5 Rules to Become Essay Maker: 10 Pages in 1 Day

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Yes, writing up to 10 essay pages in a day is possible, and it is not even the limit if you know 5 simple essay maker’s tricks. One is Nerd’s help.

Now, I am an excellent essay maker who can speed up, meet the deadlines, and even handle several essay tasks at once. A reason for such success and improvement is motivation and learning of simple tricks from the Personal Nerd.

Let me share these 5 tricks with you to let you discover the magic of fast essay writing!

What are The Benefits of Becoming an Essay Maker?

  • Writing up to 10 pages in a day can help you focus on additional college work that helps to apply for the scholarship.
  • As a part-time or even a full-time working student, you can control your time as you learn to work fast and efficiently.
  • You learn an alternative way of analysis and information processing the way that the experienced Nerds do.
  • Working with several essays at once helps to reduce the stress levels and avoid procrastination.
  • Turning to the Nerds for proofreading, you save hours as you deliver the essays in time.

Persuaded? Let’s go for directly to practical hints.

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1. Essay Maker is When You Pick Up the Right Topic!

The most important trick in becoming an essay maker is choosing the right essay topic to work with. Your brain already stores the information that it can process rather quickly. However, until your eyes see the topic ideas listed, it keeps it in the background.

Turning to the Nerds about my essays, I always received the lists of topic ideas and did not realize why it was that important. Talking to a Personal Nerd, I asked about it and was told about the little trick. Choosing the topic that I knew well, I could basically write down my thoughts as fast as I could type!

That once you choose the right topic, just start typing as you can always edit it at the stage of proofreading.

For example, choosing the nursing theorist from Kenya, I could also mention the racial prejudice and cover the latest events in the media. This way I could write real fast by interconnecting several topics at once. Starting with the short biography information, I proceeded with the racial tensions faced by the theorist I wrote about. It has lead to my thesis statement.

It saved a lot of time because my essay body paragraphs have already been formed in my head. They included historical background, the importance of theorist’s thoughts for the society, and a brief analysis of racial prejudice in healthcare, as covered by the media.

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2. Starting with Sources and Several Thesis Statements is the Core of Essay Making

Another trick that I have learned from the Nerds is beginning with the sources first! No matter what your outline for the paper may be, it is crucial to find as many sources as you possibly can!

This part of essay writing can seem like a real slow-down, yet in truth, it helps you to speed up in the future. Do not be afraid to give the source seeking part an hour or even more! See what is available at the local library, check out diverse online journals, browse through the websites.

As you do so, you already learn more about the subject and adjust your outline.

According to the Nerds, 67% of college students miss the deadlines and fail to write fast because they always stop when they cannot back up the facts.

Once you have diverse sources for your future paper, you should make mental or written notes with references to each body paragraph or the ideas. This way you can always check what you can include and cite for each specific part of an essay! In my case, it saved me hours of time!

  • Make sure to use several thesis statements in advance, so you can also adjust the essay to fit the strongest one!
  • Brainstorm the ideas and see what inspires you the most and makes your audience think.
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3. Essay Makers Know Secrets of Outlines and the Drafts!

One of the reasons why it always took me a while to finish my essays was ignoring work with outlines and a draft. Even though most college students hear about them, they think that it is only a waste of time. While the Outline part is clear and can keep your essay structured and transparent, the Draft part can be a bit confusing until you try it!

The Essay Draft has allowed me to write free and put my ideas down the way I had them in my head. Yes, it was unabridged, as they say, but once I could write, I did.

The difference between a polished essay and the draft is that I did not have to stop to edit my paper.

Hey, are we doing double work here? No, actually not! Once you have several pages of your draft, there is enough information for 2 ordinary essays or one excellent essay! Just copy the parts that fit you the best and make yourself feel proud!

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4. Essay Makers Can Do 2 Essays at Once

This time I want to tell you of an unusual trick that has allowed me to write up to 10 essay pages in a day. Here is how it works in practice:

When you are stuck with some part of an essay and do not know how to continue, just start with a different subject or another essay.

Just do some other job and make your brain relaxed. The best thing is to write an essay for another course, of course, which is long due.

I received this advice from the Personal Nerd when we discussed an assignment on Elderly Care that I could not finish. I was told that we could consider the other tasks and try to reach some success!

Once I switched to a more pleasant and easier essay, I finally had a feeling of getting something done. Inspired by my success, I got over the writer’s block and finished the difficult nursing essay!

It is a great time management trick. Do not focus on what irritates you and do not let any minute be wasted! Instead of just taking a walk or drinking a cup of coffee, try to stay within the creative mind!

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5. Professional-Level Proofreading is the Capstone of Essay Makers

Here is what the Nerds proofread in an experts way:

  • Skilled analysis on essay’s strength and terminology
  • Formatting issues and in-text citations
  • Checking of academic sources and annotated bibliography
  • Expert checking with the grading rubric
  • Plagiarism check

Only an experienced Nerd can do this kind of proofreading! Instead of spending hours to polish my paper, I turn to the Nerds for proofreading, which allows me to focus on writing!

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