7 Reasons Why Editing Matters

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Editing is one of those parts that take place almost everywhere when a person has to do some writing. Regardless of your professional field, it always helps to make things great! Just think about movie editing when a director thinks about what is the strongest or the weakest part of a movie. It works exactly the same way in academic writing! Our Nerdify team approaches editing as that aspect of writing that polishes the paper and makes it stand out. In a certain sense, when you edit your writing, you already become a reader and learn to see your work as if from the other side.

  • It turns you into a reader. When you start editing, you already become a reader and learn how to understand your audience in a better way. This part of writing should not be avoided because it is exactly as important as coming up with a good subject or a strong thesis statement. When you edit your homework task, you also read it to yourself and see if it makes sense. Approach it as if someone else has written it and learn to evaluate it from another viewpoint. It will help you to stay confident and argumentative.
  • It helps eliminate mistakes. Without a doubt, when you apply some editing, you learn how to eliminate mistakes like grammar, spelling, run-on sentences, and many other parts that will not be corrected without proofreading. Our team at Nerdify always reviews each text twice because it shows our respect. It works the same way for you, — when you take your time to make things right, it is not only improving your grade but also means that you care and want to get your message across.
  • You read it aloud and see if it sounds right. Always edit your paper aloud by reading it to yourself. You cannot even imagine how many new things you will discover. When you hear certain aspects, it will make you see if there are too lengthy sentences or words that do not sound right. Moreover, if you read your paper, you will gain more confidence and will learn how to speak right. If you cannot continue with the next sentence as you read, it is a red flag that something must be changed.
  • You correct logic and edit wordiness. The friendly folks at Nerdify approach editing for logic and wordiness, which is our secret trick that improves readability. An average college professor will take a look at the introduction and the conclusion parts, which is why they have to be clear and include as much information as you can. When you do some proper editing, you build up a structure and remove all the unnecessary sentences. Try to imagine that you do not have much time and read your paper to see whether all the important factors have been included. It is what professional editors do!
  • Editing helps to avoid any plagiarism issues. This aspect is not often mentioned when spoken about editing but it also helps to avoid plagiarism risks. If you see that a citation is too long or has been paraphrased in the wrong way, you can check it with your source and shorten it. Editing assists you in checking your in-text citations and finding the right balance between your opinion and the references. The general rule of quotations is to include only one citation in a paragraph and avoid placing it at the very end of it. Remember to include reference pages if they are applicable. Try to fit quotations in a visually nice way.
  • You can work with a draft and choose the best parts. According to Nerdify reviews, most students ignore working with a draft, which is quite an omission! Acting this way, you get a general pool of ideas that you can use. You do not have to meet a certain word count or anything because you are free to write down what you know. When you copy all the best ideas, it is called editing and taking things to perfectness. You can choose your best parts and eliminate those aspects that sound weaker to you.
  • You become a better writer. Finally, when you start editing your paper and taking some time, you also become a better writer who learns how to construct your sentences and point your ideas in a much better way. When you read your texts, you think like a college professor because you evaluate and analyze what has been written. Approach editing as if you are reading a book by trying to see what you have liked and what has made you feel confused. As a student, you are an author who has the freedom to create where the editing is your paintbrush!

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