lives straight.

A schedule or a timetable is useful to organize all assignments and final exams in one place.

That’s why Nerds are more than willing to create a work schedule when hell week arrives. It can be a bullet journal or a timetable depending on the student’s preference. The bullet journal or timetable contain pending tasks such as “conduct research for my term paper” or “study for my English Literature exam.”

The schedule is organized in a way that the student knows which assignment to prioritize. If the student consents, Nerds can also set an internal deadline to reduce the instances of cramming. This is an innovative method for term papers. Frankly speaking, term papers entail a lot of research.

At the end of the day, those who seek the Nerd’s help are more organized and produce a better term paper.

Custom Dissertation Writing Helps Students Find Sources for their Opinion

Dissertations are not story books. They are academic papers that contribute to the existing pool of knowledge in an individual’s field of study. They don’t retell a story, but they weave a story to aid future researchers. One common mistake is not finding an appropriate source for the analysis.

Students are expected to glean from their results to write the analysis section of their dissertation. Hence, Nerds identify the main points of the results section and prompts the student to think outside the box. They “interrogate” the students by asking to draw their opinions from the results.:

  • What is your impression of this result?
  • What can you say about it?
  • What do you think will be the effect?”

It’s not easy, however, at least 800+ students reported that their Nerd’s “interrogation” was an effective method in writing the analysis.

Students don’t need to worry about finding the appropriate source for their opinions, as Nerds have complete access to journal portals — most of which require the user to pay a set amount every month or year.

Then, they help him/her find the appropriate sources in journal portals and scholarly websites. Students need not to worry, as Nerds have access to a number of paid and subscribed versions of journal portals. Yes, Nerds are even eager to send readings and books from his/her university days right at the student’s doorstep.

Nerds may have different teaching methods, but the majority of them used the “interrogation” method to help students draft a useful analysis. Some professors do not teach this method. Moreover, some of them do not dedicate time to advise their students on what to do. Hence, it is up to the Nerds to pass on their knowledge.

It is safe to say that Nerds strictly abide by Nerdify’s policies, especially when it comes to plagiarism. They deliver affordable and quality services — a core factor to consider when students choose the best custom writing platform.

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Unlike other platforms, they collaborate with the students instead of the Nerds doing all the work. It’s not surprising that Nerdify drastically changed the lives of students for the better.

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