6 Reasons Why Nerds Provide Best Business Homework Help

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However fancy doing business homework can look, issues are hidden on the background.

Did you know that in the U.S. alone the number of college majors in business reached 364 thousand as of 2017? As you could have guessed, business homework help is among the top 5 most requested services on the Nerdify platform. We’ve processed hundreds of customer reviews and feedbacks from our Nerds to find out the fundamental problems students face with business homework and how our Nerds help solve them.

Business Statistics Homework Help is Made of Simple Terms Breakdown

Where there are numbers, there are statistics. Business statistics is on the border of social and natural sciences, so students need a background in both to succeed. In fact, business statistics is often applied in financial analysis and strategic planning. Even calculating the average growth rate of the company’s assets is simple statistics.

When it comes to business statistics, our Nerds most frequently get questions about the application of statistical methods. That’s understandable: learning business theories are one thing, but applying ANOVA test in a business paper is a whole another level of difficulty. For instance, students often turn to Nerds asking to explain what kind of data they need to collect. Even with data on hands, it’s hard even to start with such methods as Pearson’s chi-square test, various F-tests, and regression analysis.

It’s true that there’s a vast variety of online calculators that can beat any of these methods. However, if students don’t fully understand these methods, they struggle to try to figure out how to use them.

Putting abstract statistical concepts in a practical context opens all doors for students.

Nerds take a fail-proof approach to explain business statistics and illustrate each concept by putting abstract statistical concepts in a practical context. Students admit that being able to solve business statistics tasks themselves with advice and guidance from Nerds is the best way actually to understand and learn the subject. No wonder the demand for a Nerd help is proliferating in the field of business statistics.

Business Finance Homework Help Is About Knowing Ins and Outs

Show me a person who claims to get financial reports from the first try, and I’ll show you a liar. Here at Nerdify, we get dozens of requests from students about solving business finance homework and for a good reason. Business finance is all about financial statements that aren’t exactly a piece of cake to learn and decipher! Let alone that every country and company has a different manner of preparing financial statements.

Our customers often admit that whenever they browse for explanations of financial statements and concepts online, they immediately feel stuck. That’s not surprising — even such a respectable and well-known source as Investopedia can have a set of different definitions for certain concepts.

For instance, the acid-test ratio is another term for quick ratio, and Investopedia has two separate articles for these concepts, with two different formula. For any student, this is puzzling, to say the least.

Students need to grasp the meaning behind business finance concepts to solve their homework.

Nerds develop a unique approach to every student and task. Our Nerds report that the most complicated concepts can be explained in simple terms, such as short-term and long-term investment, financial leverage, and investment finance. When students find out the meaning behind business finance concepts and formulas, they easily solve their homework.

Nerds explain in detail where each number in financial reports come from and what they mean. They also help students find relevant sources and tell how to analyze financial statements and ratios. As a result, students get the information they didn’t get in a class to complete their homework and get an A+.

Nerds Can Find Relevant Business Sources At Student Wits’ End

That’s just common sense that a good and relevant source is often the key to getting the homework done well. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of truly good sources out there, and students are often lost when it comes to finding relevant ones. The interesting thing is that the business field is developing rapidly and textbook publishers fail to publish updated editions in time. Many students notice that even the newest versions of textbooks contain outdated information.

Nerds locate necessary sources, provide relevant literature lists, and arrange the search in an effective way.

We’ve discussed this issue with our Nerds and figured out that students are often lost in the sea of information because nobody navigates them. In fact, business tasks only list requirements to what sources aren’t relevant instead of advising what sources are appropriate. So, our Nerds made it their primary goal to guide students and explain to them how to find good sources. Nerds can help detect any book or article that’s hard to find and arrange the literature search in a practical way.

At Nerdify, we are aware that 80% of time students spend on their homework is just browsing sources, trying to find relevant ones. Our goal is to help students avoid that waste of time and effort and move on straight to doing the work.

Business Law Homework Help is Unraveling of the Tangled

Business law homework is challenging for students because it requires knowing a wide range of laws and regulations on a state, national, and international levels. While corporate lawyers usually focus on a particular field of law and usually work with a team to make sure not to miss anything, business law students are left alone with their homework.

First, Nerds need to break down the topic. Next — find all the jurisdictions that affect the business issue.

Here at Nerdify, we understand the struggle with business law, especially such difficult topics as copyright law, trade secrets, and insider training. Our Nerds focus on clarifying every question to students and helping them find relevant laws and regulations to solve every task. Our Nerds’ priority is to explain to the students how each regulation is put into action in real life and which law takes precedence in every specific case.

Business Math Homework Help is More About Psychology than Math

Either a student struggles with business algebra or math analysis of business data, chances are that it causes math anxiety. There’s a common misconception that math is one of the most challenging sciences that causes students to feel especially stressed dealing with business math tasks.

The harsh truth is that business math is indeed challenging to nail, especially if all you’ve got are scarce lecture materials and complicated textbook explanations. Students who contact our Nerds often note that “it takes a special talent to do math” which they don’t have. The myth of math being the hardest science to learn truly destroys confidence and students often feel unsure about their abilities trying to solve business math. Also, business math combines everything from statistical methods to complex math models and calculations.

When students realize that business math is only applied in practical situations, their math anxiety is calmed instantly.

Our Nerds are aware that math anxiety creates a barrier to solving business math tasks. When dealing with each specific task, they put math into practical context, making it easy to understand and apply.

For instance, the concept of future value they present as a way to evaluate how the value of money can change depending on their earning capacity, such as savings account. When students realize that business math is only applied in practical situations, their math anxiety issue is resolved instantly.

The Last Step is Finding a Relevant Business Theory

Whatever business case students consider, they face the issue of analyzing it regarding business theory. Immediately, students face the problem of researching a staggering amount of methods that range from relatively simple to extremely difficult, like game theory. As a result, students feel stuck trying to figure out which theory is appropriate in every case.

In addition, every business theorist has a different opinion on every process or phenomenon. In turn, each theory has its drawbacks and advantages that aren’t that easy to spot. Nerds often get requests to explain learning organization, motivation theories, Kaizen, organizational behavior, and cost accounting.

Nerds limit the choice to only relevant and up-to-date theories. Then, they put them in accessible contexts.

Having evaluated student’s problem with business theory assignment, Nerds make sure to point out which theories are relevant. After that, Nerds provide detailed explanations of every method, answering student questions. For every theory, Nerds have real-life examples. For instance, for the game theory, they offer not only the classic Prisoner’s Dilemma case but everyday examples.

The Nerds let students know that every theory is flawed and clearly state the positive and negative aspects. When Nerds are dealing with two or more theories, they compare and contrast them, which makes it much easier to understand.

In Conclusion

In a classroom, everyone is treated more or less the same way, but at Nerdify every student and assignment is unique. Contacting a Nerd is free and simple, but has an immense potential of filling the gaps in the regular curriculum. Our Nerds get that students often lack the guidance and advice during the process of studying. Thus, students can focus on resolving the challenges of college life, which we covered with lifehacks in our special article.

If you are currently struggling with any problem, contact Nerdify and check whether it can be solved — it’s completely free.

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