3 Excellent Definition Essay Examples

Definition essay pro tips

Before focusing on definition essay examples, let’s review some practical tips that will help you figure out the process of writing a definition essay:

1.Picking the right word

To write a great definition essay you need to pick the right topic or term to focus on. To choose the best term for your definition essay, make sure that it is:

  • Has complex meaning
  • Disputable
  • Can mean different things to different people

2. Creating a catchy hook

Let’s face it, certain definition essay examples can be boring because such terms as love, friendship, and creativity, have been discussed too many times. To get readers’ attention and take your essay to the next level, create a catchy hook! A good hook is:

  • The first sentence of the essay introduction
  • Relevant to the topic
  • Interesting and/or unexpected
  • Creative
  • Corresponds the style of the essay
  • Connects with the content of the introduction

3. Writing solid thesis statement

In thesis statement, you’ll provide the main idea of your essay to readers and usually it is one sentence in the introduction of your essay. Your thesis statement should:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Reflect your point of view
  • Rely on the arguments in your essay
  • Be logically placed within the content of your introduction
  • Serve as a guideline for your whole essay, where every argument should be relevant for this thesis

4. Presenting conflicts and arguments

We figured out that a term of your choice should be disputable and can mean different things for different people, which is why best definition essay examples are about terms that are negotiable and cause conflict of opinions. Something undecided and arguable will make a great essay! Make sure to:

  • Present two or more points of view
  • Provide arguments that prove some points of view (that contradict your main idea/thesis statement) wrong
  • Compare and contrast different viewpoints
  • Provide examples if possible
  • Reflect your own perception and understanding of the term, highlight your own viewpoints
  • Summarize key points
  • Restate your thesis statement referring to key arguments
  • Make sure that your conclusion is relevant to introduction and body paragraphs
  • Avoid introducing new facts and findings
  • Reread your paper and check spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • Make sure that the main idea is referred to consistently throughout the whole essay
  • Make sure that you didn’t copy anything from other sources to avoid plagiarism, because it’s the best way of getting the lowest grade

Definition essay example 1 — Business ethics

Should businesses be ethical and socially responsible or is it too much to ask? As a society, we are highly aware of the role and impact of businesses in social, economic, ecological, and cultural environments, which is why we expect companies to act responsibly and think ahead instead of focusing solely on corporate gains. The concept of business ethics means applying moral principles to decision making processes, while ethical decisions have far-reaching implications (Woiceshyn, 2011). Businesses do not operate in vacuum and inevitably interact with numerous internal and external stakeholders on a daily basis, which suggests that companies should have a guideline or framework to ensure ethical decision making at all times. The fact that the concept of business ethics is not regulated by law and is rather broad results in that every business entity defines it differently.


Galbreath, J. (2010). How does corporate social responsibility benefit firms? Evidence from Australia. European Business Review, 22(4), 411–431.

Definition essay example 2 — Emotional intelligence

Theodore Roosevelt once said that, “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” (Tredgold, 2016). Indeed, humans are creatures of emotion rather than logic and emotions are critical for us in everyday life, which means that the concept of emotional intelligence is especially important. Communicating with other people and interpreting their emotions is essential for us to make effective decisions based on this information. Defining emotional intelligence is a difficult task because this concept includes variety of skills and abilities, while the process of their development is not fully clear.


Tredgold, G. (2016). 55 inspiring quotes that show the power of emotional intelligence. Inc. Retrieved from https://www.inc.com/gordon-tredgold/55-inspiring-quotes-that-show-the-importance-of-emotional-intelligence.html

Definition essay example 3 — Cultural appropriation

Cambridge dictionary defines cultural appropriation as taking or using elements of other cultures, especially without showing respect and understanding. The concept of cultural appropriation sets no boundaries as to what exactly is respectful or disrespectful, while in the age of social media any case of using an element of other culture becomes an issue for the society. There is a thin line between admiring and celebrating other cultures and disrespecting them, which is why the concept of cultural appropriation is extremely difficult to define.


Cambridge Dictionary. (2018). Cambridge University Press. Retrieved from https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/cultural-appropriation

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