5 Reasons I Needed Finance Homework Help and How I Excelled with a Personal Nerd

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Finance helps to win bread for thousands of people. At the same time, mastering finance is the task of paramount difficulty.

My name is Daniel, and I’ve always been fond of finance, to be exact ever since I’ve heard about the whole Bernie Madoff scandal. Don’t get me wrong — I was keen to study corporate finance at the NYU not to start another financial pyramid, but to be financially skilled. I am convinced that it’s crucial to be educated in the field of finance in the modern world. To achieve my goal of getting both the best grades and in-depth knowledge I cooperated with tutors at Nerdify, and here are the key 5 reasons why I needed their finance homework help.

1. Studying Financial Instruments Isn’t For The Faint of Heart

Financial instruments are one of the first things that come to mind when I think about the hardest things about finance homework. Admittedly, it didn’t take me much time to understand the difference between the types of financial instruments — primary, derivatives, and combinations. However, one step further into the topic of financial instruments and I was lost.

So I did the first thing that every student does — turned to Google. Unfortunately, Google offered me a vast variety of definitions and descriptions, but I was looking for actual examples of their use. Over the years I’ve noticed that putting any concept into real-life context helped me understand and memorize them much better. In the end, Google helped me find Nerdify, which was very much worth it.

All I found on Google were textbook definitions that lacked the practical context I needed to understand financial instruments. Nerds found more.

A Personal Nerd helped me sort things out really quickly. I just texted Nerdify through Facebook Messenger and within 10 minutes was connected to a mentor with a background in financial instruments.

At that moment, I was working on a research paper “Evolution of financial instruments.” The Nerd recommended me a dozen great books for my topic and then explained each financial instrument using real examples. I scored 97 out of 100 for that paper, which was unexpected even for me, a real finance geek.

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2. Finance, Accounting, And Banking Are Inseparable — And That’s The Problem

When I enrolled in college, I quickly realized that studying just finance without learning some accounting and banking was impossible. Financial institutions operate with one another all the time, and you can’t figure only one of them out without getting to know another one. Finance, accounting, and banking are like a family who’s very close and gets together every evening to discuss the news.

For me, banking was probably the key issue. The reason is pretty simple — I couldn’t comprehend how different financial instruments worked or banks! For any company, a bank loan is a liability in the balance sheet, but for any bank, it’s an asset because it generates profit. I found it challenging to understand how all financial institutions work and operate with one another.

The Nerd explained how bookkeeping transforms into accounting, then financial statements. The family circle of finance, accounting and banking accepted me.

Getting connected to a Personal Nerd changed my attitude to this remarkable family of financial fields a lot. The Nerd used real examples to explain to me in detail how these financial institutions work together. Regarding accounting, the Nerd explained how bookkeeping transforms into accounting and financial statements. Once I found out how each operation is recorded, I nailed all my finance assignments as a duck takes to water.

Nerdify is an AI-powered platform to quickly connect with the experience of 1000s of Personal Nerds.

3. Financial Assignment Help Trick: Formulas Can Trigger Math Anxiety

I’ve always been unsure about my own abilities in math, even though hard work helped me pass. I’m guessing the common math anxiety just got to me as it does to many students. So imagine my distress when I found out that finance actually uses a lot of complicated formulas!

CAPM, DuPont identity of ROE, WACC, FCFF…. If any of these abbreviations make you cringe, I feel your pain because I’ve been there. My problem was that I didn’t get what each element of these formulas meant, which is why I struggled to understand the calculation process. Like any math formulas, these ones seemed out of touch with reality and meaningless.

Professors have little time to explain things in detail and textbooks lack practical examples. Practical context and someone’s experience saves a deal if you really want to know finance.

My Personal Nerd told me that this is a widespread issue for finance students. Professors have little time to explain things in detail and textbooks lack practical examples. Within an hour, the Nerd explained me 3 examples, putting finance formulas into practical context. I was surprised at my own ability to solve math so easily! I guess the devil isn’t as black as it’s painted after all, given the right tutor.

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4. Managerial Finance Homework Help: Questions Rarely Has Only One Correct Answer

Finance is difficult to study for students but is even more challenging to deal with for the upper management. As a student, I considered a variety of cases doing my homework and trying to come up with optimal solutions. Is it better to grow quickly using bank loans? Or, alternatively, is it better to ensure sustainable growth using available resources?

While trying to answer these questions, I missed one key point — there’s no only one correct answer. That being said, hypothetical cases in finance textbooks evidently are designed to have only one best solution. However, in practice, financial managers need to juggle a vast variety of things to come up with effective decisions.

Managerial finance requires stepping away from hypothetical textbook cases and dive into real-life examples, head firstю

This was one of the first things I’ve learned from my Personal Nerd, and it was life-changing. To be truly excellent at finance, I needed to understand that textbooks offer only a simplified version of reality to make it easier to comprehend for students. However, I’ve figured that it was my limitation to really getting managerial finance. My Personal Nerd helped me understand how real financial managers balance these factors and how they make decisions.

Tired of struggling with finance homework? — finding a right Expert Nerd is fast and free.

5. Financial Theories Are Like Jungle Where You Don’t Want To Go Alone

Compared to formulas and financial instruments, theories might seem as easy as a walk in the park. However, financial theories were actually the reason why I decided to find a tutor for the first time. To be exact, I’ve struggled with capital structure theories. I’ve figured two key dimensions — relevant theories and irrelevant theories, but when it came to theories I couldn’t put 2 and 2 together.

Financial theories often left me wondering about why I was struggling to comprehend definitions from textbooks. I am sure that every student from time to time feels like textbook language is an alien language that we as humans just aren’t supposed to understand. And there I was, straight A’s in English, staring at textbook pages like they were written in Babylonian.

Textbooks are written by finance professionals who use complex terms freely. Even though they try to put finance down to Earth, they still fail often.

After getting connected to a tutor through Nerdify, I finally figured out why I couldn’t get textbook explanations — they were written by finance professionals! The Personal Nerd informed me that textbooks are written by people with a huge background and experience in finance. Inevitably, the more you get into something, the more you start using the lexicon characteristic for this field.

Same with finance. My knowledge and experience couldn’t compare to those of textbook authors, so it seemed extremely abstruse. Luckily, Nerds explained each term and theory in simple terms and in no time I was able to understand financial theories.

What I’ve Learned about Finance and Homework Help Online

As a student, I struggled a lot with finance homework. By all means, finding Nerdify was one of the best decisions for tutors, and they have never failed me. In my opinion, getting stuck with homework, especially finance, is pretty easy — even with the best enthusiasm in the world. In my case, passion and a bit of professional assistance made all the difference and helped me stay on top of my studies, at all times. Hope my story helps you out!

Besides, for those who struggle to get more from golden college years, Nerds created a guide on upgrading time management — there is never enough articles on how to make yourself get to work!

One more thing — if you are good in finance but struggle to bring knowledge out of your Excel into a report, check out Lisa’s story on how she has mastered business reports. She managed to progress from zero to full-fledged executive writing and shared a lot of the first-hand, non-obvious advice.

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