A+ for a Research Paper with a Personal Nerd

Hi there! I’m Adam and today I’ve decided to share my story about how I write my research paper with a Personal Nerd. Until recently, I’ve had quite a lot of issues writing papers because I was trying to balance work and college. If you struggle with research paper writing (or any kind of paper really), you’ll appreciate the 5 practical tips that I’ve learned working with my Nerd.

Let’s start!

#1 Nerd Helps Me Research Only Relevant Sources

Before I started working with a Nerd, I didn’t do preliminary literature research at all. My routine was as follows: I found several sources in the process of writing just to support my claims. As a result, I often ended up with a bibliography that didn’t make any sense. Half of the sources were irrelevant and the other half — outdated.

Another issue I had was unreliable sources — such as online publications or articles that didn’t have any credentials about the authors, the date when it was published, or even the publisher.

Several times I received comments from my professor saying that bibliography could be improved, but I didn’t know how exactly. The problem is — and I’m sure many students can relate to that — task requirements often say which sources not to use, like Wikipedia. But, they don’t tell how to determine good sources.

Finding relevant sources is difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for and where to look. Personal Nerds can guide you through the process and help you learn how to effectively do literature search.

My Personal Nerd suggested several very useful tips on finding good sources:

  • Read abstract or executive summary in every article — it’ll let you know at once if the source is relevant or not
  • Use reputable news agencies to get up-to-date info on any topical issues — academic articles are published much slower than news
  • One good source per page should suffice if the task doesn’t require anything else

I followed these simple recommendations and quickly learned how to find the best sources. Even a quick search at Google Scholar results in as many good sources as I need. That’s what I call “expert advice”!

#2 Nerd Knows How To Organize The Process Of Writing A Research Paper

My first problem when it comes to writing a research paper is figuring out what to do first. Should it be preliminary research or, maybe, just writing an outline for starters? Organizing the process of writing a research paper isn’t as easy as it may seem — it’s not merely about reading some sources and then transform everything you’ve learned into a whole essay. I wish I’d realize earlier that the organization saves a lot of work and sleepless nights.

Organizing the process of writing a research paper helps reduce the time needed to complete it and stress, because you’ll definitely make it in time.

My Personal Nerd recommended creating a schedule for writing the paper, which would help stay on top of the process. Nerd helps me avoid all the time-wasting steps and focus on only those that’ll contribute to creating an excellent research paper. Nerd knows the value of organizing the working process very well and advises every time, without fail.

I followed this advice and set notifications on my phone, such as “preliminary literature research,” “writing outline” and “writing final paper” — very simple. Each time I had to do a small portion of work, but still, it gave me the sense of accomplishment, and I didn’t feel as much pressure — I knew I’d make it until the deadline!

#3 When I Do My Research Papers, I Finally Know How To Structure Them Properly

I’ve always struggled with the proper structure of any paper, be it an essay or research paper. I browsed examples of research papers trying to determine what to put in each segment of the paper to make it logical and consistent. What I overlooked it that to write a professional essay, you need to know some expert rules. Sure, every student knows about introduction-body-conclusion structure, but what next?

Knowing the structure of research paper and the elements that need to be in each segment makes the process of writing it much clearer and simpler

My Personal Nerd cracked the code for me and explained the role of introduction, body, and conclusion. Thanks to my Nerd, I know exactly what to put in the introduction, body, and conclusion. I know that a good introduction isn’t too long and has to contain a clear thesis statement. A good body paragraph starts with topic sentence and ends with a transition. A good conclusion is just a summary of the whole paper with thesis restated.

If you want to know how to structure a paragraph in an academic paper, I’d suggest a brilliant article with a full guideline.

And now one excellent tip I’m sure you’ll appreciate if you’ve ever experienced the writer’s block. Very often while trying to work on a paper, I used to stare blankly at the screen, struggling to come up with the first sentence. The trick is just to start writing body paragraphs and then return to the intro! Just like in life, you need to know the person to introduce them — same with papers.

#4 I Learn A Lot Working With A Nerd And Wouldn’t Even Think About Buying Research Papers

I should admit: like any student, I’ve considered just buying a research paper. To say “the number of online writing services is huge” is an understatement. They are easily accessible and offer seemingly quite a lot for the money. However, as I was browsing these offers online, it got me thinking about the disadvantages:

  • I won’t actually learn anything
  • If I buy a research paper, I’ll be always worried about getting caught for plagiarism
  • I won’t be able to answer questions about the paper if the professor asks
  • I will gradually lose the motivation to study myself at all

Buying a research paper online can’t be compared to working with a Personal Nerd. While working with a Nerd, you get incomparably higher value for the money, because you learn a lot, feel more confident about your studies, and not worry about plagiarism.

When it comes to finding a Personal Nerd, the value-for-money is incomparable. When I work with a Nerd, I work with a personal tutor. I can ask everything I can’t ask in class and get the fullest and most detailed explanation.

When my friends ask me how I manage to balance work and still stay on top of my uni stuff, I always say ‘writing my papers with Nerd”. Many of them just pay for research papers or buy them online, but they admit that they don’t feel like they learn anything, on top of being scared to get caught for plagiarism.

#5 Writing My Research Paper With A Nerd Is Unsurprisingly Easy

Since I’ve started writing research papers with a Personal Nerd, the process has become a whole lot easier. Organization? Check. Structure? Check. Sources? Check. It’s an understatement that professors often lack time to explain everything and students have to catch up themselves. Having a tutor to advise is my way of staying on top of my studies, at all times.

When someone helps you write a research paper, that’s nice. When an expert who knows exactly how to explain everything helps you — that’s a definite success

Having someone help you write your research paper is definitely more comfortable than doing it alone. But let me tell you from my own experience: having someone who knows what they’re doing is something completely different. There’s a difference between a person who knows something well and a person who knows something well and can explain it.

Personal Nerds are not only experts, but they are also talented tutors, who never get tired of explaining each question I have.

In Conclusion

Do you know that feeling when you’re too shy to ask a question in class because you feel like it’s too dumb? Well spoiler alert: everyone else feels the same way. Working with Personal Nerds finally taught me not to be afraid of asking questions! I know that, given a good explanation, it’s possible to understand even quantum physics (luckily that’s not my major!). With a bit of professional advice, any research paper can be done — that’s for sure.

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