5 Cases When Law Assignment Help by Nerdify Saved Me

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Legal studies are known as a challenging field. But only law students know how tricky are law assignment indeed.

One thing that I learned as a law student is that you start thinking differently, and nothing is right or wrong for you anymore. Law assignment help was my way to learn more — how to persuade others in what I believe using the Law.

Remember how two men look through the same window, and one of them sees the puddle of mud and the other one sees the stars? Do you know why? It is because we all have different solutions to the same problem. Lawyer’s task is to bring parties to one position, and here’s where a pitfall hides.

My Grandfather was a lawyer, and my father is also a lawyer. So, when I faced first difficulties in college law, I could not just give up. In need of a law assignment help, I came across a great collaboration platform called Nerdify that connects students and the 1000s of professionals. Here are five reasons why it has made a difference for me.

Law Homework Helps to Apply Rhetorics to Actual Law Reforms

As you can imagine, the Entry, Parole and Probation Reform for Juvenile Offenders in the United States is widely discussed. Still, studying the theory and turning it into a good research paper is another matter. Law students are expected to make their essays persuasive, and here I failed.

For me, collecting academic sources and cases was persuasive enough by itself. My professor expressed her disagreement by giving me a “C’ for my first try.

The truth is that every law assignment has to include ethos, logs, and pathos from rhetorics. My Nerd broke them down for me.

The Nerd has looked through my task requirements and advised me to start with an outline first, so she could see what my strong and the weak sides were. As soon as I was done with the task, we continued by solving another problem — logos, ethos, and pathos.

While I knew what it was on paper, using it in practice kept my mind stuck. The Nerd has explained it to me that ethos is where I show my understanding of diverse aspects related to the reform. Coming to logos, the Nerd told me that it is where the evidence, statistical data, and the research come. In other words, I knew where to use that vast amount of information I collected.

Finally, the pathos part is writing about how the problems of former prisoners and challenges of recidivism have to be addressed. Law is humane, so appealing to human emotions, feelings and dignity is a good strategy to use for a student lawyer. This is how I could bring a part of my personal opinion in a paper.

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Homework Help in Business Law Is all About Ethics

Business law assignment always deals with ethics sooner or later. You get stuck with the different case studies where you need to understand the difference between a law compromise, negotiations, and the mediation. In the latest case, the mediation ethics had to be divided into benefits and disadvantages.

Filling in the ethics table, I was not sure if I understood the mediation techniques right. It all seemed similar to me.

Business law ethics have standard issues to be addressed. However, these issues are not always emphasized by professors.

Turning to the Nerd for help, I have learned that the Business Law Ethics in relation to mediation should always include legislation, responsibility, and privacy. As a result, I have re-designed my ethics table and have filled in the privacy part of business law. It has helped me to cover the mediation’s purpose.

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Nerds Helped Me to Find Sources for Business Law Case Study Assignment

Analyzing the business law management of Apple Inc., I could not really find sufficient information, but already having chosen such case study, I had to start with analysis. With the limited amount of sources and references, I could only find web links and the sources that my college professor would not accept. Even if the company is popular and well-known, finding peer-reviewed sources for business law case studies is challenging.

Even for big companies, finding correct academic sources is difficult. In legal studies, however, you need to learn using media.

Turning to Nerdify for help, I explained my problem by telling that I did not have sufficient sources for Apple Inc. business analysis. The Nerd that I was matched with checked the sources that I already had. Then, she pointed me out to the proper references when I needed company law essay help.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that academic peer-reviewed articles are only spice in law essays — and real-life documents are the main dish. For instance, an article on quarterly reporting of public companies is to be used in conjunction with Apple’s quarterly reports. A research project on the effects of the tobacco advertising ban can be used to assess legal remedies applied by Phillip & Morris International.

My Nerd taught me to treat academic articles as lenses, and reports and media publications as subjects of study instead. That significantly increased my research flexibility. When I was just learning this approach, my Personal Nerd assisted me with finding sources too.

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Business Law Case Study Assignments are Resolved with Templates

Majority of law students think that participation in court review debates or writing of reflection journals is not so important because it is often optional. Yet, in my case, I had to do all the possible to get the best possible grade. Nevertheless, each type of business law homework in college is specific.

In legal studies, every assignment is expected to follow a rigid structure. With a template, 50% of work is done instantly.

The Nerd has provided me with a template for the law essay types that I had to write. There was a checklist that I had to look through to understand the difference. As an example, the reflection journal had to include my own considerations based on the theory and the textbook reviewed.

All in all, it had to be 70% of a summary of the course contents, and 30% of my own thoughts. Already having a draft, I could compare the template to my work.

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Law Homework Help is Often Limited to Citing and Formatting

One of the worst parts in law homework is dealing with the references, in-text citations, and making sure that all the footnotes are correct. That becomes especially important when you review a law case that includes more than three sides. In that case, you always have to cite the source and add the footnotes for the amendments and exceptions.

Also, for international law, I had to master AGLS — an Australian Guide to Legal Citation, which was often used for homework. That’s an entirely new universe of citation. However, even with domestic law, things can go really tricky if you need to cite both past and current versions of the Family Code.

With practice, citing becomes faster and easier. The help of the Personal Nerd accelerated the process for me too.

The Nerdify has saved me more than once by matching me with a Law Nerd who could help me correct the footnotes mistakes in my case study review. In addition, doing my business law homework on international agreements on Environmental Issues, I had a few mistakes in the references part. Instead of referring to original documents, I cited PDF files on third-party websites — it would be considered as a mistake in my college.

Turning to the Nerds, I could avoid the low grade. It appears that most law students make these mistakes due to lack of time and stress.

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As a Conclusion

Turning to the Nerds, you receive timely assistance that can help you learn faster and avoid procrastination. Moreover, I could avoid silly mistakes and get myself disciplined. Do not be afraid to share your task and get a little bit of help when you feel stuck and tired with your law assignment. Learning with the Nerds, I have also mastered a few cool study hacks.

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