20 Reasons Why Students Use Our Help with Writing

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Writing help is a complex service that helps students to enhance their academic tasks, be it an essay or a research paper. We could write — and wrote, indeed — dozens of stories about making students’ better with professional writing help.

However, why should we talk if students can speak for themselves? We interviewed 41 students who collaborated with a Nerd. We found 20 reasons why they enjoyed the help, and what does writing help means to them.

Stories are written in the first person — we edited them and removed names to keep students’ privacy.

1. Writing help is finding good academic sources.

One of the top reasons why I turn to Nerdify’s help is finding appropriate sources that are peer-reviewed and within the rules. In some cases, it is almost impossible to find enough sources without the inclusion of usual web sources that some college professors dislike. When I get stuck or feel uncertain about my own sources, I message the Nerds, and they always assist me in my struggles.

Moreover, I also receive timely help with in-text citations if the quote comes from a complicated and non-standard source. Still, the best part is that it saves a lot of time and helps to back up the facts with reliable information.

2. Help with writing is getting my handwritten essays typed and proofread.

Sometimes I work at the local library, so I make handwritten notes. In some cases, I even keep a diary where I write my thoughts down, which come out in an essay. As a Sociology major, I have to write a lot of reflection papers, so it all comes out in handwritten form because this is how I find it more comfortable. However, when I have to bring it all into the computer, things become really time-consuming.

Thanks to the Nerds, I can send them my hand-written scans and have them type everything into the computer with an expert’s accuracy and care.

3. Writing service is assistance in formatting issues.

The formatting rules would make it in the top 5 of academic struggles that most students seem to face. Be it APA, MLA or Harvard citation style; you have to be careful and make sure that everything is in place. I can tell you honestly that my grades have been saved more than once, thanks to help from the Nerds.

They took care of every little detail and helped me to see where I understood the formatting rules wrong. It is always better to be safe, so each time that I worry about format, I turn to Nerdify who also provide templates and examples so that I can compare and learn.

4. Writing help is an expert analysis of my Psychology term paper.

Even when you have an excellent Psychology paper, you still feel uncertain and wish that someone with a good knowledge could read it before the professor does. In my case, I lacked confidence and always used to edit my final papers for hours before it felt right. I did not even realize that I would just cut out better ideas and that my mind was already biased.

Talking to a Personal Nerd, I understood that what I needed was an expert analysis from someone with experience in a subject. In the form of a dialogue, I could brainstorm my works and have trustworthy experts check them for accurate terminology, logic, coherence, and strength of ideas and the facts.

5. It’s Help with Sociology applications.

Now Sociology also includes special software applications like SPSS that are used for analysis and statistics. Even though I do not consider myself slow, it took me some time to get along with several applications. Turning to the Nerds, I received fantastic assistance in terms of how each piece of software works.

6. The best help is understanding the professor’s comments when I have to re-submit the paper.

It is very often the case when the students have a chance to re-submit the paper to improve the grade or when the professor believes that you can do better. When it happens, you have the comments left that are not always clear. Even talking to my college professor, I still could not understand what was wrong as I was told to find it out on my own.

Feeling desperate, I turned to the Nerds and told them that I feel stupid as I look at the comments and do not know what to fix. There are lots of college and university professors among the Nerds who are experienced enough to help one understand what to do. Thanks to them, I worry no more!

7. Help with writing a paper is the understanding of the grading rubric.

The grading rubric issues will always be relevant even if most students think that all is clear and they understand it all. Still, when their grade is suddenly low, it appears that the grading rubric has been somewhat more in-depth. In order to avoid the trap, I always consult with the Nerds about my grading rubric concerns. Just sending a quick message helps to save the final grade.

8. The best help is essay templates.

A reason why I really love the Nerds is that they also provide the essay templates for any kind of research, reflection, review or what else. There are always strict rules for each essay type. Once you understand the difference, you will always follow a clear structure and make no mistakes.

9. An annotated bibliography is my writing help

The Nerds also assist with Annotated Bibliography tasks. Analyzing what you already have, they help you to fix citation rules flaws, too. When I had to write very complex research on Latin America, it was difficult to include diverse articles, conference summaries, books, and websites.

A personal Nerd has helped me to get it all sorted and fixed in about two hours. With a strict deadline coming up, I understood how to find the most efficient sources and include the most important information just in time.

10. Writing help with poetry is my favorite.

Even for something as complex as the writing of a poem for a friend, I also turn to the Nerds. An English professor has helped to transform my draft of a poem into great Shakespearean poetry. I learned quite a lot that day.

Moreover, as the English professor has helped me with my poem, he also explained all the writing mechanics and provided several rhyming examples. Even if you have to do something as complex and unusual as poetry or creative tasks, all it takes is sending a message.

11. It helps with finding the best essay topic.

One of the reasons why I often get stuck with the writing of a research paper is finding a good essay research topic. The Nerds can always provide you from 10 to 50 best essay topic ideas, so you can choose and brainstorm the ideas. If you want to have a firm, unique, and relevant topic, Nerdify is the way to go!

12. Writing help is an analysis of my thesis statement.

Without a doubt, the thesis statement is the core of every research paper. It has to be stable and reliable because most college professors just take a look at it and evaluate the rest of the paper from then on. A Personal Nerd will always help by reading through your writing and picking out the best wording for the thesis statement. Alternatively, they will provide you with several thesis statements so that you can choose the best one.

13. Help with my paper is the grammar check and punctuation.

Yes, the proofreading is one of the reasons as well because a good check for grammar and punctuation, especially, if it is a complex and a large paper, never harms! Getting my work checked by the Nerds has always helped me to feel safe from accidental typos and repetitions.

14. The best help for me is getting out of the writer’s block.

We all get into writer’s block mode from time to time. A Personal Nerd has taught me a great relaxation technique called “freewriting.” You just set the alarm clock and start writing your thoughts down the way they are, non-stop. It works because it helps you to start writing. It takes away the stress and makes you feel relaxed when you start with your essay.

15. It’s assistance with a PowerPoint presentation.

I consider myself a good writer, but when it comes down to slideshows and all these PowerPoint presentations, I feel helpless. Thankfully, the Nerds know how to deal with such tasks. Sending my presentation template back and forth and spending around 40 minutes with an expert, I quickly get things down.

As I have an idea but do not know how to get it in a slide, I ask the Nerd who is an expert. This way I get my presentations done the way I want them to be.

16. Writing help is fitting the team project together.

Sometimes I have to work as a part of a team. The worst thing that can happen to you is when you have to put it all together and make it flow logically from paragraph to paragraph. When you are majoring in Sociology like me, you have a complex outline that forces you to keep within all the formatting rules.

There are graphics, statistics, appendixes, quotations, and references page. It is easy to get lost through all of these requirements in the works of several students. Turning to the Sociology Nerd, I could get the paper together and make my inclusion just where it had to be.

17. Writing help is the creation of a resume letter.

With the years of writing experience and skills, the Nerds is the best source to get your resume letter checked and polished. Applying for a part-time job as a student, I turned to the Nerds to help me come up with an excellent resume. With the help of resume examples, career goals analysis, and the writing tips, I knew that I could pass the interview with flying colors.

18. My advice is assistance with the scholarship application.

Now when I had to apply for the college scholarship, based on my specific family situation, I knew that I could be safe with the Nerds. They have stringent safety and confidentiality policies, so I felt secure that what I share stays where it should. I should tell you that as I wrote of sensitive issues in my life, the Nerd has been genuinely kind and supportive.

19. It’s educational help and the college hacks.

Nerdify is also an excellent source for college hacks of all kinds and the essay writing tips. In their blog and other locations on the web, Nerdify works hard to provide the best guides and informative articles. As an example, they even provide you with tips on how to learn a new language.

20. Personal learning assistance and time management tips.

Finally, the best thing about the Nerds is that you get personal assistance where an expert helps you with anything from writing style and proofreading to topic ideas and the time management tips. The Nerds help you to learn and progress in your studies in a way that fits you and when it suits you. Meet the deadlines and learn without stress!

As long as it is legal and within academic policies, turn to the Nerds and get things done right and in time!

What Can We Say in Our Turn?

It’s so cool that so many people responded and shared their concerns and experience! We believe that students deserve the way to make their college life better — using the experience of 1000s of professionals on our platform.

Stay with us to learn more about studying on the bright side of the college!

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